The Hunger Games and More


This morning Ben and I headed up the California coast to Paso Robles. He had a 4 day work week and wanted to do something fun with his 3 day weekend. So even though I wanted to stay home and watch House Hunters all weekend, I agreed. I packed lunch for the road – an apple, salad and some stolen chips. (Stolen from Ben, not the store…) And since we could not go one more day … [Read more...]

Fight the Funk Friday


Hello and Happy Friday! I’m not in the bestest of moods today because I weighed in and despite my best attempts to track, the scale is not moving in the right direction. My negative mood followed me on my run, so it was an unpleasant 5.5 miles of mean head movies. When I got back home I made a good breakfast on my EASTER EGG plate. (Fun fact: Ben uses this plate year ‘round. … [Read more...]