Watermelon (Margarita) Wasted

Katie, the two Sarahs and I have been trying to meet up for weeks. For some reason (maybe because SR is always too busy running 232 miles in 3 days?) we haven’t been able to make it happened until today.

Katie suggested a local Mexican place because she knows I’m Mexican was hoping I would be able to translate the menu for the group. Si se puede.mexican food in orange county

El Ranchito” means little ranch. mexican restaurant

Quieres mas?” means the waiter is offering to bring you more tequila even if you’re face down in your tacos.

“Put some hot sauce on my burrito baybeee!” means you’re being hit on.

The restaurant was close enough for me to walk (and dodge having to risk a drunken call for a cab) so I arrived early. The waiter rocked and immediately offered me a margarita. I don’t want to lose my Mexicard or anything, but I usually don’t like margaritas!?! Sorry brown Jesus.

But when he said they have WATERMELON MARGARITAS (made with real watermelon and not some weird syrup) I nodded my head so fast I now have whiplash.watermelon margarita

No lie he saw my excitement and offered to take a picture of me with the drink. IMG_0018

And since he felt bad that my friends had ditched me he brought me a free shot!!! Ha!IMG_0019

Who needs friends when you have shots and chips? Not me.IMG_0021

After a shot and basket of chips, SR and Katie arrived.IMG_0024

Then, the other Sarah arrived and our party got real.once upon a lime(source: SkinnyRunner)

I ordered Fresco Relleno and Taco combo. It was a grilled chicken taco and a chilli topped with veggies and cheese. Normally chili rellenos come super greasy and cheesy but this one was packed of veggies.


We chatted about how I ditched the girls Ragnar team and suck Sad smile

We also chatted about birth control and RUNNING (or how to run away from your husband so you don’t need BC).

Seriously though, the Sarahs are kicking azz with running and I am runspired to get it together. Finally. I just called my mom to ask if she’ll accompany me to a race because Ben says I’m on my own for the next one. If she bails, wanna come with me?

In Running News:

The Kenyan Olympic Marathon Team is announced

A woman running for charity died at the London Marathon. People have donated 1 million to support her cause.


  1. Caity says

    Watermelon margarita? Sign me up.

    Two things: El Ranchito (diff one) is my favorite Mexican restaurant in the town where I grew up. My brother and I go there every.single.time I’m in town. Also, “si se puede” makes me think of that Disney channel movie about a middle-school dance team. Please tell me someone else remembers this movie!

  2. Jessica says

    I wanna come! But I live in Iowa. Maybe you could fly me out?
    LOVE Mexican food, your plate looks so good. I also don’t enjoy margaritas, but your watermelon one looks delicious.

  3. says

    I LOVE El Ranchito grew up going to (I think the original…) one down in Balboa. So fun that you girls all got together and I don’t think it would be possible to be around those two girls and get inspired to run. You will start knocking it out! I will be there next week. Gulp…next week…

  4. Hannah says

    This looks SO fun! And I’ve always wondered what the extent of your Spanish fluency is ..? Do you use it very much?

  5. says

    I just wanted to report that I ate pretty much an entire watermelon throughout the day by myself yesterday. My husband, who is also a watermelon lover, was not pleased with my lack of self control. I don’t want to place blame for my bad behavior on anyone else but I am thinking your posts and pics about watermelon may have contributed to my irresponsible behavior ;). Love your blog!

  6. says

    That is one serious plate of mexican food!! Looks delicious. I agree with you on the margarita… fresh fruit bases are always better than syrup. Looks amazing!

  7. Alex says

    Love me some El Ranchito margaritas! The Avila’s soup is delish! Did you see the MEGArita? It’s like 3 times the size! do it…do it…

  8. says

    sounds great…all of it! the margaritas, food, & company!! :)

    I’ll see you next week chica/amiga @ PCRF!! have a muy bueno friday!! xo

  9. LiseyB says

    Ha ha ha …”sorry brown Jesus”…I just laughed out loud at my desk…shhhh! I’m suppose to be working!!

  10. says

    Goodness, those margaritas and food look amazing. Now, I’m hungry! Normally I love chile rellenos; they are my favorite Mexican food. I’ve never seen rellenos with veggies like that – I’d like to find somewhere locally that would do them like that now. Yummilicious!

  11. says

    I am also hoping that I can join you with your races, sadly its about a thousand miles from here to there. Well, I haven’t taste a watermelon margarita, but I hope to try it when I see how to do this drink.

    Kindly visit my website, please cliquez ici.

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