7 Miles and Fluffy Eggs

Good morning Smile I woke up before my alarm this morning  – I was surprised because I got home around 2am on Saturday and swore I was going to catch up on sleep last night. I guess my body was ready to go!

My 6 mile run turned into 7 because I felt good. I love when that happens (because it doesn’t happen often).IMG_7264 (600x800)

I did a quick ‘one-two’ in the shower and made an egg sandwich with laughing cow cheese, ketchup and hot sauce.IMG_7272 (800x600)

I used to cook my eggs in the microwave every day but I’ve noticed the stove makes them fluffier plus I can add green onions. IMG_7269 (800x600)

My stomach feels a little off today – please send me healing vibes that I’m just passing an stone egg sandwich. I have one client this morning and then I’m off to Las Vegas for the night. When I was little my Grams used to go on “turn around trips” to Las Vegas where she would take a bus to state line early in the morning and be back that night. I kind of feel like I’m doing a turn around tonight. Fortunately we have a room to crash in (and shower) with my brother.

Speaking of Las Vegas… Here’s an article on Vegan food in Vegas

And here’s an how I look when I eat watermelon…

Question: What was the highlight of your weekend?

Dinner out with Susan reminded me I should do that more often!


  1. says

    the highlight of my weekend was a 12 mile run yesterday. the weather was perfect..finally!!! this week is 18 miles..little scared!

  2. Katie says

    Your blog is so encouraging! I’m hooked. Between Austin’s annual kite festival at zilker park, the farmer’s market, and brunch with girlfriends it’s hard to pick :)

  3. says

    sending ‘make stomach feel better’ vibes your way. do you feel them?

    highlight of my weekend was sleeping on on sunday morning!

  4. MrsCrystal says

    The highlight of my weekend was ROCK CLIMBING!

    Before hubby and I headed out for our Saturday tax appointment, he told me to wear something athletic because of a surprise after tax time. Rock climbing! I used to do rock climbing and zoom down the zip line attached to a little harness during summer camps (at almost 190lbs), but now that I’m older and wiser, I was scared to get halfway up the wall (135lbs) for fear of falling. But, once I started, I was climbing to the top! Hubby and I will be going more frequently. This will be my upper body workout!

  5. says

    I love eggs, but i don’t like the texture microwaving gives them. Much rather spend the extra time for better eggs, plus I love mushrooms, onions and peppers in them.

  6. says

    Not much. I spent most of it attempting to get everything on a large to-do list done and failing miserably. Thankfully I have today to get everything sorted too!

  7. says

    Highlight was Friday my husband and I both had the day off and played tourists down in Balboa, had a blast – then fancy date night dinner.

    Question: what protein powder should I get to start doing smoothies at home. Usually use rice milk, banana, blueberries but would like to add to it. Any suggestions?

    • says

      I’m super picky about protein powder and struggle between the healthiest and the best tasting. Jay Robb is popular, but expensive. But he had an egg white option if you don’t do whey.

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