Margarita Monday and Tequila Tuesday

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

Last night Ben and I celebrated Margarita Monday while sitting outside. The SoCal heat is still alive and well and it’s cooler on our patio.IMG 6915 533x800 thumb Margarita Monday and Tequila Tuesday

A rep from Refine Mixers recently sent me three different flavors of their mixers to try. They are a zero calorie mixer sweetened with stevia! Ben cracked open all the flavors over the weekend so I’ve already tasted them all. To say I’m a fan is an understatement.IMG 6920 533x800 thumb Margarita Monday and Tequila Tuesday

We used the margarita mix again last night and I love it! The bad thing about alcohol is the empty calories, but the good thing is that it makes you feel happy even after a horrible day when you got yelled at by your boss and snuck into the restroom at lunch to cry in the bathroom stall.

Anyway, one shot is about 80 calories and the mixers are calorie free. So make it a double and sip the day away.IMG 6917 800x533 thumb Margarita Monday and Tequila Tuesday

Refine Mixers are available nationwide you can check where they are sold here or buy online here.

Run – I set out to do some 800s this morning but during the second one I saw two guys in jogging jeans that really weirded me out so I headed back home the long way for a total of 4.5 miles. (*Not weirded out because of the jeans, but because something seemed “off”.)

Did you know there really is a site called Jogging Jeans that shows pictures of people running in jeans?! I can’t make this stuff up…running in jeans1 thumb Margarita Monday and Tequila Tuesday(source Sean Hutchingson)

i bet they are really nice jeans too Margarita Monday and Tequila Tuesday

Eat – I made a 2 Ingredient Oatmeal Pancake for breakfast.

Someone asked recently if my pancakes were shiny from butter or syrup. I always put syrup on my pancakes. Always. I am not the girl who puts yogurt and berries on her ‘cakes and says that is AH-MAZING!!!!!!!

No, syrup is amazing.IMG 6926 800x533 thumb Margarita Monday and Tequila Tuesday

Lately I’ve been using this Agave Maple syrup blend from TJ’s. I thought it was healthier, but upon further inspection it is not. Just buy the maple.IMG 6930 533x800 thumb Margarita Monday and Tequila Tuesday

Question: Are you going to celebrate Tequila Tuesday today?

Have you ever run in jeans or jorts or something similar?


  1. Rebecca says

    Not in a tequila mood today. It is ok if I celebrate Wine Wednesday a day early instead? I am all about the maple syrup I just wish the real stuff wasn’t so dang expensive.

  2. Kelly says

    Probably will not celebrate Tequila Tuesday…althought it sounds fabulous! Enjoy a drink for me! I wouldn’t run in jeans if you paid me…well, wait…how much would you pay me?

  3. says

    Glad you put in the side note that you turned around because something seemed off, not specifically because of the jeans. I thought for a second that you really weren’t very into your workouts if seeing some folks in jeans was enough to end it.

    And no, I’ve never worked out in jeans. How do people move a sufficient amount? I don’t understand it.

  4. says

    I think that seeing somebody workout in jeans would freak me out too! I would think they are running because they just committed some illegal act, or somebody who did is chasing them. Either way, I don’t want to be there.

  5. Rochelle says

    It makes me really happy that you listened to your instincts and left, if something seems off, it probably is…its not worth it to see if you are wrong

  6. says

    Love your strike out. Stevia mix… hmmm.. will need to try it.
    I love margarita Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, too. ;)

    Glad you listened to your intuition about the joggers.

    And need to try that syrup. I like agave. well, Xagave.

  7. says

    Its funny because I have been reading your blog pretty religiously since it was introduced to my by a friend over a year ago. My best friend who I grew up with started Refine Mixers and it makes me happy that you have such a wonderful review of his product. Thanks for the support! What woman doesn’t love a low calorie drink especially a Marg :)

  8. Kathy R. says

    Sorry to hear about your boss yelling at you and that you went in the bathroom to cry. I get my feelings hurt very easily and I would have cried too.

    Think I’ll look for those mixers, they sound great.

  9. says

    Sadly no tequila for me, not good for the baby – you can have mine! I have seen people in jeans and I just don’t get it, so strange. What is even stranger is the people at the beach in the summer in their jeans and shirts in the water. Please people don’t do this, it’s strange.

  10. says

    I only run in jeans when there is a shoe sale or free beer.
    then watch out sister, 5K pace in denim.

    I freaking LOVE syrup, and LOVE dipping bacon in syrup.
    umm, was that one of those things you never admit to people?
    rewind please. ;-)

    tequila tuesday, starting in 2 hours………..

  11. says

    When I first read your post and saw the picture, I was wondering why you stopped to take a pic of the guy that was giving you the creeps, and how come he didn’t chase after you…then I realized the guy have a race pin on his jogging jeans, ha!

  12. Meg says

    No way (Jose! haha) on the tequila for me. I also tell my clients to avoid alcohol (even with low cal mixers with artificial flavorings) when they’re trying to lose weight. I really think drinking, even a little, encourages snacking or drinking more, and is an unnecessary source of calories. When you’re watching your weight, EVERY little bit counts!

  13. Sarah says

    At my old apartment gym there was a guy running at a pretty high speed in FLIP-FLOPS!

    This was in the dead of winter in Boston.

  14. says

    jogging in jeans? weird for sure….

    Tequila Tuesday sounds wonderful but I am off to a cross country picnic with my daughter where we were asked to bring some drinks but I don’t think tequila is what the coach had in mind….ha!

  15. Emily says

    Monica, personal safety is important, so I’m not trying to shame you here. Unfortunately, it seems like you’ll come up with any excuse to avoid speed work (shady guy, ducks). You’ve been given an amazing opportunity to run a world-class marathon for free and gaining publicity from the sponsors. It seems like you’re throwing that away and not really training very hard for this. You could have easily finished your 800s elsewhere. Have you considered going to a local high school and using their track? Even an empty parking lot in the morning is probably flat enough to use.

    • says

      You’re right, I’m not a fan of speed work but I have been trying, which is more than I could say before. I’ve been running for 7 years and have always avoided doing speed work, but know it’s something I should do to make me better. Before I didn’t even bother so I see some improvement on my end. There aren’t really parking lots half a mile wide, but I will look for a track to stick with it.

  16. says

    I think I will hold out for a drink until Sunday. I plan on doing my long run Friday (8 miles, ya that’s long to me!), working 16 hours Saturday, and enjoying a niceeee drink Sunday by the pool! Woo! …P.s. I have cried multiple times in the bathroom because of mean bosses. At least now I can laugh at that.

  17. says

    Too warm! I can’t even bear to wear jean pants (only jean skirts for me) when I’m here; about the only times I do are when I’m travelling to “cooler”, milder temps, temperate countries and not during summers.

  18. says

    Seriously? You are a girl after my own HEART! I always say “I run to drink” and my favs? Margaritas/tequila and Vodka. Yup. I’ll be around these parts often.

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