Marathon Meals 1

Remember when I was in New York filming videos for the ING Class of 2012?IMG_5197

I did a series of videos about “Marathon Meals” – basically healthy food ideas for marathon training. IMG_5185

My first video is up NOW on the ING Runner’s Nation Facebook Page.


The first recipe is for the beautiful quinoa dish – ‘member?IMG_5180

The recipe is called Herbed Quinoa Tabbouli, it’s from Redbook Magazine.

Please check out the ING Runner Nation FB Page to share this clip and all the others we did. This series is meant for everyone training for an event this year – hope you like it! Plus, my fellow 2012 classmates have super helpful and funny videos too!

I will soon be adding an ING Marathon Training Tab to the top of the page so you can check out my training and all these fun segments in one place.


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    Love the video! I get excited when I see any new vid from you (don’t mean to sound creepy!)!

    I felt like I was splurging when I bought a big bag of quinoa, but it’s totally worth it. The premade quinoa salads in the grocery store are so much more expensive than making your own.

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    I can’t eat anything before my runs or workouts unless I want a puke-fest. Even liquids eg coffee throws me off balance sometimes. For runs above an hour, I take an isotonic drink at the one hour mark and every hour. I don’t like gels and prefer “real” food eg raisins. I’ve a protein shake/supplement after my workouts.

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