Back to Reality

My flight actually got in about 45 minutes early this morning and I was back home before 11am.palm trees

As soon as I got in I logged onto work and spent the day catching up. I’m super behind on blog emails so if you’re waiting for something from me… um, be patient?

When Ben came home we decided to take a nice little walk and catch up with each other. IMG_5250 (800x600)

We walked 4 miles and even called his parents to catch up with them.IMG_5251 (800x600)

Now I have a pile of dirty laundry and an even bigger pile of reality TV to catch up on! Thank goodness for the DVR Smile

I’m also super behind on blog reading so if anything amazing happened with you recently please share! Feel free to make the story sound better a la the magic of TV the internet to get us all hooked on your story line!


  1. says

    Good for you for going for a walk after your flight – all I want to do after flights is sleep! Also love the Natalie Dee/Toothpaste for Dinner comics :)

  2. JessicaE says

    Glad to hear about the emails :) I was getting worried I had missed something I was supposed to do about the giveaway, oh noez. :) Glad you are taking your time easing back into real life.

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