Memorial Day Munchies

As soon as I got to my mom’s this afternoon I threw together a fruit salad. IMG 1545 800x600 thumb Memorial Day Munchies

Then, I remembered about the whipped cream I had left here from Mother’s Day… IMG 1547 800x600 thumb Memorial Day Munchies**Actually, I don’t normally like whipped cream but I’m having a “all I want to eat is dessert” kinda day and hoped this would help satisfy that.

It didn’t work.

The boys hung out in the pool while I worked on the blog and enjoyed the view.IMG 1550 800x600 thumb Memorial Day Munchies

My mom has been making her iced coffees with Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk and insisted I try it. I wasn’t about to turn that down! Yep, delicious. IMG 1554 600x800 thumb Memorial Day MunchiesBuuut, I drank that at 4pm and then had a Diet Mountain Dew. I may not sleep ever again tonight.

Everyone else was drinking these. Gross.IMG 1556 600x800 thumb Memorial Day Munchies

I ordered a few RER shirts from my Spreadshirt shop recently and brought my little bro Matt one of them. I didn’t realize the cut of this one is more of a boys cut…IMG 1562 600x800 thumb Memorial Day Munchies

After way too much snacking whilst hanging around talking (when will I learn not to do that?) it was time for dinner.

I brought some chicken kebobs I found on Manager’s Special this morning…IMG 1568 800x600 thumb Memorial Day Munchies

and we also had corn, beans and salad.IMG 1559 800x600 thumb Memorial Day Munchies

I love eating corn on the cobb, but always feel like I don’t get it all off the cobb. I want a big bite of corn, but the hard center stops me!IMG 1570 800x600 thumb Memorial Day Munchies

Plus, it needed parmesan cheese and chili a la the elote man!IMG 1571 800x600 thumb Memorial Day Munchies

My mom had these Klondike bars that I tried for dessert. Really good!IMG 1525 800x600 thumb Memorial Day Munchies

Back to work and the real world tomorrow!


  1. Karoline says

    Looks super good. Have you heard of charred/burnt foods increasing your risk of getting cancer? I’ve been hearing about it recently. Not sure what I’s too bad because my favourite camping food is burnt marshmellows :)

    • says

      My parents always told me not to eat charred meat. I’m sure there is some sort of scientific explanation behind it. But I think marshmallows are okay!

  2. Elizabeth says

    mmmmmm….the iced coffee Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk sound delish! I love our elote manit’s hard to restrain from them. I usually skip the mayo, but every so often I cannot resist, so I order half instead of a whole.

  3. says

    Where is the Bud Light + tomato thing from, anyway? Is it like a B.Light bloody mary? Working at the bar, I’d sometimes get people who asked for them. I think they were from Canada, and they were perplexed that I’d never heard of doing that.

    • says

      Bloody Mary with beer & Clam Juice! Yikes. My momma told me never to knock anything until I tried it, so I tried it and therefore have the right to say …..YUCK!
      Who thought they needed to pour seafood flavoring into beer? Really!?!. An orange, lemon, lime…sure. Clam… NO!
      So glad you were smart and didn’t drink it.

  4. Sarah says

    WHAAAT!? You can get Beer WITH Clam in a can?! GENIUS! I need to check out my liquor store! (CANADA, baby!)

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