Cornbread with Pumpkin

I didn’t grow up eating chili, or really cornbread for that matter. Corn tortillas were our corn-carb of choice Winking smileIMG_0465 (800x533)

But, somewhere along the way I learned that chili and cornbread go together. So, I busted out TJ’s cornbread mix to go with dinner. I used pumpkin instead of oil. (I know you can use apple sauce or greek yogurt – both of which I’ve done for other recipes.)IMG_0455 (533x800)

It came out great! A little orange, but there’s nothing wrong with a little ORANGE haired girl right?IMG_0473 (800x533)

I dug into a piece as soon as it came out of the oven and paired it with a glass of milk. I swear it was like CAKE!IMG_0481 (800x533)

This morning I have a few early clients and then I’ll do my own strength workout. No Running today means I Eat first, which is weird, but welcome.IMG_0489 (800x533)

Now I’m off to work! I have an announcement coming up later! AH!!!IMG_0493 (800x533)

Question: What kind of frosting would go well with Cornbread Cake?

Theoretically Winking smile


  1. Alex says

    I think a cornbread cake with berries in the batter and drizzled with a lemon glaze and a little powdered sugar would be a divine coffeecake of sorts. Also, after spending the last two weeks or so working my way through your archives, I’ve decided to come out of the woodwork and say that your blog is one of the most honest and entertaining healthy living blogs I’ve read. Thank you so much and keep up the good work! :)

  2. says

    Honey buttercream! Or just some honey butter, the restaurant that I worked at in college had cornbread muffins brushed with the best honey butter ever. Hmm…what could the announcement be?????

  3. says

    That sounds really good. I have a can of pumpkin, I think I will have to try it. Everyday I want to come to your house for breakfast, your sandwiches always look so good.

  4. TiffanyS says

    A honey cream cheese frosting would be delish! Or a peanut butter type of frosting perhaps?

  5. says

    Growing up we made maple syrup. We tapped the trees, boiled it, etc. And, every year we had cornbread with fresh hot maple syrup on top. Talk about delicious – the cornbread just soaks the syrup up (I don’t know if it would be the same if the syrup wasn’t hot/warm). One of my favorite desserts ever. I think this might have been a regional upstate New York thing (or, maybe only people who made their own maple syrup did it) because I’ve never heard of anyone else eating cornbread with maple syrup.

    • says

      Oh my gosh! I am from Wisconsin and I grew up eating “johnny cake” (cornbread) with syrup at least once every other week! It was one of our favorites :) We actually ate it as dinner though, not dessert! Every time I explain this concept to someone I get blank stares so I am not really sure it’s a WI/Midwest thing either… no clue where it came from?! But I agree, it is SO good!

  6. says

    I am a huge lover of corn bread! I’d prefer it frosting free but if you had to have it frosted, I would think a whipped cream cheese or a maple brown sugar flavored buttercream.

  7. says

    I’ve never had cornbread, but I have had corn-free cornbread. It wasn’t sweet enough for me to think of it as cake, but it wasn’t savory enough for me to consider having with a dinner. I didn’t really understand the point.

  8. says

    LOL, I have to learn to read your blog after a big meal or something. Now I’m fantasizing about the various frosting/baked treats combinations that can be had. Honey-vanilla icing on cornbread sounds great. Ooh, and maple frosting on a waffle! Mmm…

  9. says

    yummm i love cornbread!!

    im pretty sure this frosting would be weird but maybe not bc its amazing: cream cheese frosting! i swear i could eat it all day long..yummm

  10. says

    Omg this is a genius idea! I always shy away from getting this mix but have never thought to replace the oil. Pumpkin seems to go hand in hand with the cornbread mix. Thanks! How about a butterscotch frosting?

  11. Amy says

    Did you use a whole can of pumpkin puree instead of the oil? I’ve been wanting to try that TJ’s cornbread so definitely going to get it now! All of these toppings sound amazing but I love the honey butter from Great Harvest so that’s most likely what I’ll do.

  12. Elizabeth says

    Really random question but I was wondering what kind of oats you eat. I know you have said on the blog before that you don’t like to eat them because they dont fill you up.. Well.. I am a nutrition student (graduating in 4 weeks!), and we learned in my one class yesterday that rolled oats and instant oats will not fill you up because they are being processed and this breaks down some of the fiber to keep you full! We learned that the best type is the steel cut because they contain the whole kernel (bran, endosperm). And I thought of you (random I dont’ even know you!), because you have stated that before! So I was just wondering! Have a great day!

  13. says

    All these comments are making me hungry! I think a mix of some of their suggestions would be great. I loved the peanut butter idea but it needed sweetness so the honey butter plus peanut butter, yum!
    I also liked the orange, glaze, and spicy ideas so an orange glaze with smoky chipotle chili flakes would be so delicious!

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