Ask a Monican on Kissing and Flashing

How’s your day?

I was on a Spring Cleaning rampage today and threw out a ton of stuff this morning. I took a short break to have a snack. Notice Vegas in the background in the “Goodwill” pile. I’m sure he’ll find a good

It’s gotta go!it's gotta go

I have 4 drawers of running gear broken down into: tops, capris/shorts, sports bras / socks, and warmer gear. All this after I made myself throw away a ton of it!IMG_9520 (800x533)

I went to Costco to fill my BC prescription (sorry to everyone on mini-Monican watch) and the samples were poppin’! I had a piece of pizza, Pop Corners, veggie patty and a freshly made chocolate chip waffle. So good.

Then, I grabbed my one true love and went home…watermelon in a seatbelt

Lunch was a bucket o’ salad with veggies, boca burger, TJ’s peanut dressing and mixed nuts. I don’t know why I buy mixed nuts when I just want the cashews.IMG_9537 (800x600)

Lunch Dessert / Lessert – Apple chipsIMG_9542 (800x600)

I have really been having a hard time staying on track with my snacking. But, Ben thought I bought this cake just to make for a snack yesterday! Geez. funfetti cake

It’s really for my Easter Bunny Cake! I’m excited to eat the batter. Heck yeah, I eat raw eggs. Live dangerously people, we all gotta go sometime.easter bunny cake

Today’s Ask a Monican includes a question from a reader asked on behalf of her busy boyfriend and another question about my first kiss. Back in the day Caitlin and I were going to start a blog about vagines and girly advice and stuff, but it never really worked. It was for the best, but if you have relationship questions for an unqualified blogger to answer – send ‘em over!

Ask a Monican #35

1. My boyfriend is super busy with school and doesn’t have time to run. What do you do when  you are stressed, but can’t run?

2. My running shorts ride up and I feel like I’m flashing the world. Help!

3. When, who, where was your first kiss?

Questions: Any advice or suggestions for these people?

When was your first kiss??


  1. says

    if you use egg beaters then you can safely eat raw egg (cuz they are pasteurized. cute cake. and I love how you strapped Mr. Watermelon in. haha. Have a great Easter.

    PS – nice job on the spring cleaning!

  2. Sarah says

    1. I totally send those re-usable bags to Goodwill too! I get so many of those things it’s basically the “new” disposable bag. Ugh.

    2. WHERE did you get your bed with the drawers underneath?!!! I’ve been looking for one (that doesn’t cost $4362, so please don’t say it cost a bundle because I’ll be very sad) for months!

  3. says

    I’m cleaning today too- my mom gave me a ton of my childhood crap that has been sitting in my garage, and now I’m going through it. It’s semi-humiliating…

    As for the mini-Monica, darn! Hahaha. When I saw my doc in January she gave me a huge long lecture about prenatal vitamins and going of the BC 6 months before you want to make the babies :/

  4. says

    Making your watermelon wear a seatbelt is the best idea. Why are watermelons so darn expensive? If it has water (which is free) in the name, it should cost less.

  5. says

    My boss just asked me today why I haven’t eaten all the cashews from the mixed nuts yet! But I feel bad sticking my hand into the jar and touching all the other nuts! (TWSS)

  6. says

    I can’t wait to do a big spring cleaning and throw things out. I always have a hard time tossing clothes (I may need it some day!!) but it feels good when its over. I wish I had all those extra drawers for my gym clothes, I’m already spilling over my 2 drawers!

  7. Emily says

    First kiss = 20 years old. Yes, that’s far on the ‘late’ end of the spectrum. I was always really embarrassed about it until recently. But shoot, I was a depressed kid. I didn’t have friends, let alone boyfriends. Whatever. As an adult, I think it’s kind of cool that my husband is the only man I’ve kissed. And yes, we kissed before the wedding! I’m not some morally elevated person. Just depressed.

  8. Maren says

    hahah omg my first kiss was in 6th grade…with Jason Shuda. All of our friends were outside my house waiting for it to happen!! IT was planned and everything!! and I remember he kissed me, and jumped up and fist pumped while running out the door. It’s so hilarious and I’m so glad I vividly remember it!! haha …too bad he is a crazy conservative now who is anti-birth control lol!

  9. says

    When my husband played tennis in college, he would go through tennis shoes every couple weeks and I would give dozens of pairs to the Goodwill. After a while, we noticed that a couple of the “regular” homeless people in the area were all wearing his shoes around town. He has size 14 feet and the shoes were all the same style, so we were positive they were his shoes. Stupid story, but it’s great to give away and find other people that have a use for things. We are blessed, we must give where we can.

  10. says

    I love spring cleaning! I would LOVE even more if my house would stay looking like that for more than one day!

    I love that watermelon picture! I always seat belt in my pocketbook in the passengers seat because my car thinks that it is a human, therefore the seatbelt alert never stops ringing! Ha!

  11. says

    When i was losing all my weight I was on a first name basis with the people at Goodwill. I couldnt stop my shopping habit even though I knew I wouldn’t be in that size for very long. So every time I went down A size i’d get excited and shop..then a month or two later they would no longer fit and off to goodwill they went :)

    *on a side note, I know you have discussed thyroid conditions here before and later this afternoon i’m going to be writing about my own struggle. I’d love for you to pop over to my blog and check it out :)

  12. Sara says

    I was a really late bloomer (totally awkward stage in High School as well) my my first kiss wasn’t until I was 18, but I think it all worked out since its 9 years later and we have been married for almost 3 years!

  13. says

    I agree about the capris. I have yet to run in shorts (granted they might not have been “running” shorts), that don’t ride up and cause chaffing.

    And I don’t think that I had my first real kiss until college sometime. My two boyfriends in high school now “bat for the other team”, and we were more just best friends than in a physical relationship.

  14. says

    It’s a house rule–no one touches my batter no matter if it’s cake, cookie, brownie, or even muffins! lol! I’m definitely a wild one :p My first kiss was awful!!! I was 13, he had a huge nose and braces (yup, I dated the sexy ones even at a early age)…I thought I was going to lose an eye because his nose poked me!

  15. says

    Sorry I’m late, way backed up on blogs.
    But its funny how people are like “late bloomer” at 17, 18. I was 21, which makes me the latest bloomer here. I made such a big deal out of kissing, and freaked out and turned my head when guys went in for it (like 3 guys I did this to, what a jerk!)… and it’s not such a big deal after all. I should have gone for it sooner!

  16. says

    Je dois dire que, comme beaucoup comme je l’ai apprécié la lecture de ce que vous aviez à dire, je n’ai pas pu m’empêcher de perdre de l’intérêt après un certain temps. C’est comme si vous aviez un merveilleux portée autour de l’objet, mais vous avez oublié d’inclure vos lecteurs. Peut-être vous devriez penser à cela de beaucoup plus que 1 angle. Ou peut-être vous ne devriez pas généraliser donc beaucoup. Son meilleur si vous pensez à ce que les autres ont à dire au lieu de simplement diriger vers une réaction viscérale à ce sujet. Pensez à régler votre processus de réflexion personnelle et de donner d’autres qui peuvent lire ce le bénéfice du doute.

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