Adult Punch and Pac Man Cupcakes

Yesterday I got to my mom’s and was immediately put to work. She pointed to a watermelon and grapes and told me to eat a fruit salad. IMG_4874 (800x600)

Okay, she told me to make a fruit salad. But I figured cutting a little teeny piece for myself wouldn’t be too bad…IMG_4878 (800x600)

I want your cock tail fruit cocktail. Half Baked was on Friday night.IMG_4922 (800x600)

The party was for Matt’s half birthday / promotion. Since his b-day is in December and the kids are on Christmas break we usually just go out to dinner.

So this year we threw him an epic PARTY!

We got a Games 2 U van that had video games on the outsideIMG_4903 (800x600)

and inside. It was the coolest thing!IMG_4905 (800x600)

IMG_4908 (800x600)IMG_4909 (800x600)

The kids also played laser tag outside.

And by “kids” I mean Ben.IMG_4928 (800x600)

Although, I think the shields were made for people a bit smaller and he killed!IMG_4933 (800x600)IMG_4934 (800x600)IMG_4935 (800x600)

Good thing he was out of the game because he was in charge of the grill!IMG_4896 (800x600)

We had quite the spread of hamburgers, hot dogs, chili, nacho cheese and any and all other unhealthy foods we could fit in the cart.IMG_4902 (800x600)

I stole a few bites of Ben’s food but was more focused on other thingsIMG_4900 (800x600)

adult punch

We also had a balloon artist! IMG_4916 (800x600)
This party was ridiculous. IMG_4941 (600x800)

My mom’s friend Viri made the cupcakes for dessert. IMG_4887 (600x800)

Since it was a video game themed party she made a Pac-man presentation of cupcakes!IMG_4912 (800x600)IMG_4886 (800x600)pacman cupcake

There was also a bunch with edible legos on top! How cute is this?IMG_4914 (800x600)

Ironically, I filled up the cup that had detox juice with ice and enjoyed a few too many adult punches. I don’t drink often but I was in the mood to “go big” yesterday (it’s been a stressful week). IMG_4918 (800x600)Long story short,we stayed over at my mom’s and I tried to sleep on the chair bed and just couldn’t fall asleep or get comfortable. Ugh. I need a nap.

See ya later!


  1. says

    OMG. Talk about killing a theme. You all nailed it. The whole thing looks absolutely amazing and the food look great. Please mail a cupcake to SC so I can try this edible legos, you know, for research sake.

  2. Sally says

    Such a neat party! My husband is turning thirty this year and I’m seriously considering stealing that theme :)

    Ps Ben looks like he’s lost weight. You as always look completely gorgeous.

  3. says

    What a party! I would have killed for something like that when I was younger (heck, even now!) because I adored my video games. I’m convinced Sonic the Hedgehog set up my running obsession 😉 The Pac Man cupcakes are incredible.

    Ben looks amazing – he’s slimmed down so much! And so sweet playing with the kids as well – that pic of him behind the wall actually made me laugh out loud :)

  4. says

    Too awesome! A traveling game van? Craziness. Am I old enough to say “back in my day…”? Well, all I can tell you is that if a party involved games it was the Nintendo…

    Hope you’re recovering well from the party 😉

  5. says

    What a fun party! Seriously, I’m pretty much obsessed with those Cupcakes. Packman?! YES! When my family hosts a party, I’m always in charge of prepping the food. AKA eating most of the fruit salad, which I always demand we have :)

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