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I love polenta so when this Amy’s meal was on sale the other day I snapped it up! It’s no where close to restaurant polenta or the polenta wedges I had at my wedding (!) but I enjoy me some corn-y meal so it worked wlEmoticon winkingsmile2 Tweet tweet tweet TutorialIMG 6650 800x600 thumb Tweet tweet tweet Tutorial

Actually, it just worked as a snack – this has less calories than a Luna bar!IMG 6653 800x600 thumb Tweet tweet tweet Tutorial

So, this means I had plenty of room for dessert…IMG 6659 800x600 thumb Tweet tweet tweet Tutorial

I found this leftover icing in my fridge the other day from when I made my brother cupcakes for his birthday. cupcake time thumb Tweet tweet tweet Tutorial

If the entire cupcakes were at my house I would have eaten them all, but solo icing isn’t as exciting.

Well, until today when I wanted dessert and slathered the icing on the last of the banana muffin tops I massacred on Sunday.

It is hot here. its almost like its summer or something Tweet tweet tweet Tutorial

We’ve been very lucky to have a pretty mild summer up until recently. Okay, okay, it’s awesome here all the time but it has been hot this week. I finally caved and turned on the AC yesterday for an hour and today.

I mostly did it because Vegas was crying about how I was cooking him alive!IMG 6658 800x600 thumb Tweet tweet tweet Tutorial

I received a question for Ask a Monican about a quick Twitter tutorial

Hi Monica!

After being a long time reader I just recently started a blog of my own. I’m quickly realizing that there are many aspects of social media that I have yet to figure out…namely Twitter. There are so many symbols and abbreviations that I have no clue what’s going on or how to properly compose a tweet (RT? #? @?) I was hoping you could do an Ask A Monican with a brief ‘Twitter for dummies’ lesson. I need the must-know basics to help me and anyone else who might be late in jumping on the Twitter bandwagon.



I think it would be easier to just give you a quick blurb here since it’s a visual thing and saying “@” in a vlog might be unclear…image thumb8 Tweet tweet tweet Tutorial

1. You can tweet whatever you want up to 140 characters by just composing it and pressing tweet. That’s all you.

2. If you want to tweet something to a certain person put “@” in front of their twitter handle. Ex. If you want to tweet me you’d put

@RunEatRepeat You’re way too obsessed with watermelon!

*Even if someone does not follow you they can read what people are tweeting to them.

3. #  – is a hashtag. It’s like a hot topic people are talking about (or you can use make them up). If you click on the hashtag you can see all the tweets with those keywords.

Ex. Lately I’ve been tweeting…

I didn’t bonk on my run this morning! #INGClassof2012 <- because that’s the hashtag for the NYC Mary Class of 2012

4. If you “follow” people you see all their tweets in your twitter stream. If they follow you, they can read yours. You can follow anyone on twitter that has an open profile – this includes celebs and fancy peeps! Cool huh.

Question: Got twitter questions? Or insights to share?


  1. Tabatha Rhodes says

    Not Twitter related, but just wanted to say that I made the oatmeal pancakes tonight for dinner and they were great!! I was going to make regular pancakes, but then I realized I had no milk. I didn’t have any flavored oatmeal packs either (grocery store time!) so I just used plain instant oatmeal. Even my kiddos liked them! Way easier than regular pancakes too! Also, I really like seeing your realistic finger nail polish in the picture :)

  2. says

    I was so scared to use hashtags at first! But my #NUUNKTOB #Ragnarrelay teammates thought this was hilarious, and teased me until I gave in and tried it. After about two hashtags I felt better and confident in using them! Twitter is very strange when you’re still getting used to it!

  3. says

    I loved this post! I am comfortable with all kinds of social media, except for twitter! For some reason I just can’t get used to it, especially hashtags! Like when do I use it, when do I not? Do I make up my own or look for others that exist and piggyback off of them? So thank you for your twitter tutorial!

  4. says

    I am so glad you posted this Tweet Tutorial, I just got a Twitter account too and while I am super excited to be on another social network, I really have no idea what the heck I am doing and it can be a little overwhelming lol

    Follow me @SouthGirlRun if you want!!! Love your blog!

  5. says

    My tip is retweets (or RT’s) – you can grab something cool someone else posted and show it to everyone who follows you by retweeting – and it’s also a great way to show love to your favorite tweeters!

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