Sunday Seven

Hello from Santa Rosa! I started my day with a nice 7 mile run. I was aiming for eight, but my stomach was growling at 1.5 so I cut it short.

As soon as I got back I told Ben it was an emergency that we get to Starbucks asap. I took a super fast shower and we were at the ‘bucks in less than 15. A naner to share…IMG_9854 (800x600)

I wanted a hot coffee because I was cold. But, I wanted an iced coffee because it’s my favorite.

We got one of each and shared.IMG_9859 (800x600)

Ben’s sandwich came out first.IMG_9858 (800x600)

I’ve been craving a Starbucks spinach, feta and egg white wrap since we were in Paso Robles a few weeks ago and they didn’t have them! IMG_9861 (800x600)Finally, craving satisfied.IMG_9863 (800x600)

Before lunch time we randomly found ourselves at a local mall.

Ben’s been complaining about his feet being sore. (He’s been running once or twice a week and has the world’s highest arches.) So, when I spotted this massage place I slowed down and suggested it. IMG_9875 (800x600)

Those ladies are some good sales people and before we knew it he was getting a 15 minute foot massage and I was getting a 15 minute back massage. Actually, it was more like someone was beating me up – I have tons of knots in my shoulders (that I literally feel ache when I have a drink) and she worked them.IMG_9874 (800x600)

We hit up the Whole Foods salad bar for lunch. I got a little bitta everything per usual.IMG_9877 (800x600)

Then, we took a drive around this gorgeous area. IMG_9887 (800x600)IMG_9889 (800x600)

We are about an hour plus north of San Francisco. We’re pretty close to Napa and Sonoma, but we didn’t make too much time for fun this weekend.image

Wine in the making!IMG_9885 (800x600)

Apple juice, deconstructed.IMG_9894 (800x600)

Ben had a packet of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter with his apple and I stole a bit for some “chocolate dipped strawberries”. IMG_9898 (600x800)

Ah, the cold Pacific Ocean… IMG_9903 (800x600)

IMG_9904 (800x600)

Now we’re back in the hotel room resting before dinner. I’ll probably burn the next hour looking for upcoming races Smile See ya later!

IMG_9910 (800x600)


  1. says

    Yeah, that one picture with Ben doesn’t look like a foot massage – I probably looked at it about 10 times trying to figure out what exactly she was doing.

    You are close to redwood country! I loved the Redwood Nat’l Park area – I want to go back badly. Even though I was just there 6 months ago. Need to go back again. I think there is a half and/or full marathon through the redwoods.

  2. says

    What a fun day! That Whole Foods salad looks particularly delicious. I’ve actually never had any of the food from Starbucks (besides a brownie once or twice) but that wrap sounds very good as well. And I agree, their iced coffee (particularly the skinny mocha) is sooo good!

  3. Angela says

    Ummmm… Am I the only one who looks at Ben getting his massage and wonders where her hand really is?!?! The way that pic came out is too funny!!

  4. Angela says

    Omg I should have read the comments before I posted! Lol I guess I am NOT the only one who found that funny!!

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