Just The Tip Tuesday–Bragg Liquid Aminos

How’s your Tuesday going? I don’t have to be into work until this afternoon so I’ve been working on blog stuff and writing all morning.

Around 10am I had some nuts and a honey tangerine. The tangerine was really good, but had 2 seeds in each segment. I coulda done without that.IMG 8683 800x533 thumb Just The Tip Tuesday–Bragg Liquid Aminos

Lunch was the usual – Salad with TJ’s peanut dressing and Bragg’s liquid aminos. I scored those crackers from the Natural Products Expo, they weren’t good.IMG 8688 800x533 thumb Just The Tip Tuesday–Bragg Liquid Aminos

Now for Tuesday’s “Just the Tip”:

I eat TJ’s Peanut Dressing every.single.day. Mostly in salads and stir-frys. Sometimes in cereal or straight from the bottle.IMG 8690 600x800 thumb Just The Tip Tuesday–Bragg Liquid Aminos

Anyways, I have also been complimenting my dishes with Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and now eat this daily too! I am not afraid of salt – since I drink so much liquid and I’m a salty sweater I need it. But, I am very LIBERAL.

With my salt and soy sauce usage. (See what I did there?) wlEmoticon winkingsmile18 Just The Tip Tuesday–Bragg Liquid Aminos

I’ve been using Bragg Liquid aminos since it has less sodium. It’s also Gluten free.IMG 8692 533x800 thumb Just The Tip Tuesday–Bragg Liquid Aminos

Fun Useless fact: When I was in college I learned about gluten free diets and randomly wanted to try it (before the blog). I was on board until lunch when my co-worker told me soy sauce had gluten. My response was something like, “F-this I’m out.”

To round out my lunch I had a piece of Ezekiel raisin bread with ICBINB, stevia and pumpkin pie spice.IMG 8691 800x533 thumb Just The Tip Tuesday–Bragg Liquid Aminos

Last week I did the Subaru First Car webisode shoot.

Well, I finally have the still pictures to share with you. The actual video is coming soon!

glam shoot pic 2 thumb Just The Tip Tuesday–Bragg Liquid Aminos

This is awkward. What should I do with my hands?!glam shoot pic 3 thumb Just The Tip Tuesday–Bragg Liquid Aminosglam shoot pic 4 thumb Just The Tip Tuesday–Bragg Liquid Aminosglam shoot subaru thumb Just The Tip Tuesday–Bragg Liquid Aminos

Tuesday Tip for me: Fix your hair!glam shoot pic thumb Just The Tip Tuesday–Bragg Liquid Aminos

Remember when I dyed my hair blonde?! (I had just done it in this post.) blonde monica is sad thumb Just The Tip Tuesday–Bragg Liquid AminosWell, that was a massive mistake and now I’m just letting it grow out. But, it looks dumb and has a very obviously line. I’m too cheap to go to a fancy salon to fix it, but every time I wear my hair down someone asks if I bleached my ends on purpose. Um, no I’m just very dumb…glam shoot pic thumb1 Just The Tip Tuesday–Bragg Liquid Aminos

I wonder if the Bragg liquid aminos could double as hair dye…


  1. Kaelin says

    I just ordered Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar after hearing good things about its digestive/anti-bloat benefits. I am very excited to see if it helps my tummy troubles!

    Also, I honestly had not noticed your hair being so different at the bottom!

  2. says

    This is so funny. I posted almost the exact same picture on my blog a few moments ago… and began thinking about how that is only something a Weight-Loss Blogger does…take pics of their snacks :-) I made a whole list actually.

  3. says

    It is so cool that you are in the commercial! I cut my hair off once (think Meg Ryan in You Got Mail)….it wasn’t two colors, but I had to have this awful mullet haircut in order for it all to grow out. It was awful….but it makes you tougher? Or scared to every do something drastic again! lol!

  4. says

    I love shoyu too. Best thing ever. We have a TJ’s here and I looked for that peanut dressing and didn’t find it. Suck.
    Anyway I think cheapness should be considered a quality.

  5. says

    I can’t believe that I practically live at Trader Joes and have not tried their Ezekiel bread yet. I have heard such good things.
    And your hair. I didn’t notice until you said something. I just am jealous over how thick it looks.

  6. says

    That is really cool- I had never heard of the soy sauce substitute. I am living gluten-free (not by choice, unfortunately), so I will have to give it a try!

    I have been wanting to do highlights in my hair, but I am such a cheap person when it comes to hair maintenance that I know I would just let them grow out until it looked awkward. You really can’t even tell the difference from the front on yours, though.

  7. says

    That is awesome that you are in a commercial! Can’t wait to see it! And from other pictures, I never would have guessed you had trendsetting “ombre” hair ; ) When I was in high school, my military family moved and I wanted a “new start” hair color. My step-dad gave me $30 to go buy some hair dye and my sister did it a medium brown. I had really blonde hair though, so it made it look SUPER dark black. This was in the goth era and I was certain that I wouldn’t make friends because I looked like a goth kid. So, my step dad gave me a few extra bucks to go dye it again. My sister convinced me that I needed to bleach out the dark color first, and then we were going to dye it a burgundy/red color. Well, we didn’t have enough money to buy enough bleach, so when we ran out, my sister just kinda bunched my hair all up and tried to spread it out. Then she rinsed it out and dyed it the red color. It was AWFUL! My hair ranged from black to shockingly white to pink to red to orange. And I had to start a new school that week too. I knew it was bad when my step dad asked how much it would cost to go to a salon to get it fixed!

  8. Bree ltc says

    Well I suppose it’s about time for me to tell you…

    You are officially, today, my favorite blogger out there. Not necessarily because of this post; it’s just occurred to me now. Maybe because it’s raining.

    Took a while to figure it out since there are so many, but my gawd you are so clever and funny and your writing expresses that perfectly. You ain’t phony. Real dealz to the bank.

    Also, you don’t tell us how much you LOVE every single thing a company sends you. Thank you. That’s what I see as the ultimate sign of a mature, not-greedy blogger.

    Finally, I went to Whole Foods for the first time (I live 3 hours from the closest) and hit up their salad bar. Wells Fargo called before I even finished my most expensive lunch on this planet ever. Just FYI. I’m not blaming you. But I am sort of. Either way, it was worth it. It’s like crack but awesome for you. Also like crack because I would sell my mom’s car to go back. Also like crack in that it could’ve killed me because I was more inhaling than chewing and swallowing. The parallels are scary.

    Keep doin your doin and thanks for the 3 minutes each day I know I’ll get a decent, quality, worth it laugh.

  9. says

    Hair horrors… mine was in 8th grade.

    My mom put highlights in half of my hair (think part over) and my aunt did the other half… well wouldn’t you know that having 2 different people doing different sides of your hair isn’t a good idea if they’re not professionals?

    I looked like a complete blonde on the left and highlighted blonde on the right. It.was.not.good. My mom made me go with her to Walgreens to compare the blonde with the boxes of red to backfill the color before dying it brown again. My hair was fried and so awful for the next year and a half.

    • Amanda says

      I feel your pain. My mom “highlighted” my hair and didn’t really know what that entailed…..yeah she painted my hair. The top freaking layer of my hair was blonde. >_<

  10. says

    You look way awesome-er with the red hair! The blonde washed you out. I’m a fellow natural redhead, so I love your real red (but I’m totally envious of your straight hair).

  11. says

    Your hair is awesome! I bet you’re going to start a new fad- people everywhere are going to start doing it! I seriously adore your red hair and wish mine was that color. I can’t wait to see that video!

  12. Lindy Katherine says

    Chop it! Seriously…it could be cute and fun. You wouldn’t have to go too-too short, and hair always grows, amirite?

  13. Verlin says

    Why don’t you get lowlights of red to break up the blonde part and have it grow out from there – it wouldn’t feel so obvious to you. You’d only have to do it once and with just one colour/process, it shouldn’t break the bank. Love the red!

  14. Brianne says

    I’ve had many bad hair dye experiences as well, it’s awful! Why don’t you cut your hair into a cute bob?

  15. says

    I can go months without re-highlighting my hair (I get mine done at a salon because she’s good!) just because I’m lazy. Even with highlights, there are still noticeable differences when the roots grown out…le sigh.

  16. says

    i definitely need to color my hair again…bad. im just so cheap these days and its so expensive haha..dammit! those stills look awesome btw!!

    i like braggs..its pretty good stuff. i bought it a couple yrs back when i tried being vegan for a week hah…ya only lasted that long. but braggs is good!

  17. says

    your hair color has always been a mystery to me…I just thought it got light last summer and you were having growth. I am growing my color out too but my hair isnt’ as long as yours…it is a painful process…my poor hairdresser has a cow when she sees me…even offered a discounted price if I would let her put some highlights in to blend, blend, blend….

  18. says

    I dyed my hair blonde once and then let it grow out. Then I had two girls in my economics class ask me if I wanted them to fix it for me since they were cosmetology students. The blonde made my dark brown hair look black and it looked ridiculous, but I really wanted to just grow it out naturally.

  19. Nicole says

    Dude – no worries about the hair! You’re just rockin’ the OMBRE look (which has been made popular by Khloe Kardashian and Lauren Conrad).

    Go to Google, Search “Ombre” and you’ll see how “in” you are. :)

  20. Donna says

    I had cereal for breakfast as a kid. I don’t eat it as much as an adult but eat more protein for breakfast.

  21. Carol says

    You could comb in some gel based color closest to your natural color just on the blond ends…those don’t cost as much and many gradually wash out…maybe by then you would be back to a total color look…?

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