Flashback Friday–London

Happy Friday! I’ve been busy with my new/old job and trying to keep up with blogging and the gym. I’m going to write an update about how things are going soon.

I didn’t stay up too late watching the Olympics last night = mini-win. But Ben and I did stay up doing an Olympics of our own Winking smile

And by that I mean we were trying to impress each other with dumb human tricks…

I performed the synchronized cat danceme and vegas

and he did the “speed walk your dog in a plastic apron” event…ben and bailey

Side note: I kinda want Ben to shave his beard, but he says it’s his friend. Hoping they’ll become frenemies soon.

Speaking of Ben, he is usually the one who sends me the videos I use for Fun Friday Fideos. Normally they’re something like a panda eating a watermelon or something. But this week’s video is Pregnant Women are Smug. It’s a joke, and I’m sure I’ll be extra smug when I’m pregnant so you can throw this in my face one day:

I used to think Usain Bolt was a little too much in his interview, but he stops an interview for the national anthem (happens to be US, but I’m thinking he would have done it for any country):

Usain Bolt stops interview for anthem

Flashback Friday – in honor of the London Olympics…

The first “big” trip I took with Ben was to Costa Rica and we absolutely fell in love with it and have stuck to traveling to central America since then. But before I met Ben / while I was in college I went to London, Paris and Ireland with my ex-boyfriend.SCAN0258 (800x670)

Watching the news clips of places around London, like Buckingham Palace, had me day dreaming about how awesome that trip was. I would love to go back to Ireland or Paris with Ben, but for now I’ll just go through old pics…buckingham palace

Question: Ever been to Europe? Where’d you go?


  1. Ariel says

    This past March I went to London, Paris and Florence for 13 days. It went way to fast. I plan on going back in 2014 and add on Berlin.

  2. says

    Went on a six week trip to Europe when I was 12 with my family. It was amazing and I’ll never forget it! We visited the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium (but only for a day or so, visited my dad’s old college friend) and France. I would love to see the U.K. and Italy someday.

  3. Steffi says

    I’m from Finland but now living in the US. I’ve been to Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, France, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania and Moldova, with several visits to many of those. It is just so easy to travel between countries there! Like traveling between states here. :)

  4. elise says

    In 2007. My husband now, fiance then went to Italy(Rome & Florence), England (London), France (Paris & Versailles) for 2 weeks. We had an amazing time and can’t wait to go back.

  5. says

    I did the whole study abroad in Europe thing 9 years ago while in my undergrad. It was a humbling experience to say the least. I ended up backpacking for about 6 months and taking classes somewhere in between. BEST.TIME.OF.MY.LIFE. I saw so much of Europe that I didn’t really want to go back for a while and wanted to travel other places. Now I am getting a bit of an itch to go back. Mostly skiing in Switzerland-again.

  6. Karoline says

    My sister just got back from London, a few days before the Olympics started! She was living there for 5 months going to the London School of Tropical Medicine!!

  7. says

    Never been to Europe. Would love to go anywhere, Greece, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Ireland. Most likely if we do make it anywhere it will be Germany, my step-daughter lives there.

    That video was funny (though I could do without the end…) I am too busy being a complete emotional train wreck to be smug yet this pregnancy.

    Ok gotta go cry uncontrollably at my desk….

  8. says

    Garfunkel and Oates are hilarious, love that video!

    I went to Europe for 16 days with my choir group and we went to England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein and Germany. I’d love to go back since we weren’t in any one place for very long. I have much more exploring to do.

  9. says

    The only trip I’ve made to Europe was awesome – Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland. I’m hoping to save enough money to go on another fun trip next year – perhaps Costa Rica?

    Happy Friday!

  10. says

    I was born in Spain, lived in Europe until I was 3. Haven’t been back but I would love to. I love Boston and my friend from England says it’s very much like England..I wonder if I’m so drawn to Boston because it reminds me of Europe? Either way..hope you’re having a great Friday and enjoy your personal Olympics!

  11. says

    Too funny on your pet Olympics! :)

    I great up overseas as a kid and lived in Greece, so when we finally moved to the States, my Dad wanted to make sure we continued to visit Europe. So we went to Italy and also to London, and a few other spots. My husband and I went to Italy on our honeymoon a few years ago and since he’s got relatives he’s never met, we got a chance to spend a couple of days with them along with visiting all the sites that we could cram into in fourteen-hour days. It was a wonderful time and I can’t wait to travel back overseas again!

  12. says

    I went to Europe and Paris for the big 3-0. Now I can’t be stopped, I love Europe and Paris will always be my first European love. If you are still looking for vacation ideas Vienna and Prague are beautiful!

  13. says

    I went to Italy (Rome, Florence, and Venice) for 10 days a few years ago with my sister. It was really, really hot but an amazing experience. I’d love to go back with my husband someday, but the long flight bothers him (wimp).

  14. says

    Last year, my Mom and I went to Paris, Venice, Florence, Siena, and Rome! I also went on a separate trip to London a few years before that too!

    I’ve been BEGGING my boyfriend to go back to Europe. I think I have a Eurotrip planned for every year for the next 5 years. I think I should just move there.

    For now, we are going to Costa Rica this October. :) I’m excited about that too since I’ve never been to Central America.

  15. says

    I lived in Paris for a year when I first got out of college where I majored in French. While I was there I taught English to native French speakers. I learned a lot and am still fluent in French. Would love to do it all again someday.

  16. Corina says

    I just got back from living in Europe for three months with my boyfriend (currently has a job for another year). We lived in Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands and he works in Delft. So we were around there and Amsterdam a lot. But we also traveled to Paris, Berlin, Belgium (Brussels and Brugges) and Luxembourg. Berlin was by far my favorite city to visit!! I highly recommend it! I loved living in the Netherlands though. Den Haag is a great place to visit or live!

  17. kate says

    Cute flashback photos!

    I lived in Greece for a year after I finished college.
    Since then, I’ve just gone on vacations to the normal spots in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
    I’m experiencing some big time wanderlust right now!

  18. says

    I’ve been to Ireland, Paris, Zurich and Spain. I would love to go to Ireland with my husband, and I want to visit Geneva, Bavaria and Sweden.

  19. Lauren says

    I went to London and Dublin last October and ran the Dublin Marathon it was amazing! I have also been to some different places in Italy and Paris. I really want to go to Costa Rica, it looks so pretty.

  20. says

    I studied in Cambridge and missed that place, London and all things British (e.g. Marks & Spencer, Sainsburry, high street brands, English tea, pubs, going down the river etc) loads!!! Also other cities like Amsterdam, Paris, Nice, Milan, Monte Carlo. Aaaarrrrrgghhhhhhhhhhh I have to go back!

  21. says

    I went to Europe when I was 14 for a 21-day trip as a “music ambassador” which really was an excuse to go around and sing in amazing places. We hit 7 countries. Even though I haven’t been back, I still LOVE Europe and would go again in a heartbeat!

  22. Kaycee says

    Looking forward to your update on how things are going with the weight loss challenge and NYC training. I miss some of your old content and tips related to diet and meal ideas. Appreciated the amys review because I’ve not tried many of their products. I can do without sweaty hair fixes and twitter.

      • Kaycee says

        Why in the world would someone give you a hard time about talking about weight?! It is one of your tabs. I read this blog for running and eating ideas and inspiration. I think I’m in the right place… From the title are they thinking it is a blog for tips on dining and dashing? 😉

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