National Siblings Day!

I’ve got another super easy crockpot recipe for ya today! IMG 9719 800x533 thumb National Siblings Day!

Creamy Chicken in the Crockpot

Ingredients: 3 chicken breasts (I had bone in, skin on ones and removed the skin – it falls off the bone when done)

1 can cream of mushroom soup ( I need to buy stock in this ish)

1/2 c chopped onion

salt, pepper, garlic powder, 21 seasoning salute (or non-salt seasoning of your choice)


Directions: Place chicken and onions in crockpot. Season with S&P, garlic and whatever else you want. Pour can of soup over chicken, spread. Add 1/2 of water. Set on low and walk away. IMG 9680 800x533 thumb National Siblings Day!

Cook for 4-5 hours on low (depending on size of breasts). Add broccoli and cook for another hour. IMG 9704 800x533 thumb National Siblings Day!

Serve it up!IMG 9710 800x533 thumb National Siblings Day!

Wait. Serve it up with cheese. Lot’s of cheese and then it’s good. IMG 9727 800x533 thumb National Siblings Day!

Today – April 10th is National Siblings day!

I couldn’t let this day pass without giving a shout out to some of my favorite people in the world… my brothers wlEmoticon smile4 National Siblings Day!

This is Michael… (and Heather)IMG 9631 800x533 thumb1 National Siblings Day!

he drops stuff IMG 5791 600x800 thumb National Siblings Day!

and likes to photo bomb…IMG 5672 800x600 thumb National Siblings Day!

IMG 5879 800x600 thumb National Siblings Day!

Thank god he helped me hold it down for the red heads growing up in Pico. It’s not easy being called a fire ball in second grade. But, having another fire head with ya makes it easier.9124 1178348792942 1654813392 463485 2083033 n thumb National Siblings Day!

(Even though someone tried to dye their hair in high school to abandon me.)

SCAN0214 thumb National Siblings Day!

This is Matt who just turned 11!IMG 5489 800x533 thumb National Siblings Day!

I used to be like a second little mom to him when I was in school and living at home. Having Matt around kept me from being “16 and pregnant”, but that’s neither here nor there. SCAN0213 thumb National Siblings Day!

Sometimes I wish I had a sister. Then, I remember how much I would have hated to share my clothes and would have missed out on a lot of noogies and moonings…SCAN0212 thumb National Siblings Day!

Question: Who are your siblings?

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  1. says

    Your brother’s are awesome! I have a younger sister who is living in China right now and I can’t wait for her to come back in May!!! Your chicken recipe looks great!

  2. says

    I have a brother and two sisters. Every one of them is living out of state. One in Cali and the other two out of the country. I miss them a ton! You are right about having to share clothes with your sisters.. there were some seriously intense battles about that in my house!

    I didn’t know it was national siblings day. I don’t think Hallmark has a card for that, but they should!

  3. says

    I have two younger sisters and a younger brother (I’m the oldest). I love them all to death, especially now that we don’t live together and are grown up (well, some of us). It’s so weird to see how different we all are, but similar when it comes to the important stuff.

  4. says

    I am the baby of 8! I have 5 sisters and 3 brothers. I always wanted a twin sister because mine were way older than me. I grew up with my nephews, digging holes in the backyard. I love my crock pot. Toss anything in there with cream-of-whatever and you have a meal!

  5. says

    I have two amazing brothers and an amazing sister!

    I am fortunate to looooovvve them and I have a great relationship with all of them … I connect with them on different levels and we just fit together, sharing the same interests and complimenting each other.

    I miss them … and my husband still cannot understand (after being married for 20 years) how when we are on vacation together we actually want to spend the whole day together!

  6. says

    I have one “biological” brother and then two step-sisters, an three ex-step-sisters, and three ex-step-brothers. I am close with about half of them :) My ex-step-sister is actually one of my best friends as well and I am lucky enough to see her 2 or 3 times a week. I love my family!

  7. Krista says

    I have one older sister. My mom says the reason we are so close is because we were forced to share a room growing up. She gave birth to my little niece two years ago & is now expecting my next niece or nephew in July!

  8. Ida says

    I’m an only child. I used to ask my parents for a sibling, but no dice. I really needed some one to blame for raiding the cookie jar:)

  9. says

    I have brothers, brothers, and brothers. (One much older step, two younger full, and one much younger half.) My dad likes to joke that when my baby brother was born, I was disappointed at first, but then I declared “Now I can have the best wedding!” See, it’s good not to have sisters. :D

  10. Michelle says

    I have one brother who is three years older than me. He is my best friend and I don’t think I will ever want to trade him for a sister(;

  11. says

    I have two brothers also! Both are older. Both have taught me how dirty boys are. Both have taught me inappropriate language. Both have taught me how to act like a boy. Both have taught me where to hit a boy if they are not treating me properly. What would I have done without them!?

  12. Denise P. says

    I have a step-brother and step-sister that I never lived with. My earliest memories were my sister throwing me in the pool and my brother working at Taco Bell and my dad and I going through the drive thru and messing with him.

    And this is random but, I always wanted a brother, I always dreaded the thought that I would end up with a little red-headed sister who stole all my toys. I must have watched too much tv as a child and somehow conjured up that fear because no one in my family has red hair.

  13. Amy says

    Glad you kept true to your red hair, I love it. Also you look like a rockstar in that picture of you in a red polka dot dress….so cute!

  14. says

    Mmmm…that recipe looks delish. Adding it to my crockpot rotation.

    I was a single child growing up….than I found out I had 2 half brothers from my father’s 1st marriage. I built up the courage 2 weeks before Christmas this year and found one on facebook. I emailed him and surprise…….he responded great! We talk all the time now! So I guess I can now celebrate National Siblings Day!

  15. brittany says

    You are one of the cutest little kids I have ever seen! I love that you have all those pictures from when you were little. I have 3 sisters and 4 brothers- I will have to tell them happy siblings day :)

  16. says

    haha ahhhh your pics are so cute!!! i have two brothers too…one older, one younger. it was definitely a lot of fun growing up with brothers. a sister would have been nice i guess….but having my older brothers friends around was always fun for me :)

  17. says

    My brother is 3 years younger than me and I loved growing up with him but I did always want a sister. And then luckily, when I was 19 I got a half sister! She’s 10 now and the cutest thing ever! Now I have the best of both worlds, a brother and a sister :)

  18. says

    It’s tough growing up with two brothers – I have an older brother and a twin brother – but I am older so it’s make me the middle child and not the little sister, ha!

  19. says

    I used to wish I had grown up with a sister too. But I’m glad to have a brother. I never had to really share anything because we liked completely different things.

  20. says

    I’m an only child, but I made up for it by somehow befriending people who came from huge families… so I’ve got about 13 placebo brothers and 5 placebo sisters. Hey, I’ll take what I can get. ;)

  21. Jenny says

    I LOVE you in that Red polka dot dress! So pretty!

    I have two brothers and I wouldn’t trade them for anything because they kill me how funny they are. I wish I had a sister though to talk about girl stuff because my brothers HATE hearing anything girly!

  22. says

    Ok, it is too late for the crockpot but this inspired dinner tonight.

    And I have a sister. Despite being 3 years apart we rarely shared clothes or things like that. Although she got a lot of hand me downs! As adults and friends we shared more but it was no big deal

  23. Dayna says

    Monica! I was totally inspired and tried this recipe today, but added a few changes of my own. It’s in the crock pot right now, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Thanks for sharing. :)

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