My Crabs Are Back

Remember when I lived in Maryland for a year and lost tons of money on a cross country move following a dream that failed and fell in love with Crab Cakes?!monica and ben cherry blossom

Well, my crabs are back…monica has crabs

and I’m happy about it!

I found crab cakes 50% off a while back and froze them right away because I wasn’t sure when I’d make them.IMG_8718 (800x533)

Well, tonight was my night and they were amazing.IMG_8734 (800x533)

I served them up with roasted brussel sprouts and asparagus, mashed potatoes and homemade tartar sauce.IMG_8738 (800x533)

It almost made me want to move back to MD.


Remember my hint with the stickers from last week???20120322_081432 (800x600)

No, unfortunately I am not doing an Ironman Sad smile. Although, I’m sure I’m going to want to soon because…image

I am headed to Galveston, TX this weekend to watch the Galveston Iron Man U.S. Professional Championship with Chocolate Milk Team Refuel and see them unveil their new ad with one of the racers!IMG_7683 (800x533)

I’m sure I”ll come back itching to tri, so I’m excited and nervous and should get some laundry done since I leave Friday! See ya later Smile


  1. Ida says

    How fun! A coach from my old run club is competing in that race as a pro. I would love to do a 1/2 ironman some day, but the swim really freaks me out.

  2. Lauren says

    I live in Baltimore right now! Yay, MD pride! I only eat fresh crab cakes out in MD though. Once you have real MD crab cakes, other ones just aren’t the same!

  3. Erin says

    I’ll be in galveston doing the Lonestar Ironman 70.3 this weekend!! And I will now be on a search for crab cakes… those look delicious!

  4. says

    being from Dallas, several of my friends will be racing in Galveston this weekend! should be a great time. I’m excited to see your coverage on here.

  5. Laura says

    you’ll be right next door to me!!! let me tell you, texas is AMAZING and i love it more than anywhere else…but it is HOTHOTHOT right now!

  6. says

    I live in Baltimore – not a huge fan of crabs but love anyting else made with them – crab cakes, crab dip, crab balls, crab pretzel – YUM

    I have to call you out on the picture though, wasn’t that taken in DC, not Maryland? :)

  7. says

    I have friends doing this one too! Love Galveston, ran the marathon there in Feb (rainy & windy but still had a good time!) Have fun!! Can’t wait to see pics.

  8. Katie says

    Yay! This is my hometown! Casey’s has some yummy crab cakes and you should hit up The Rum Shack after for drinks :) Tell Mom and Dad hello for me 😀

  9. says

    Mmm, crab cakes! I live in the DC area but never have had a MD crab cake, kinda silly?! One of my girlfriends and I were talking last night about how much we’re craving them… Lump meat and hardly any filler, there’s no other way ;P

  10. Michelle says

    I live an hour away from Galveston and consider myself an expert on Galveston grub, since I’ve spent much if my summers there for all of my 32 years! Hit up the mosquito cafe for breakfast. Best breakfast on the island, and it’s small, out of the way, and quaint. I really hope you don’t hate the beach there, though. You’re a little spoiled in California w your beautiful beaches, but texans know how to have fun!! Hope it’s a great weekend!

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