Resolutions Revisited for 2012

Howdy howdy howdy! How’s your Friday going?

Mine is busy! I usually look pretty trashed all the time, but today I tried to put on something decent and brush my hair because I was interviewing Evelyn Tribole on my lunch.

I’ve seen the sock bun thing around the blog world and appreciate that it looks super cute and is so easy! But, long hair don’t care I don’t really need a sock to make a good bun.IMG_5321 (800x600)

God just blessed me with BIG BUNS  Winking smileIMG_5324 (600x800)

big butts meaning

Speaking of dieticians, my interview with Evelyn Tribole went amazing! I can’t wait to share it with you next week. I recorded the interview on my magic phone. Thank you TMobile. IMG_5327 (600x800)

Aaaand I got a preview copy of the latest edition of Intuitive Eating. I know what I’ll be reading this weekend. What a nerd. IMG_5333 (800x600)

I rushed home for lunch since my stomach was growling. Everything came from the freezer – veggies, brown rice, chickenIMG_5337 (800x600)

and a yogurt on the side for dessert. Kinda.IMG_5338 (800x600)

Okay, so I’m busted. I stopped on the way home from the interview for a diet Dr. Pepper from Carl’s Jr. IMG_5331 (600x800)

It’s just about 24 hours until the second half of 2012 and I thought I should start off with going over my resolutions. Unfortunately, at first glance I am not doing well.

First off I want to make sure things are clear up in RERland. I am struggling with writing about some of my goals and challenges because SOME of my goals pertain to my weight, eating habits and fitness and it can be an embarrassing subject. 

This is an ongoing struggle for me. RER is not like some other healthy living blogs where the writer gained the freshman 15, lost it and now is fabulous and cute. Nope. Nothing like that here folks.

My weight has been a struggle my entire life. My experience is different from many of the other healthy living bloggers out there. I do relate to some like, Roni and Jen from Prior Fat Girl, but am often put in a category with peeps I don’t identify with. I just want to make sure you know what I’m selling up in here.

Okay back to the Resolutions…

1. Run Faster.

PR in the Half Marathon.

Run a 5k and  10k by March. Then, PR in those by the end of the year.

Update: Not yet. I need to identify my goal races and stick to running hard 3 days a week. I also need to get rid of junk miles and focus on #2.

2. Tone my ass and abs. Get in the best shape I can.

Strength train 3 times a week. Yoga once a week. Identify my trouble spots and focus on those.

Update: Not yet. I need to buy free weights to use at home. Since I work at the gym it’s difficult for me to get a good workout in sometimes. I end up socializing too much. I haven’t been to yoga in forever so I’m going to pick an early  morning class that fits in with my schedule long term.

3. Don’t eat shit.

(Eat Clean 80% of the time.) Cut back on processed food and sugar. No junk food unless it’s a cheat day. Eat what I love, skip what I don’t love.

Update: A little bit. I’ve been better about not keeping junk in the house, but I still am way to dependent on artificial sugars. I think I’m going to say “See ya later” to diet soda as of July 1st. That is going to suck.

4. Save Money.

Get my finances in order and save money to be financially ready for a house or baby or move to Costa Rica. One of those.

Update: Yes! It’s going to be a long road, but I’m on it.

5. Improve professionally.

Get another PT certification. Learn about photography and social media and video editing. Get on an organized, do-able schedule.

Update: Not Yet. I’m hoping to learn about video editing at Fitbloggin, but that’s not until Sept. I also need to read up on photography asap.


I don’t know if I’ve ever admitted this, but I’m a big scaredy cat! Ben jokingly calls me Safety Suzy. I want to live this year as if I cannot get hurt or fail or die. And if I do – it’s okay.

Update: Yes! Truth be told I have been doing a lot of things that scare me. Examples: Getting back on my bike, Running the RTB relay, Going to NY for the wesbisode shoot, Writing this post and putting my shortcomings up for the world to see…IMG_5194

I’ve done some thinking and there are some other things about myself that I’d like to improve upon. #1 is dressing a little better and #2 is mindless snacking.

I’m going to commit to focusing on this by getting rid of my unflattering clothes and being more mindful about what I’m eating for the rest of the year. Yes, until 2013 – doesn’t that seem like forever?! closet clean out

Remember when I turned those hangers in my closet around to see what I wear? Well, it’s time to clean it out! I’ve already cleaned out my pantry so we’re half way there Smile

Question: How are your 2012 goals coming along?


  1. Colleen says

    I read your blog for precisely the reasons you identify: you’re not like other writers. And I appreciate that… it’s refreshing. So keep on keepin’ on.

    (On another note, I’m with you on the diet soda thing…. it’s killing me slowly. Fo’ realz.)

  2. says

    My #1 goal/new years resolution is to graduate (i.e. get my Masters) at the end of the 2013 academic year, so I can move on in my life. It’s been 2 years now and I need to work on my thesis. Motivation is holding me back since my faculty advisor has been on sabbatical (i.e. not around). My new years resolution pertaining to this is to start thesis work (now that I have satisfied class requirements) is making headway this summer. So far I have managed to wrangle my advisor (and recruit another for my thesis committee) and had a few meetings to discuss this. But I’m itching to get going! So, with all that said, I’m still working on it 😉

  3. Abby says

    I have to agree the first comment. This is why I come back to your blog. You’re real! You’ve got something that other healthy living bloggers don’t!

  4. Dee says

    I hadn’t really thought about it but am now going to sit down this weekend and review/re-evaluate. I think I’ve done OK on some and others I’ve not made any headway at all.
    Really enjoy your blog – keep it up!

  5. Faith says

    First comment, but I had to say this – I struggle with this too and I totally understand where you are coming from. But I think you need to give yourself a little bit of a break, Monica, and not beat yourself so much for not being perfect. I wouldn’t want to read about that person, and I do want to read about you – you seem like a really fun, talented person and as a reader and a fan of your blog, it makes me sad to see you struggle so much. As a formerly eating disordered person who still struggles with self esteem big time, I still know this – we are so much more than our weight. I find that the less I focus on losing weight or having just food/weight related goals, the more I am able to not struggle with eating or those feelings. Anyway, just wanted to say that I appreciate you sharing this with us and that I hope you give yourself a break. xo

  6. Liz says

    Don’t apologize! I read those other blogs and even though I like them, yours is my favorite because I can identify with you, and you are hilarious. You are always the first blog I check in my reader. I have been gaining and losing the same 5 lbs for over 2 years, so I get you.

  7. Ida says

    I stopped making yearly goals. I feel like it’s a constant work-in-progress situation and i don’t like to put things on a random timeline. right now I’m really happy with my running and my diet, so I just want to keep the momentum going.

  8. Sarah says

    Hey Monica, as a fellow red-head with big buns (hee hee) I find you to be very realistic and inspiring. Thank you for being honest about your feelings about your weight as they definitely rang true for me as well. Also, your goal to try new things that scare you is awesome! I have made this my goal as well and so far, I have accepted a promotion at work (in which I have to be assertive) and invited some new friends to my house for dinner. Next week I start karate lessons all by myself! I know that doesn’t sound like much but you will probably understand the struggle to branch out of your comfort zone and do something scary. I’m never sorry I did.

  9. says

    First off, I must say I’m pretty jealous of your big bun up there! :)

    and thanks for being so honest about your weight struggles on RER, It’s what makes you so relate-able, and personally I think you look fantastic!

    good luck with all the goals!

  10. Ella says

    Maybe its just because I graduated this year and have had the year 2012 in my head ever since I’ve been looking at college but 2013 sounds so in to the future if that makes any sense!

    Your weight loss efforts are so admirable! Even if you haven’t reached your goals, honestly from the pictures from your blog you look great! I’m a “skinny girl”, but I can barely run two miles. And you’re out there running marathons. I would kill to be in as good of shape as you are. I love reading your blog because you’re honest and funny. I wish you the best of luck :)

  11. says

    I’m not sure I wrote 2012 goals. I better figure out if I did so I can assess where I am with those. I currently write weekly goals…I’m hit or miss on meeting them.

    BTW, there’s nothing wrong with your blog. You’re real – people relate to real! Okay, you’re kinda real. I don’t know very many people who run around and do half the stuff you do – you’re kinda a BIG DEAL!!! ha! A Real Big Deal!

  12. says

    girlfriend (i hate when people say that), I used to drink like 3 diet cokes a day. Finally, I said enough is enough and gave them up cold turkey. That was 2 years ago and I haven’t wanted one (honestly).

  13. says

    I LOVE this post. I think you, and what you post, are realistic. I do not want to read a “fitness barbie” blog because I cannot relate to her on any level. I am not a natural athlete, and I find your runs so inspiring! There is an ebb and flow to life, and I think your journey is all your own. I’d love for you to continue to share it, and know that I truly enjoy reading your blog!

  14. Dana says

    You have the most awesome and amazing blog! Thanks for not dancing it in my face how perfect your life is, and blah, blah, blah! You are real and fabulous!! Thanks for making me smile!

  15. says

    I had a bit of a set back concerning most of my 2012 goals. To be honest i event let most of them go. But thanks to this post I’m thinking about my goals again. maybe I’ll edit them so there still achievable.

  16. says

    monica – i drank my last diet coke on january 9th (my bday) and guess what? it still sucks! every day, at least once, i want a dc. but i have to say i do feel better overall, i swear my running and recovery are quicker. but yea, nothing would be better on these hot days than sipping a diet coke!!
    thanks for sharing your goal updates with us.

  17. Noelle says

    I don’t relate to a lot bloggers, either. I can’t get on board with cold overnight oatmeal or eating like a caveman (maybe if they lived past 18 years old, I’d consider it, though! And what if all that meat eating was the reason for all the excess hair they had? I’ll wait on the results, thanks). I’m so afraid of heights that I don’t climb on step ladders. In less than a week, I’ll pop out my 4th kid and need to lose 35lbs. If you ever wonder how you’re doing, compare yourself to me, you’ll feel better. Oh, and I’m 39 years old. Wah! You’re fine, just how you are and who you are. Everyone else thinks so, too.

  18. says

    So excited about your interview with Evelyn! I’ll be doing a written interview with her in the next two weeks. Can’t wait for the third edition to be released!!

    As for goals… my goal is to do cardio that gets my heart rate up a bit more. As far as YOUR goals, Monica, the more real and honest you are, the more we appreciate you for being you.


  19. ina says

    Your real self and normal struggles and celebrations are THE reason I read your blog. I’m older than you but can totally identify. And your sense of humor isn’t too bad either. 😉 that and youmlove the word “super”

  20. says

    Your blog is very inspiring & kudos’ for being honest & relatable! I don’t want to read a blog about someone who is “perfect” in the health/fitness/weight area because I’m not. You are doing a stellar job of motivating females everywhere, keep it up!

  21. says

    I really enjoy your blog and thank you for being so honest. Just like everyone else who commented I like your blog because you are real and open about constantly working on being better about eating/running/etc. I have been struggling with my weight and find it inspiring to see others who are constantly working on having a healthier lifestyle not just trying to fit in the ‘goal jeans’. Just last night I had a back slide in the healthy eating department when I ended up face down in a plate of nachos the size of a small country. I was feeling guilty about it and kind of mentally beating myself up but reading your post made me realize that everyday is a new day to start over, review your goals and move forward. You rock!

  22. Zanna says

    Your story and struggle is my story, its real. Thank goodness you keep it real and haven’t gone nuts on crazy stuff like paleo and crossfit. Its a big world out there with lots of food and we choose to live in it, enjoy its abundance and manage our weight the best we can. This is why we love your blog.

  23. says

    I planned to join a gym/get in shape and I’m 6 months going strong! The running thing wasn’t really a resolution (I picked it up in March) but I did set a goal to run a 5K (I’ve ran two!) and have a new goal of finishing a half marathon!

  24. says

    I’m a regular reader but don’t comment often. I have to say that I love your honesty and I really enjoy following your journey – successes and failures! and I think the progress is being fearless is going to empower you in all the other areas!

  25. Kat says

    Monica, I love your blog and read it almost daily because I get you! My weight has been a constant struggle since I was about 6 years old! I’m 27 and it still is an issue, so all those bloggers that partied too much and gained 20lb and then lost it in some ridiculous time frame like 6 months and have never looked back because they look hot– I just don’t quite get (sorry for the run on sentence). I like those blogs, but I’ve tried the counting calories thing for a few months here or there, and it has never worked like it seems to work for all those bloggers!
    But, I love your blog, it is realistic and funny. Keep up the good work!

  26. Patty says

    A place to look for cheap free weights is a used sporting goods store like Play It Again Sports, if they are still around. I got a bunch of weights there a few years ago and I think they were a dollar or two each!

  27. says

    I appreciate your honesty and that you are so real on your blog. I hadn’t thought of the year as being half way over, so that was a good reminder to get focused on what I want to achieve the rest of the year. 2012 has not started out great (I was recently diagnosed with MS), but it’s time to make the second half of the year terrific!

  28. says

    Your hair is too epic for words. I did a sock bun semi-successfully for the first time last week, but I felt like an idiot the entire day knowing there was a rolled up sock on top of my head. (Btw, looking forward to the Intuitive Eating interview…that book helped me a lot!)

  29. Karoline says

    I love that you’re candid in your blog – it’s what makes it one of the best blogs to read.

    Question for you: If you didn’t blog about you’re eating habits and exercise, do you think you would be able to keep it up, be consistent, and lose weight/ reach your yearly goals?

  30. says

    I’m glad you brought up resolutions! I need to see how good/bad I am doing with mine! As for yours …”blogs where the writer gained the freshman 15, lost it and now is fabulous and cute. Nope. Nothing like that here folks.” –That’s why I subscribe and love reading you blog. You are a real person!!

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