Garlic Hummustard and Shamu


I made Hummustard salad dressing to go with my lunch today. But instead of the usual mustard I used TJ’s Aioli Garlic Mustard and it was extra delish! This recipe is very very complicated, so I know most of you will skip it. But in case we have a few Giada’s in the house… Hummustad Recipe: 1 dollop* Sabra Hummus, 1 dollop mustard, dash water. Mix. *If you don’t have a dollop … [Read more...]

Weight loss Wednesday is back


After a bit of time off to focus on fixing some bad habits, I’m bringing back Weight Loss Wednesday. I haven’t been working on losing weight (unless complaining counts as working on something), but would like to get back on track. I was partly motivated by Sara Fit’s Weight Loss Bet. She organized this competition via diet bet - each person puts in $15. For 4 weeks each dieter … [Read more...]