March Goals

Hello! I woke up to find my Garmin dying so I decided to run without it this morning. 4 miles, easy. Next week starts my training for the Fontana Half and I’m thinking about doing a full marathon in August so this was the last of the easy days…IMG_7056 (800x600)

Randomly running 4 miles isn’t that much of a workout for me so I came home and did half of the 6 week 6 pack dvd. Why only half? Because my stomach said it didn’t want a six pack, it wanted food!IMG_7068 (800x600)

Luckily, I prepared pumpkin overnight oats yesterday and just gave it a stir and some toppings…IMG_7059 (800x600)

While I was running I thought about my March Goals. First, let’s review Feb…

February 2012 Goals:

1. Track like a little chu-chu train. Don’t eat junk. *I tracked via My Fitness Pal for a week or two, but have decided I’m a paper and pencil girl. So I got a notebook for the cause. I also have tried to keep junk out of the house (traveling and parties are another story.)

2. Create a workout plan with 1 speed session, 1 tempo, 1 LR and one Yoga class week. *I did a few speed and tempo runs, but only got to yoga once.

3. Finalize Race and Travel schedule for the year (because it already seems super crazy in June and not spread out evenly). *Almost done! I just have to finalize the 2 marathons I want to do.

March 2012 Goals:

1. Pre-plan and track with my new little Fitbook.

2. Stick to training plan. I build in easy days and rest days, so I shouldn’t be lazy on the other days.

3. March Madness goal = Nothing ate after eight. Keep working on breaking my worst habit Smile

4. Stick to budget! I keep getting notices from that I’ve went over. Busted!

5. Make my leap list with Ben!

See, I got a little Fitbook to track exercise and eats and other random sht I want to write about and shouldn’t bother you with.IMG_7064 (800x600)

I decided to get this one because of the Happy/Eh/Sad/Face part. I think it is still in line with Intuitive Eating, just with a little more accountability. IMG_7066 (800x600)

I also picked up Jillian’s Ripped in 30 yesterday. I’m super excited to try it!IMG_7072 (600x800)

February 2012 Review:

Favorite Run: IMS Half Marathon (In hindsight I feel like I learned a lot from this race.)

Favorite Eat: Triple D’s Chino Bandido

Fave post I want to Repeat: What I Learned From 4 Years of Blogging

Question: What are your March Goals?


  1. says

    i did jillian’s ripped in 30 and really liked it! that was the first dvd of her’s that i’ve tried and it was hard core…in a good way of course :)

  2. says

    I like the Jillian dvds too. They always kick my butt. Good for you for keeping track in a book. I always start and then get bored and never follow through.

  3. says

    I am working through Ripped in 30 right now. I do it randomly after short runs sometimes and have just tried the Week 3 and 4 workouts (trying Week 2’s today!). They are harder than the Shred, though about the same length. She’s also a little bootcamp-y in her tone, if you like that. Not sure if I do, but it keeps me going through the tough parts. Looking forward to your review.

  4. grecia says

    Where did you get the Fitbook? I have been using myfitnesspal but I’d really like to change it up and try it the old-fashioned way.

  5. says

    I Love the Fitbook! I found my first one at Fleet Feet and just found them at Target. Angela M – (the business owner) is so down to Earth and really passionate about helping others. So happy that you have one too!

  6. says

    I have a Fitbook and love it. Making monthly goals is a great idea, I should really try this. Thanks for always reminding me what I should be doing. This is why I love your blog. :)
    Can’t wait to hear about Ripped, I have Shred and have been in pain but enjoying it.

  7. says

    I use the Fitbook too! I tried using online tracking for workouts/food but I’m more of a paper & pencil girl too. I’m almost through my first book and already have another one waiting.

  8. says

    March Goal: Stop rolling my eyes every time asks me what my goals are. I swear this is leftover from childhood or something. I totally understand the benefits of setting goals, but my eyes have minds of their own!

  9. Kate says

    I am getting one of those FitBooks! I have been keeping track of training in just a plan notebook, but this looks like it will help me track everything a little better. As someone who used to have some disordered eating, sometimes I think keeping a food journal is a little too strict for me, but since I just signed up for my first marathon ever in the fall, I feel like I need to track for good fuel purposes!

  10. says

    I’ve been tracking my food with an eating log like that for the past week (except I just made a Word doc instead of getting a fancy book – maybe I’ll look into that). It has been helpful to look at the times I eat, and make sure my meals/snacks are spread far enough apart. I also write down little smiley faces if I ate for fuel and ate healthy food. Hope you enjoy your new journal!

  11. says

    mint always yells at me.. i give up! you should do a post on how to buy clean, healthy eats why’ll staying on a budget :) cause i suck at it and i need help!

  12. Lindsay says

    Definitely write a review on the Ripped in 30 dvd. I have been thinking of buying it! She always leaves me super sweaty. (TWHS?)

  13. Ida says

    I just finished the 1st 4 weeks of the livefit trainer and I really like it! I havent been following the diet at all though and so for March I want to work on eating cleaner. I also want to get my taxes done- eek.

  14. says

    Where did you pick up that fitbook? Love the idea.

    My march goals are to hit the gym once a week, eat breakfast at home at least twice a week, and tackle a DIY project.

    Good luck with your goals!

  15. says

    Hey, where did you get that notebook? Love the emoicons. Any online retailer? [since I’m in the other part of the world…hopefully they do shipping as well]

  16. So... says

    I have to ask, since I do truly find you a warm, funny person… are you actually going to DO the no-eating-after-8:00 thing, or are you just saying that to pander to your commenters or whatever? Because you make these commitments and never, ever follow through, and it’s a little painful to read. For one thing, you wrote in another post that you consider yourself a weight-loss blog, but you haven’t succeeded in losing weight since you began writing the blog. (Which seriously makes me question the integrity of your request that people vote you ‘best weight-loss blog’, btw).

    Here’s a novel idea: stop with the ‘intuitive’ (‘excuse to overeat’) eating, count calories, drop weight, and then go back to it to maintain. Bam. Done. Also, dude, stop with the cereal. Just stop. You’ve written about what a trigger food it is for FOUR YEARS. Has it occurred to you that if you just don’t buy it and try eating other, more interesting stuff, you’d lose weight? Another idea: COOK your meals. Protein, vegetables, interesting and pleasant seasonings, nice complex carb if desired. You seem to eat mostly convenience foods like stuff crumbled up on top of other stuff or stuff slapped on a plate with some bread, and that is not satisfying to the brain or the body. You’re into intuitive eating, so surely you’re familiar with Geneen Roth’s idea that ‘we deserve three hot meals a day.’ Try or something. The time spent interacting with food in order to create a pleasant, savory meal will allow you the ‘food interface’ time (and we all need some time to interact with our food, to appreciate it, etc.) that your random grazing on junk currently fills up.

  17. Jessica says

    OMG. Must.get.fitbook. Looks awesome.
    I was one of the commenters that would go days without being able to access your site, and now I haven’t had that problem in over 2 days! Did you change something? SO happy I can stalk your site for new posts !!

  18. Angie says

    I love Jillian’s DVDs. I started in December and have done the 6-week 6-pack, buns and thighs, and ripped in 30. I don’t do the same workout every day because I need some recovery, but after a month I felt a slight difference and after two months I am noticing changes. I feel like I’m curvier in a great way. It’s like she took my body and made some hourglass like proportions. My boobs aren’t bigger, but the muscles around are more well defined so I look more feminine. Anyway… I love her DVDs. Thirty minutes (give or take) is something I can manage 5 days a week.

  19. says

    I do Jillian’s iFit workouts on my elliptical and I did 30 day shred consistently for awhile last year, but it killed my knees! I haven’t done any of Jillian’s other DVDs. Would you recommend the 6-week six pack? Is it all abs? I need to start doing some core work.

  20. says

    I love the fitbook……..I’m a sucker for new stationary and free pens anyway, but it is genuinely super useful. I ordered my online and it arrived (in London) in less than a week! Of course I guess it’s only as good as the food you track……but at least I am tracking now! Thanks for the tip.

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