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This morning I was freaking out thinking I was going to get scurvy because we had NO FRUIT in the house. How did Ben survive?!

Then, I found these grapefruit cups we bought from Costco the other day and the crisis was delayed (not averted as I still needed more). IMG_5269

Since we’re on the topic, let’s get the other eats out of the way. I made a super quick trip to TJ’s for more fruit because the scurvy attack was coming back around noon. So two plums and one massive salad made up lunch.IMG_5274

Protein shake because I was rumbling an hour later. I should have added a whole grain carb to the meal for better staying power. And I had an apple just now. Um, eat fruit much?IMG_5279 (800x600)

I recently was asked to be a Brooks Blog Ambassador. Since the Brooks Ghost are my “core shoe” I jumped at the chance! Brooks Blog Ambassador Badge

They had a super awesome event in New York two weeks ago to teach the ambassadors about their new line up of shoes. Unfortunately, I already knew I was going to NY for the ING shoot so I had to pass.

But since I still needed the info I had a video chat with Kira, the Footwear product manager from Brooks. The magic of technology is so cool. (Ha, look at how I’m drooling over the shoes. Runnerd.)image

She took me through the new aspects of the latest Glycerin and Ghost 5 – their neutral shoes. It was super interesting because I wear a neutral shoe and could literally feel and see the changes between the Ghost 4 and 5.

Truthfully, I wasn’t a fan of the changes on my first run with the Ghost 5, but now am digging it! Change is hard and runners are loyal to their faves, am I right?IMG_5281 (800x600)

Anyways, she also told me all about their new Pure Project line. This is super exciting! I’ll talk about it more in a few weeks after I’ve run in the shoes a bit, but I am super jazzed about it. image

The Glycerin and Ghost are both neutral shoes, but they have some specific differences. The Glycerin has more cushion and I would consider it a bit heartier. So if you’re coming from a more stability shoe or just like more cushion / are harder on your shoes that’s the one for you.

Do you what category shoe you run in? image

You can find out what shoe / type of shoe is best for you after answering a few questions on the Brooks Find Your Soul mate Page ( I love that it’s called that).

I personally think shoes are the most important piece of gear you wear – so make sure you know why type of shoe is right for you and test them out before committing.

Go to a running store and get properly fitted the first time you purchase running shoes. Once you’ve found the right shoe for your body/foot/training regime you can order them online going forward. IMG_2345 (533x800)

I just realized today is the last day our Disneyland passes are valid until September so I’m going to try and get Ben to go after work!  I’ll see you tomorrow.


  1. says

    What would men do without us–die of scurvy, perhaps, or learn to shop for fruit. 😀

    I love love love my Brooks PureFlow and PureGrit shoes from their PureConnect line! I have been running all year in the PureFlow (five half marathons plus some shorter races) and have just started breaking in the PureGrit. I think they are going to be even better for me than the PureFlow; time will tell as those are what I hope to be running in for the Ragnar Northwest Passage relay in (gulp!) three weeks.

  2. says

    I run in neutrals and have had no issues with my feet! I used to think I under probated and bought stability shoes that actually made my feet ache years ago. I took a chance with the nuetrals when the outsides of my legs hurt after runs in my old shoes and I’ve never turned back! I wear mid arch insoles too. I loveeeeee running shoes LOL

  3. Kristen says

    I work at a small running store and one of my biggest pet peeves is when people come in to “use us” for our expertise and leave the store without buying anything, only to order the recommended shoes for maybe $10 cheaper on running warehouse or zappos. A lot of specialty running stores are small businesses who do a lot to help the surrounding community – whether it’s by offering free fun runs and clinics or donating gently used shoes to the homeless. Being a runner yourself, you should use your blog as a platform to encourage specialty running stores, not downplay them.

  4. says

    I have REALLY been wanting to buy the Brooks Ghost and now is the time that I should since I am not in the heart of any training! I guess I’ve got to get to the running store!

    Plums are so delicious right now! I can’t stop eating them… I like them when they are still a bit sour!

  5. says

    I’ve always wondered about those grapefruit cups. I LOVE grapefruit but sometimes hate cutting and peeling one. THe cups just seems so convenient.

  6. Kristie says

    I like the looks of Brooks shoes, and had the Glycerins a couple years ago, but the toe box is too small for my (weird) toes! I don’t have wide feet, but my toes are pretty wide so I need a roomy toe box. Thankfully the running store I go to now lets you take the shoes home for a couple test runs, and return them if they aren’t working for you (as long as you don’t go for a mud run or something crazy).

  7. Debra says

    So I wear a stability shoe, the Asics Gt 2170s, will I always have to wear a stability shoe? Can i train my feet and lega to be able to run in a neutral shoe?


  8. Meg says

    I’m excited to hear more from you about Brooks. I run in Brooks PureCadence and LOVE THEM like a fat kid loves cake. Really… I can’t even fully tell you how much I love them because it would frighten people. These shoes cured all my running woes (except for my main woe which is having to pee every 3 miles, story of my life). The only thing I don’t like about the PureCadence is that I don’t like the colors- bright aqua blue and lime green just isn’t my jam. But I saw that they came out with a new pink/purple variety, which is much cuter, so I’ll likely get those next.

  9. says

    I’m transitioning (or hoping to at some point before I die!) to barefoot running, so have been shod in VFF and Merrell for the past 2 years.

  10. says

    Brooks Pures are the best shoes ever. I have the Connects and think they’re definitely top 3 running shoes I’ve ever owned! I’ve been through a lot of shoes and a lot of races, and these babies are top-notch! Thank you Brooks for finally making a good minimalist shoe.

  11. Connie says

    I read this today and realized I have dropped my 2012 goals by the wayside back around April :( So, today started them back up – I was going to wait till tomorrow 7/1 but have a bad habit of procrastinating when I do so I started a 6 week challenge with myself today – day one is good (whew)

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