Travel Tuesday– Calm Before the Storm

How’s it going?!

Today I ate an early lunch while working so I could meet up with my new BFF Katie for a noon walk. I met Katie through SR who met her through Al Gore via the internet. Or something like that. IMG 5250 thumb Travel Tuesday– Calm Before the Storm

I bought a rotisserie chicken from Costco on Sunday and randomly decided to weigh out 4 oz. for my salad. I underestimated how much 4 oz. of chicken would be and later overestimate 3/4 cup of cereal – but that evens out right?!IMG 6832 600x800 600x800 thumb Travel Tuesday– Calm Before the Storm

Lunch was served with Sweet Potato PopChips – these are good and I love that there are 23 per serving. Plus, I’m pretty sure you can inverse the numbers to 32 per serving and it’s still the same. IMG 6836 800x600 800x600 thumb Travel Tuesday– Calm Before the Storm

IMG 6839 600x800 600x800 thumb Travel Tuesday– Calm Before the Storm

I measured out my amazing Cinnamon Chex cereal as an afternoon snack too. See, as long as you put the measuring cup into the bowl it’s only 1 cup. And as long as you refill the same bowl your body only registers it as 1 bowl of cereal, not 6. It’s science.IMG 6841 800x600 800x600 thumb Travel Tuesday– Calm Before the Storm

The beginning of the year was kinda busy for me with blog events and traveling. I was very happy that July and August have been quiet since I felt like I was running ragged!

But there are a lot of exciting events ahead! This is what my tentative travel schedule looks like for the rest of 2012:

End of Aug/Sept: Trip to Florida to see Ben’s fam

Sept 20-23 : Maryland for Fitbloggin

October: West Virginia for the Sabra Ambassador trip!

November ?-4: New York for the Marathon!

Nov ?: Still need to pin down our annual trip.

December: Back to Florida for Christmas with Ben’s fam

Yes, we still haven’t planned our annual trip partly because there is no one place that I am dying to go (except back to Costa Rica but that’s out).

I’ve been keeping an eye out for Groupon Getaways but again, there hasn’t been one that jumps out to me. Although, I’ve heard Dildo is beautiful in November…image thumb24 Travel Tuesday– Calm Before the Storm

Question: Have you ever weighed or measured your food?


  1. Lisa says

    I read that as “Have you ever weighed or measured your FOOT” and was well into trying to figure out the logistics of weighing just my foot until I figured it out.

    Yes, I have measured my food. It’s not very much fun.

  2. says

    I did weigh/measure my food when I was doing really good with WW and I liked it. Took some time getting used to and it would be hard when I was really hungry and I had to take the time to measure/weigh and record everything and figure out points before I could eat. But once you get a routine down it’s good. Will probably do it again after baby #2 and try to be done with this weight issue for good! Ugh.

    I would weigh/measure stuff and prepare ingredients and snacks in little baggies an right the points value on it. So when I opened my pantry it was just a pile of baggies with points numbers, it helped a lot.

  3. says

    No scale to weigh food around here. I kind of keep in mind the serving size being the size of your fist…so maybe I should find a really big fist and consider that my serving size? ;-)

  4. says

    Fun few months of travels ahead! Ha- I actually think a couple of my colleagues went to dildo when they were in the area for a conference. So funny! I think it’s gorgeous, too, just not in late fall/winter!
    I’ve never weighed my food. There are some things I’d be interested in knowing how many servings I eat though!
    And I still say go to Thailand for your trip!

  5. says

    Looks like some fun travels coming up!

    I am doing the Biggest Loser contest at my gym, so I weigh and measure all of my food. All of it. It’s a huge pain, but I’ve lost 30 pounds since April, so it must be working.

    • says

      I can’t leave a comment on your post, but I can’t believe your little guy is going into middle school – so is my little brother! He’s going into 6th grade, is that the same for you guys though? He doesn’t look that big :)

      • says

        Thanks for checking out my blog – I wonder why you can’t comment. I’ll have to look into it.
        Yes, my son is starting 6th grade. it’s funny that you mention his size, because we just started working with doctors to find out why he’s such a little guy. He is very small, that’s why I am super nervous about middle school – kids aren’t always the nicest.
        Good luck to your brother starting middle school!!

  6. Shannon says

    I am from St. John’s, Newfoundland!! AMAZING city by the way :) but it’s only a few hours from Dildo. You should hear some of the other names of towns around this province.. some include “Come-by-chance”, “Ass hill”, “Billy butts pond”, “Gin Cove” and “Cow Head”…. and that’s only the name a few… haha! Sounds appealing hey?! ha

    • Nik says

      I’m also in SJ, but from around that area (a few minutes from Dildo). It really is beautiful! The people are great, the scenery is gorgeous. Don’t judge a place by it’s name ;)

    • Charmaine says

      Another “newfie” here from St. John’s, NL! Dildo is only one of our claims to fame! Its an awesome place to live (and visit! hint, hint)!If you ever decide to come to NL we could bring you around to all the ‘cool’ places…Hibb’s Hole, Joe Batt’s Arm, Bacon Cove, Back Tickle, etc, etc LOL Honestly though check it out…


  7. says

    So funny. Cracked up reading your post. Totally true about the cereal… its so sad its so addicting! and I always underestimate things like chicken or bananas or nuts. I couldn’t believe how many cashews were 1 oz… like none! I could eat 10 oz… boo for scales sometimes!

  8. says

    I used to measure it, i still do with things like oatmeal and stuff, but for the most part from doing it repetitively back in the day, i can do it by sight now.

    I think you guys should pick a place the old fashioned way like we used to do in school to decide where we’d live… grab a globe, spin it and put your finger on it, where it stops there you go!

  9. Noel says

    My husband and I actually stayed at a fabulous bed and breakfast in Dildo on a trip to Newfoundland. (Not the one in your picture, but the view was similar.) It is a beautiful town with a somewhat unfortunate name.

  10. Hayley says

    Dildo, it’s actually near a little town called comebychance, seriously… I’m from Nova Scotia, another nearby province of Canada. Newfoundland is beautiful, but the naming scheme isn’t bang on haha

  11. s says

    i’ve been measuring my food for years, especially for baking but also for like pasta and oatmeal and other stuff… especially salad dressings, chocolate chips, and (usually) nut butters… me + unquantified amounts of said nut butters can get out of hand pretty quickly….

  12. says

    Nopez, except for overnight oats or when I’m trying out a new dish. Plus I don’t think I can eat the “required” amount as in I’m a small eater and most times, can’t finish everything. Best for me to eyeball.

  13. Monica A. says

    As a WWer, I do weigh and measure my food, although I do sometimes “forget”. Ha! Re the cereal, a WW leader once said “If you measure out a ‘serving’ of cereal and are disappointed when you look in the bowl, you got it right” .

  14. says

    I tend to weigh my food as often as I can…well, as often as is convenient ;) Food is a big issue for me in terms of keeping portions in check and trying to actively lose weight so I try to keep everything as accurate as possible.

  15. Shannon in Tustin says

    First things first: are the Sweet Potato Pop Chips back at Costco?? That looks like a pretty big bag and they are my FAVORITE!!! Please tell me which store you found them? I’m going to buy a whole pallet…but of course pass along a bag to you!

    This post was particularly hilarious…good work. Please go do Dildo…tell us all about what you find there. ;)

    Hate measuring my food. It’s a total drag. If I’m super hungry and start noshing on something, I’ll usually serve myself some normal amount and put the rest away.

    Happy Wednesday!

  16. Leigh says

    I’m also from Nova Scotia, nut my family is from NFLD. I honestly recommend visiting both maritime provinces! I’m biased though! :)

    Ps NFLD from Nov-Mar can be cold, but beautiful regardless. Especially in the winter with the icebergs!

  17. Leigh says

    I’m also from Nova Scotia, but my family is from NFLD. I honestly recommend visiting both maritime provinces! I’m biased though! :)

    Ps NFLD from Nov-Mar can be cold, but beautiful regardless. Especially in the winter with the icebergs!

  18. says

    hahahaha omg I love your way of thinking with the measuring! LOL! Those cinnamon chex are addicting!! I measure everything I eat.. not even to lose weight, just because I have horrible OCD

  19. mary-kate says

    haha, your measuring reminds me of cher in clueless, telling dionne that “if you cut it this way, it’s less calories.” i feel ya, though. my husband is super impressed with the amount of ice cream i can fit in a half-cup measure or peanut butter in a tablespoon. hey, it’s still less than if i were just going for the whole container, right?

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