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IMG 6182 800x600 thumb Bricks and BikesI went to the group practice this morning for next week’s triathlon. When I left the house I was a little nervous. I’m not a good bike rider and am scared to ride around other people. I’m such a scaredy cat and have a horrible imagination (where I constantly picture the worst thing happening). I just know I’m going to fall and get run over and road rash on my vagine and a crow will eat my dead body.

i also think about this all day long Bricks and Bikes


Anyways, we started off easy – 2.5 mile run and 9 mile bike. We basically did the first part of the race (it’s a backwards tri). IMG 6185 600x800 thumb Bricks and Bikes

Post-bike fuel…IMG 6192 800x600 thumb Bricks and Bikes

PSA- I had this Clf Shot Gel in Citrus on my Saturday long run. Not.A.Fan. IMG 6193 800x600 thumb Bricks and Bikes

I got the coolest package in Friday and took pictures with my new parachute, but now the pics are MIA?!?!?!?! I think that’s my sign to log off and enjoy my evening. See ya tomorrow.


  1. says

    I biked all over Europe ON THE MAIN ROAD and fell over onetime and all these people rushed over to save me. It was pretty dramatic.
    But i survived!

  2. says

    I’m a scaredy bike rider too, so I never do it unless it’s on a stationary bike at the gym. Super wimpy. But you are not wimpy, so you will rock it. Good luck next week!

  3. says

    You made it!! Congrats!! I’m always afraid someone is going to run me over…not sure what the problem is though. I used to ride my bike a ton when I was younger! I’m working on it!

  4. says

    I just got a new bike and am terrified of it! I have already fallen off twice and I’ve literally had it a week.

    Your cartoon made me laugh though because I also almost bit my tongue “off” when I was six and jumped in a pool backwards. Clearly I need to wear protective gear at all times and only be near soft things…

  5. says

    Good job getting out there and doing it even though it’s scary. It gets easier I promise and it will become second nature just like running. Promise.
    Good luck on your tri. I’m secretly hoping you LOVE it ;-)

  6. says

    I am so proud of you for doing a tri! I don’t think I ever could. I do NOT like cold water. You go girl! You’re such an inspiring blogger :)

  7. Tabatha Rhodes says

    The “road rash on my vagine” comment almost made me choke on my coffee!! You are so funny! I have been toying with the idea of learning to ride a bike next year……but I’m so scared of falling off. My 3 year old told me that I just need to get a big bike with training wheels. Kudos to you to facing your fears and getting out there (and then sharing with us!).

  8. says

    i’ve only just starting reading your blog a couple of weeks ago and im loving it! it’s giving me the incentive and extra kick up the back side to stick to my diet and exercise regime. thank you!

    good luck for next weekend!

    ellie x

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