Hills or Tempo

Change of plans, yesterday I was considering moving to Corona (or drinking a Corona – I forget). But last night while eating dinner…IMG_6741 (800x600)

I watched an episode of House Hunters in New Hampshire. It’s so cute there and the houses and lots are massive! So, I decided to move to NH. Then, Ben reminded me it snows there. So, I decided to stay put. The End.image

*Note – Ben and I never eat dinner while watching TV if we’re eating together. We always eat at the table because it’s family time or something like that. But he already ate so I dined with HGTV Smile 

As we were getting into bed Vegas decided he wanted to play. He has a couple of games he loves = invisible ninjas, shoe wrestling and last night he wanted to play “tents”. IMG_6792 (800x533)

He gets under the sheets when we’re making the bed. And we say “Vegas, where are you?” He meows back. IMG_6801 (800x533)

Then we poke at him until he gets mad and bites us. It’s fun for all.

This morning I had a chunk of TJ’s breakfast bars and went for an 8 miler. IMG_6815 (800x533)

Here’s the thing – part of me wants to do a tempo run, but I don’t have a flat route around here (outside of the half mile place I do repeats). The other part of me thinks it’s good to just run a mid-distance hilly route mid-week because NY is hilly. Thoughts?IMG_6826 (800x533)

Post-run rehydration – I had a free coupon for this 8th Continent Soymilk and really like it! It sweetens up my iced coffee perfectly and doesn’t curdle like almond milk. IMG_6828 (533x800)

Post run refuel – egg sandwich.IMG_6830 (800x533)

Question: When was the last time your foot fell asleep?

Because mine is taking a snooze right now…


  1. Grecia says

    Last time my foot fell asleep was last night while getting my novela fix for the evening.
    My problem is that I don’t have hills around me so I have to do them on a treadmill. But I am still too lazy to do tempo runs. Maybe I should get on that….

  2. says

    My foot is asleep right now.
    Ok so I didnt comment on your weight loss post, but seeing the soy milk reminded me of something I wanted to tell you. I have met with a nutritionist and I was gaining weight. She checked my blood type and told me that I need to stay away from soy. Might be something to look at.

  3. says

    I do my tempo runs on all sorts of terrain, mostly hilly! It definitely makes it challenging, but it prepares me more for races where there is a variety of flat/hills. Also, there are approximately zero flat places here in Cville that I can run, so I’m basically given no choice.

  4. Cate says

    I wish I could do tempo runs but I have just one pave – slow! I try and do a tempo run or one at race pace, but it’s all the same for me! :)

    I’m headed out now for two miles. Its been a whike since ive run outdoors (glute injury) Hopefully I won’t die!

  5. sally says

    Mid-distance hilly is perfect training for NYC Marathon! Aside from all the bridges there are lots of ups and downs (literally and figuratively haha) throughout the boroughs and in Central Park. I am so excited i am doing it again this year. I just found out 2 weeks ago!

  6. Cate says

    You can certainly do tempo runs on a hilly route (I do!). It just makes it all the more challenging and fun. Not to mention, tempos really make you strong, so tempos on hills are a great workout for improving strength, speed and endurance. Another option is to do tempos (and mile repeats) on a track. They’re flat as heck. Sure, they can be boring, especially as you get into the 6-7 mile tempos called for in most marathon training plans, but tracks are great for keeping pace- you know immediately if you’re going too slow or too fast and they’re flat, flat, flat. I play mind games for tempos- I count the laps and work backwards. 28 laps to go, 27, 26 . . . in the teens . . . less than a 5K . . . single digits – yeah! . . . 4 measly laps to go . . . two . . . one . . . YAY! Workout done. Cool down time!!

    The important thing is to be mentally tough and know that these workouts are what really count when you’re pushing through that long, long race in NYC! I like to picture everyone around me in a race, and think, “yeah, they didn’t do these workouts, but I did, so I’m stronger.” (whether it’s true or not, it helps me compete and run strong.

  7. Ida says

    I think you should do a tempo run on a course with hills. You aren’t going to be racing on a flat course so there is no reason to train on one. Your pace might be slower but it’s all about the effort and getting your heart rate into that next zone, not hitting a certain mile time.

  8. says

    You could do a tempo on the treadmill and do a hilly medium long run during the week….but a tempo on a hilly course could be a good idea if the NYC course has some hills….I haven’t ever been there, so I don’t know! Right now, I’m doing my tempos on flat courses since my marathon (Kiawah Island) is pancake flat. But if it was a hilly race, I would tempo some hills!

  9. says

    I say stick with SoCal and definitely avoid anywhere that gets snow!
    I don’t think it would hurt to run hills. I think even if a course is flat hills just help you become a stronger runner.
    My foot fell asleep yesterday when I was standing! It had me a little concerned!

  10. says

    Yeah, Corona’s too HOT and the smog is horrible. We almost moved out there because of the UFC gym that or O.C., but we’re happy where were at minus the smog. I love 8th Continent Soymilk….that’s all I drink. It’s as close to milk/dairy as I can get….:/

  11. says

    Hill repeats (for me) involve pushing the puce up the incline so I think embrace the hills and do tempo. I never worry about whether a route is flat when going out for a tempo. Of course, I’m not going to pick the hilliest route but I’m not going to go out of my way to run flat. It’s true your pace might suffer a smidge but your training will be better for training going harder over hills.

  12. says

    Hey I just had a fried egg sandwich for lunch….it was so good…dang, if I was a good blogger and had more time I should have taken a picture of it too. (I cut mine in half and put in on a low carb tortilla then added some green olives, mustard, salsa and a splash of ranch dressing…it was Delish!!)

    Yep…I have one pace….slow….roughly 10 min. miles but I am OK with that. 😉

  13. says

    Nothing about where I live is flat, so I do all my tempo and race pace runs on the hills…so I don’t think lacking a flat place is really a good excuse for not doing them. Doing tempo runs on a hilly route really makes you stronger and more confident to tackle hills in a race. Doesn’t NYC have some big bridges on their course? While you’re training, picture yourself running the race strong and sailing past all the people that didn’t include hills in their training.

  14. says

    I hate doing ’em, but hills are good for you. I trained primarily on flats/treadmill for a half once and it was super hilly. Let me tell you, I was not a happy Quix and I always check the course elevation now so I’m not surprised…

  15. Sandra says

    I would love to understand how you know you are doing a tempo run. I have read about what the objective is, but I can quite say I am doing it. Any thoughts??

    • says

      During a tempo run you are supposed to keep a certain pace based on your goal race distance and your PR pace in another distance. For example, a tempo run while training for a half marathon might be your 10K pace for 3 miles. It varies, but that’s the idea.

      • Sandra says

        Gave this a go on Sunday morning. Was my best 10k run ever. Need to work on what the right goal paces should be, but I was happy with the results and THANKS for the easy explanation!!

  16. says

    Can you do a tempo run on a treadmill at your gym? I live in a pretty hilly area so whenever I want to just zone out at a faster pace I just head to the gym. Plus, you’re held accountable to the pace that you set… as long as you don’t change it!

  17. Candice says

    I usually only comment when there is a give away. However, I want to tell you that I read your blog daily because you are funny, have a great personality and inspire me to run. I am currently healing from a fibula stress fracture (minimalist running shoes on hills). Can’t run until October. I keep reading running blogs though to remind me that I like running even when I can’t. Keep up the great blogging.

    My feet fall asleep at church all the time :)

  18. says

    I was asleep last night or this morning at 1 am…needless to say thats probably why I rolled over at 7 when 8 miles kept knocking on my door. I’m happy for you that you did your entire 8. Boo for my 5 run + 3 walking!

  19. Bethany says

    I grew up in New Hampshire! It’s super cheap there (no sales OR income tax), great for outdoorsy people, and overall I think it’s really beautiful. I love that the houses are spread out and the air is so clean. I live in Hermosa Beach now, but always love going home to NH.

    I have always thought about moving back to New England to raise a family, but that is a long time away for me… So until then, I’m enjoying SoCal and all it has to offer (like comfortable, year-round outdoor running)!

  20. says

    Mines asleep right now, i think bc my shoe is on too tight. Oops.

    And i play the same game with Honey when i make my bed! Cats are so entertaining!

  21. Amy Jo says

    I live in Iowa…..snow is a part of life. Yes, it stinks, but once spring hits, it’s amazing to see everyone chipper up and feel the warm sun after the long winter…..

  22. Allison says

    I use almond milk in my coffee all the time. I’m not sure why it curdles for other people? Unless it’s the brand maybe. I use Silk Unsweetened and have never had a problem.

    • says

      Not sure if you were joking, but… Have you tried alternative ways to tie your shoes? We have a big vein on the top of our feet and sometimes the way we tie our shoes cuts off the flow of blood.

      • Sandra says

        Happens to a gal I run with too, particularly when she loses her form when running. She gets back on her fore foot and it gets things right again. We both think it is a combination of too tight laces and bad form.

  23. says

    My feet were falling asleep last week because I was apparently taking in too much B6 (oopsies).

    I know this isn’t really practical for mid-week runs, but Torrey Pines has some kick ass hills, cooler weather, and beautiful scenery.

  24. says

    I hadn’t checked your blog in about a week, but I was stunned to find so much comment drama had transpired recently!!! :O I guess that is a risk we bloggers take, but I hope you are keeping your head high (as you well should) like the song “Stronger (What doesn’t kill you)”.

    People in this world will like us, other’s won’t, and that’s life. For the record, I love your blog and I think that the courage you have for putting your ‘life’ online is admirable. Keep it up girl!

  25. Kim says

    I live in the lakes region in NH. It’s beautiful here, but you are correct, we do get snow! Winters are fun. Snowshoeing, ice fishing, skiing!

  26. says

    The last time my foot fell asleep is actually from a random/weird reason. I was helping my best friend move into her apartment this past week and we had to put her dining room table together. She put in the screws while I held the legs of the table up to the table itself, and at one point I had one of the table’s legs resting on my ankle to hold it up a bit. Somehow this ended up cutting off the circulation in my foot. Woops!

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