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Hello! How was your weekend?

Mine is slowly winding down and I’m on the couch watching #RHONJ with some dark chocolate. Overall, I’m going to give the weekend an “A” for awesomely hot.

Luckily, my Sunday Set Up cleaning spree led me to something hidden in the depths of my freezer – I have one more Adonia Greek FroYo from my special delivery in June! Clearly key lime isn’t my favorite flavor or I would not have lost track of it.IMG_7730 (800x533)

I also came across this special golf ball while I was going through some stuff in my closet. Any guesses on where it’s from?IMG_7690 (800x533)

I was on a mission to stay productive today and crossed off 75% of my To Do list. Good enough for me (obviously someone is not “type A” up in RERland)! Guilty as charged.

Aaand Ben made dinner while I hit up TJ’s for a few essentials we need for tomorrow. Sadly, before we met he cooked all the time but I slowly worked myself into the job of full time cook of our fam. Well, I’m so busy this isn’t working and he’s starting to cook more. I gave him instructions on this, but he executed it perfect – sweet potatoes, green beans and tilapia. Amazing meal.IMG_7743 (800x533)

Dark chocolate for dessert…

IMG_7746 (800x533)

Search Me Sunday

The internet searches that brought unsuspecting visitors to Run Eat Repeat this week:

i get so so hot when i run – Me too.

“elote man passed out”  – I bet he was running in this heat.

“chubby mexican girls” – We might be chubby, but at least we don’t have…

“red spots on my right balls” <- yes, that search landed someone here.

“is that a dildo” if you have to ask you’re doing it wrong

“what goes good with crab cakes, brussel sprouts, and mashed potatoes” – Wine and me!

what does an overcooked white cake look like”  – I’m guessing burnt.

“sorry i’m loud” – I’m not.

“california state law when is it too hot to run” – Yeah, um this is NOT a law but you might end up like the elote man if you’re not careful!

“taking off clothes for shower” – Yes, please do that.

“wine vending machines” – Is this a thing?! Please say it’s a real thing…

Question: What’s your favorite search? Which one are you most likely to have done?!


  1. Gretchen says

    Wine vending machines are, indeed, real. Limited market though – I think. I saw them on some kind of crazy hgtv show.

  2. kate says

    I often wonder what is in the depths of my freezer…then I get distracted by the cartons of my husbands Ben & Jerry’s that I eat with my fingers (be careful—frostbite!)

    Have you tried that new Healthy Choice frozen yogurt that comes in the square carton? I am skeptical.

  3. says

    HA those searches are hilarious! I’m always amazed at how people find my site on google too. I then google the terms to see if my site pops up and I can never find it, so I have no idea what people are doing to find it.

    I’d say of all those, my favorite search was the red spots on my right balls. Ridiculous.

  4. says

    Hahaha this is so funny you posted those because I actually looked at mine today too and I saw the weirdest one…

    “Pictures of white girls hiking”…um, excuse me? So random! Yours are way funnier though, but it’s hilarious that those searches can bring people to our sites!

  5. Karen says

    I figured you would enjoy this… I work as a second shooter doing wedding photography and last Saturday I shot at the Brownstone. Of course the photographer and I were all giddy looking for Albert and maybe even Christopher. During the cocktail hour, I saw some pierogies and walked over obliviously and asked the server if they had bacon in them all while looking at them to see if there was indeed meat. When I looked up for the answer, there was Albert! Serving up pierogies!! I just gawked like an idiot and ran to tell the photographer. We looked for him the rest of the night to get a pic with him but only saw him once in passing and unfortunately we were busy working with the bride and groom. Too funny. Naturally, I thought of you.

  6. says

    The best searches I have had this past week were:
    “glow boobs”
    “who’s the tranny at south station bookstore”
    “is a bag of skittles bad before a workout”
    “embarassing butt check at airport”

    Those always make my day:)

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