Burnt and Bloody

How’s your Wednesday going?

Mine is swell.

As in, my finger is swollen. But I’ll get there in a minute…

I trained a client in the morning and ate an apple while running a few errands.IMG_7012 (600x800)

Since I was running late this morning I told Ben just to come home for lunch. (I make his lunch most of the time and we haven’t done lunch together in a while.)

As I was slicing a roll I slid the knife straight into the middle finger of my left hand. Instantly I knew I cut myself and didn’t want to look at it so I just grabbed a napkin and help it over my finger. I waited for a few minutes before taking a peek.

The damage wasn’t a deep cut, but wouldn’t stop bleeding.IMG_7020 (800x600)

I considered making a finger painting to gross Ben out later, but decided to be a lady stop dripping blood on the floor and get it together.IMG_7021 (800x600)

To make matters worse, I completely burnt the bread during the whole debacle! Luckily, I had extra and made another one. IMG_7030 (800x600)

I had the Healthy Choice Pumpkin Ravioli meal. It wasn’t great, but I did love the cinnamon flavor in the filling!IMG_7031 (600x800)

Served on a salad with a few crackers on the side.IMG_7034 (600x800)

I have been wanting to try the new Kashi Go Lean Crisp cereal for a long time. I finally broke down and grabbed a box today.IMG_7038 (600x800)

I must of ate 2 servings on the way home. LOVE IT! It’s not as hard as Go Lean Crunch, but it’s just as sweet. Love.IMG_7037 (800x600)

It’s Weight Loss Wednesday!

In honor of Lent I thought I’d share the faith based diet called Bod4God

The weight loss program was founded by Virginia Pastor Steve Reynolds. It’s a 12 week program where participants team up and have weekly meetings and weigh-ins. Sounds like Weight Watchers without the points (where Jennifer Hudson is god). Kidding.image

The site sells a kit to help you start a Bod4God group ($119.00), but it’s not something meant to do on your own. Also, it doesn’t give specific food or exercise direction.

Just like any other weight loss program, this one works for people who thrive in group environment. At my old job praying to God for will power when there were donuts or cookies in the break room was always my go-to method of resistance…

Either way I’m going to pray a little harder this week.


  1. Meagan says

    Made to Crave is also a really great faith based book about learning to crave God instead of food. Really eye opening book – I’d highly recommend it to anyone!

  2. JessicaE says

    I eat quite a few Healthy Choice meals when they are on sale, but I always bulk them up with extra frozen/leftover veggies. I tried that one too… I liked it but it wasn’t my favorite.

  3. Ida says

    that is one bloody finger!
    that bod4god is rather fascinating, esp the $119 to teach someone how to start a weight loss support group at their own church…

  4. Meg says

    I did that once and when I pulled the paper towel away there was the littlest paper cut!! Your’s looks insane! Feel better!!!

  5. Katie P says

    Love that ecard, as a 10lb 10oz baby (thanks mom for pushing me out!) I have like maybe I am meant to be overweight so why fight nature? But then I put my big girls pants on and get real and persevering to be healthy.
    Hope your finger heals quickly!

  6. says

    Poor bloody finger! Although the title should have warned me I was not prepared for that! I’m super paranoid about cutting myself in the kitchen, even though I’ve only done it once years ago. Once was enough apparently!

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