Crazy Thursday


After a busy day of work I needed to get outside. I logged off the computer, put on my shoes and was about to head out the door when Ben came home. He decided to join me and we were off to take a nice, de-stressing walk and talk But, on the way back we saw two teenage boys on the bike path. One was leaning up against the other’s legs. He looked hurt so we walked toward them … [Read more...]

I Try Pilates


Yesterday Ben and I received a copy of The Herald with the Big Sur Marathon on the front page (dated April 30). We’re assuming it’s from the Big Sur Mary peeps. Weird, but cool? I woke up at 5am and decided to just get up and start the day. With food. This morning I tried Pilates for the first time! Last month my gym had a SUPER SALE for employees and I bought 4 sessions of … [Read more...]