July 2012 Highlights

I cannot believe it’s August! I seriously feel like Christmas just passed, or was that Easter? Either way, this year is flying by too fast!

This morning I hit up the gym for a strength session. My shoulder has been hurting the last few weeks (not used to swimming?) so I had been avoiding it. It felt good to be back.

Speaking of the gym… my gym needs a group fit instructor to teach boot camp – which I’ve done. But, I only have a personal training cert, not a group fit so they cannot give me the class (company policy). Boo. The group fit manager told me to research certs today since I’ve already taught boot camp I should be go to go once I have it. Hmmm. I have to think about this!

Breakfast was an egg, laughing cow and jelly sandwich with mango on the side…IMG_6513

Cut per my usual method: How to Cut a Mango


July Highlights:

My Favorite Run

My first 5K (technically) and Triathlon!IMG_6401 (800x533)

My Favorite Eat

Watermelon always has the #1 spot in my heart:IMG_6149

Honorable mention: Fourth of July cookie flag (just because it was fun, not because I thought it tasted amazing)IMG_5537 (800x600)

My Favorite Post I’d like to Repeat

Bliss Beauty Box VlogIMG_6284 (800x533)

Question: What was the best thing you ate in July? Best workout??


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      I NEVER said I was giving up watermelon – ha, I would never say that! I am reducing how much I eat, but by my own standards. Now I only buy 1 watermelon a week and try to make it last. I used to buy 2 at a time and eat both in one week without sharing with Ben at all.

  1. says

    Is your shoulder still hurting? Mine is killing me and I haven’t been able to swim or do strength either. Not cool with an Ironman in less than four weeks!
    Best thing I ate was for sure seafood on the Oregon coast.
    Best workout was my triple brick this past weekend.

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      I took about 3 weeks off strength training to let it “go away”. I didn’t really do anything special except rest it. But yeah, it was killing me and even when it wasn’t killing it was achy :(
      Rest up :)

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        Brutal. I’m glad it’s feeling better.
        I don’t have much time to waste, so I went to a physio today after my massage didn’t give me the miracle heal I was hoping for!
        The doc thinks it’s my supraspinitus muscle (one of the rotator cuff muscles, I think). Google supraspinitus pain, and perhaps that’s what you had, too. Seems to be more common than you’d think!

        • says

          Yeah, I figured it was supraspinitus tendinitis – I’m familiar from working at the gym. It was weird though because it seems to go lower than the online descriptions and ached all the time, not with movement. How’s your shoulder?

          • says

            Impressive that you knew that!
            Mine actually radiates down to my elbow and is achy most of the time and really hurts with movement.
            Mine isn’t doing too well. I’ve taken a week off swimming now and was supposed to bike today but just can’t put that pressure on it on a road bike.
            I’m trying to stay positive! Thank goodness my taper has started, but I’m still supposed to bike 140km tomorrow. I’m hoping for a miracle!

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    Best thing I ate in July isn’t necessarily anything new to me, but will always be insanely delicious in my book: Graham Cracker creme ice at Ralph’s Ices (a local ice cream place). They’re well known for they’re creme ices (not as heavy as ice cream, but not quite a water ice), and have a huge amount of awesome flavors. I used to always try new ones (carrot cake, red velvet cake, peanut butter fudge pretzel, you get the idea, haha), but once I tried graham cracker a year or two ago, I haven’t been able to order anything else. It’s like heaven. The end.

    • Lindsey says

      I live very far away from it (unfortunately/luckily/either one) but I love Ralph’s! I would eat there every day. It beats Rita’s by a TON. :)

  3. Glen says

    Hey! I just found your blog and hello amazing! I’ve literally spent the past few nights searching old archives and posts and laughing a crap-ton. Thanks for the blog!

  4. says

    The best thing I ate in July…. I think its a tie between homemade fish tacos and the Dulche de Leche milkshake from last weekend.
    Best workout? anything that left my abs feeling really sore the next day so I felt like I was making progress!

  5. says

    Hands down, Burger Lounge. After a number of failed attempts taking the hubs for some healthy eats, the grass fed beefy goodness at Burger Lounge made it all better. They have the most amazing bbq sauce with a little bit of kick to it…. yum.

    Best workout? It wasn’t glorious, but I finally hit a 14 mile run! I’ve been stuck 13 for weeks; no bueno with a marathon around the corner. 😉

  6. says

    The best thing I ate in July???? Anything from Yogurtland! YL just came to Illinois, and I’ve already been there twice! Amaze balls!

    I’m also enjoying the food I’m eat right now on retreat at Green Mountain at Fox Run. It is a retreat center in Vermont that focuses on mindful eating and joyful movement.

  7. says

    What a great month! I’ve been thinking about doing a tri, especially after reading about yours, but I’m a terrible swimmer. I took lessons as a kid, but never have to swim, so I’m pretty sure I’m more of a doggy paddler. But I really want to get into cycling, I just feel clueless (and scared) about how to find a bike, costs, etc.

    My Fave eat: I made some delicious chocolate chip cookies.

    My Fave workout: Last Saturday: BodyJam & BodyPump. I’d been laying low with workouts because I pulled a muscle in my back, so that was the first day in almost two months that I was able to do a full body workout!

  8. Erin says

    Perfect! I’ve always wondered how to cut up/eat a mango! and I bought a couple last night so what excellent timing you have!

  9. Katie says

    Love your blog! If you’re interested in getting a group ex cert, check out the AFAA APEX deals in your area in September. It’s $99 for the training/certificate!! They aldo run the deal in February! I did it last year and it’s been great!

  10. Ida says

    I ran a 4.1 miler on the 4th of july and won my age group(gotta love small races). My best eat was a key lime cupcake, it even had a graham cracker crust!

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