Monica Tax

Hello! I just got home from my mom’s and wanted to do a quick check in Smile

After breakfast I drove down to work from my mom’s house. We don’t leave my little brother alone just yet, but he doesn’t really require a sitter. I was just there as a “responsible adult”, in theory at least.

My brother’s GF gave me this mug. Apparently she thinks I need to calm the heck down. Thanks Heather! IMG_6961 (600x800)

My mom stocked the fridge for my arrival and had a big container of tuna made plus tons of veggies. Since my little bro doesn’t love pickles I thought the tuna needed more pickleyness. I think SR is onto something with her pickled salad toppings. I’m a fan.IMG_6969 (600x800)

If I watch your kid, I eat your watermelon. Monica tax!IMG_6971 (800x600)

I also checked in with my dad’s pumpkin patch. I asked him to plant me some pumpkins and they are thriving!!!IMG_6978 (800x600)

I’m already excited for Fall because of this…IMG_6986 (800x600)

The dogs eat our avocados, hope they don’t get into the pumpkin patch because then we’d have two dogs for sale.IMG_6984 (800x600)

When my mom got home we walked the perros, I finished up a freelance article and talked to the pumpkin patch to encourage it to grow. I was so productive today!!! Go Me!

Then, I headed home…

Well, first I stopped at my favorite nail place to get minty Winking smile


I also taxed my mom a few Werther’s butterscotch candies. These are amazing and perfect for the drive.IMG_6991 (800x600)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t tax my mom any avocados because she didn’t have any ripe ones. Fail of America Mexico.

But my craving was relentless and I stopped on the way home. Ahhhh. So good.IMG_6995 (800x600)

My final tax of the night was a sip of Ben’s banana chocolate chip shake from Carl’s Jr. It’s not good, tastes like fake naner. Now you know.

See ya later!


  1. says

    Oh man, if I got paid for walking around the house and looking in the fridge I’d be a rich woman. LOL. Loving the minty nails friend! :) And now I want pickles on a salad. Thank you?

  2. says

    I need to be able to grow avocados in our back yard!! boo!! When I lived in Minnesota, our uncle always grew pumpkins for us to sell in our front yard. We made BANK!!!

  3. says

    My husbands parents grow us pumpkins! I love being able to carve some at their place and then go to the patch near our home. I love your nail polish too!

  4. Tia says

    I always slice dill pickles super fine and mix it with my Tuna. My hubby had never tried it before and now everytime I make Tuna he makes sure it has the pickles 😉 Delicious!

  5. Heather says

    You know, I never thought to ask this…are you a full-time blogger? I need to get paid to pace around and watch soaps.

  6. says

    fake banana flavoring is the absolute worst…I can do almost any other fake flavor, love me some artificial grape and blue reasberry

  7. says

    I really wanted to plant pumpkins this year in my garden and paint them for Halloween; but I didn’t! I planted watermelons that were eaten, it’s okay I share the wealth with rabbits/raccoons/squirels/groundhogs. Love the minty color on your nails!

  8. lauren says

    Generally I see people wear their rings opposite, put on the band first and then the engagement ring. Any reason you wear yours the way you do?

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