Rotta Port Wine

How’s your week going? I kinda feel like it’s speeding by!

Mid-morning I stalled lunch hunger pangs with a handful of cashews. You’ve seen them before Smile

Lunch – I may turn into an egg soon because I cannot get enough of them lately! I made egg salad for lunch and paired it with tons of Sabra hummus and snap peas.egg salad

Then, I was on a conference call when the Cabot fairy delivered some food. The company sent me two of their new light cheeses. cabot sharp extra light

I’m digging the nutrition stats and ingredients:

cabot cheese nutrition facts IMG_7919 (800x600)

I opened the extra sharp one first. It wasn’t as sharp as I’d like, but it was good. I’m excited about the jalapeno flavor too!cheese on a triscuit

After work I did my usual unwind walk and rewarded myself with a bucket o’Sonic. I have a new order = half Sprite zero, half unsweetened tea with lime. Half the fake sugar, all the fun!sonic route 44

Winner of the Adora disks giveaway: Carly Swanson – please email me your contact info to runeatrepeat at gmailimage

Dinner – Since I’m still playing catch up with all the emails I got behind on when I was at Fitbloggin Ben made dinner and now we’re enjoying dessert on the couch.  We opened a bottle of port from my favorite winery in Paso Robles, Rotta.

 rotta port wine

In other news, I am finalizing my travel arrangements for the New York Marathon and am kinda freaking out! I don’t feel ready at all and it’s only 38 days away!! I don’t have a time goal, but I am super nervous about it. Marathons are really hard for me and I haven’t ran one since October of last year (Long Beach). That race wrecked my body and my confidence. I think I’m going to run a practice race to get some jitters out. I don’t have that long to figure it out!

Is it bad that when I drink wine I physically feel all the tension in my neck ache? Seriously. That’s a real question.

Want to read something messed up?

(Because of the drought) Cow are now being fed junk food like ice cream sprinkles to maintain herds. 


Bring on the wine!


  1. Ida says

    my 2nd marathon was a disaster and i didn’t run another one for 4 years. Then I did nike women’s for fun and had a wonderful experience. I think so much of a marathon is mental. If you just decide to take it easy and enjoy the course I’m sure you’ll come away from NYC feeling mentally and physically great. doing another full less than a month out seems risky to me….

  2. says

    Wait, 38 days? I’ve been counting weeks, and in days it sounds even closer. My nerves have been a wreck for months for NYC. I know I CAN do it, but every long run I do gets my nerves going. I just want to calm enough to enjoy it and not be a F R E A K. :)

  3. Kate says

    The NYC is so incredible and exhilarating your nerves will melt away as soon as you see the Statue of Liberty from the Verazano Bridge! I’ll be running it for the second time! Look for my family giving out Reese’s PB Cups on the last bridge in the Bonx!

  4. says

    Don’t fret about the race; just enjoy NY – you’ll be spending more time shopping, eating, meeting up, expo-ing etc rather than running. Trust your training – it’ll come together nicely when you toe the start line.

  5. says

    Oh I bet you’ll do awesome. Don’t let it get to you, then it takes all the fun out of running and the experience of the NYC Marathon. No idea about the wine question, I’d think it should be the other way around…wine = no more tention. :/ That’s one crazy cow comment. Ha ha!

  6. christi says

    If you don’t have a time goal (which is hard in NYC anyway) then treat the marathon like a big sight-seeing party! I agree with the other posters who said that the nerves melt away at the site of the Statue of Liberty and the Verazzano Bridge. The whole experience is amazing and it would be a lot of fun to settle into it for the ride without putting any pressure on yourself. Enjoy the crowds, sounds, sights – and see if you can treat it like a party instead of a marathon! It could be the perfect antidote to your last race experience…No practice race necessary. :-)

  7. says

    Ugh don’t tell me about delicious light cheese… I have no portion control ability with cheese. I see this becoming a huge problem.

    Also, you can do it (the marathon!) Seriously, you’ll be great. I’ve never run one, but I hear time and time again that a huge part of it is the mental barrier; just believe in yourself! You’re obviously already in great shape.

  8. says

    38 days still gives you some time. Maybe have SR or someone do a nice long “practice” 26 miler with you. It is much easier to do something like that with someone by your side. Or maybe Ben on a bike. Or maybe a few back to backs like an 18 or 20 on Saturday and 8 or 10 on Sunday. You can pull it together and I am sure the hype of NYC helps get you to that finish line, it’s going to be amazing!!!

  9. says

    Light sharp cheddar? Yes please! I may have to go hunting for that cheese now. Though is it weird that I would totally prefer it to be that unnatural orange color?

  10. says

    Don’t fret over the NYC marathon. You’ll have a wonderful time. I ran it back in 2006 and the excitement of it all relaxed me and helped me finish the race. I am running it for the 2nd time this year, six years later, and I know it’s going to give me the same excitement it did all that time ago and hopefully make it a little easier to run on my six year older body. Just remember to enjoy and soak it all up!

  11. Nicole says

    I am so unprepared for Long Beach in 11 days….so unprepared. I’ll do like one of your readers suggested and turn it into a big sightseeing tour.

  12. says

    Wow – it’s close for sure. I live in NYC and am starting to freak out…this will be my first marathon ever, and I’m scared about 8 million things…not to mention my first 20 miles this coming weekend. Eek!

  13. TeresaD says

    You can totally do the marathon!

    Re: wine- have you had organic? Do you feel the same way?Maybe try and see if there’s a difference. I get migraines from artificial sulfites in wine- my face tingles and my neck gets all bunchy first. The organic wines have natural sulfites that don’t cause the same reaction.

  14. says

    This post makes me happy = wine, cheese, & marathons! I’m getting jazzed about the NYC marathon too- just looked up my start time yesterday & need to start getting organized. Have hotel & airfare, but need to think about all the other details!

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