Cut Carbs 2 Times and Bee Lovin’


Ben and I were fighting yesterday and are in the post-fight “I really love you and want to see you every second of the day because I said shitty things and want to make sure you don’t leave me” phase. (Wait, is that just me?) So, we met for a picnic lunch near his work. I packed a souffle salad for myself and a tortilla with tons of guacamole. Ben packed his lunch this … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Walk


Happy Monday! I didn’t get the best sleep last night since I was nervous I would sleep through my alarm. I kept waking up to check the time, then woke up 20 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off and just stayed up. That’s because this morning I was co-leading a hike in Dana Point for a corporate wellness retreat. These aren’t even the pictures with a good view, but I … [Read more...]