Sabra Hummus Heaven

I was in Hummus Heaven today, but let’s start from the beginning…monica loves hummus

This morning the fancy van was back to pick up all the Sabra Tastemakers for our day at the factory.IMG_8313 (800x533)

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was excited (to eat hummus).sabra factory

Breakfast was set out for us from Panera. I sat right in front of the pastries, but opted for a bowl of oatmeal with the most delicious granola and fruit.IMG_8316 (800x533)

I went back for some more granola and grapes after this Smilepanera oatmeal

We ate while two of the Sabra employees talked about the brand’s marketing and nutrition approach. It was really interesting! Only 14% of households in the US buy Sabra hummus right now. I am the 14% percent.IMG_8327 (800x533)

Debra and the Professor from Smith Bites put on a short food photography info session for us. IMG_8332 (533x800)

Did you know overcast days are great for taking pictures? window

This is because they don’t cast shadows or hard light on one piece of your subject.

We talked about lighting, plating and tethering. IMG_8340 (800x533)

Food Photography Tips:

Use natural light when possible

Use smallish plates for your food photos. This makes it easier to capture and move around if you need to seek out better light.

A small white board is a low cost option to help bounce shadows.

Tethering your camera to your computer allows you to see the picture better right away and make adjustments. This is kinda fancy, but cuts down on editing on the other end.

Don’t eat the props. (Okay, I just made that one up.)IMG_8343 (800x533)

After our food photo session it was the moment I had been waiting for… TIME TO EAT HUMMUS!

sabra hummus

Sabra’s CEO of foodology had us taste their original hummus fresh off the line (just made) and one that was made a few weeks ago. It’s so weird but they tasted different! I think the ‘older’ one (relative) was better and the flavors were more developed. IMG_8356 (800x533)

She says she starts eating hummus everyday at 8:30am (they sample each batch). How do I get that job?!IMG_8358 (800x533)

We had EVERY option of hummus, salsa, dip and a few recipes that used hummus to eat. There were flavors I knew were out, but not at my local store and ones I hadn’t heard of! It really was hummus Heaven. hummus heaven

I was very excited to try their new-to-me guacamole and veggie dip. Truthfully, I wasn’t in love with the guac, but I am a very harsh critic (um, my mom has two avocado trees and I’m Mexican) so I’ll cut them some slack on that. sabra guacamole

I wasn’t expecting to like the veggie dip, but I did!sabra veggie dipsabra eggplant

I also got to try their seasonal flavor – Rosemary. I think this one is tied with the Asian Fusion as my new favorite! Loved it. I also suggested they made a pumpkin hummus for their seasonal flavor next year – you guys have to back me up on this one in the comments so they try it.sabra rosemary hummus

After some tasting I made a plate of food for lunch.lunch at sabra

The chef made two desserts with Sabra Classic Hummus – a chocolate truffle and chocolate caramel pastry. The phyllo dough one had coconut and I’m usually  not a fan, but I loved it!hummus desserthummus dessert trufflechocolate hummus

After our delicious meal we went on a tour of the Sabra factory, but first we had to get suited up!IMG_8385 (800x533)IMG_8396 (800x533)

(We put hairnets on and had to take off ALL jewelry before actually going inside.)

There were no pictures allowed in the factory, so you’ll have to take my word on it when I tell you that it smelled like mustard at one point and I saw a bunch of 2,000 bags of chickpeas that I considered stuffing into my suitcase.IMG_8393 (533x800)

The day ended with a presentation from Heather of Spice Station.IMG_8398 (800x533)IMG_8405 (800x533)IMG_8402 (800x533)

We even got a great pack of different spices that I can’t wait to use. (Note: Those caused a little controversy at the security line of the airport, but it was funny.)IMG_8411 (800x533)

Sadly, that ended our day at Sabra and we had to say good-bye.IMG_8414 (800x533)

Even sadder, I didn’t think to stuff my purse with a container of Rosemary hummus so I had to buy crappy airport food for dinner. Obviously, I needed the dark chocolate to console myself. IMG_8420 (600x800)IMG_8418 (600x800)

Now I’m blogging in the air on the way home. I had an absolute blast! I have been in love with Sabra’s hummus for years (now it’s the only kind I buy).  I am very grateful for this opportunity. IMG_8391 (533x800)

I also got to meet some amazing bloggers that are super cute and fun and know a lot more than me about cooking and fashion and life. We didn’t take a group picture, but check out the blogs of the other Sabra Tastemakers if you have some time:

Question: What’s your favorite flavor of hummus?


  1. says

    Ha! Favorite flavor? I am obviously one of those in the “other” percent that has never bought the stuff…although, now I am curious.

    Nice yellow shoes with that outfit too…love it!

  2. Marisa says

    Majorly jealous of your trip! Sabra hummus is the only brand that I like – the rest always taste “off” to me. I love the roasted garlic and the pine nut flavors most.

  3. says

    Ummm yummmm I’m also one of the 14% of households! I love their hummus and salsa. I’m not sure I’ve ever had their guac. Cute outfit for the factory. I’ve toured a Kraft plant before and my outfit was similar, more function than fashion. Thanks for sharing the tour.

  4. says

    I’m the 14% And roasted red pepper forever owns my heart!
    Ok, actually I’m lying, I love the pesto and the sundried tomato too. I was just at the store today too, I should have bought some Sabra!

  5. says

    I’m a loyalist. The guy at our farmer’s market makes the best artichoke hummus, and since I’m insane(-ly loyal???), I stick with that. Why try something new?

  6. says

    I’ve been eating sabra hummus regularly for years though I pick up other brands from time to time. The roasted garlic and sundried tomato flavors are my faves! I would love to have tried the chocolate caramel pastry…is there a recipe for that :)

  7. says

    What? Only 14%? I am definitely contributing to that statistic. I’ve tried just about every other brand of hummus and nothing compares to Sabra. Now let’s just convince them to make a pumpkin flavor and I’m sure we can raise that percentage FAST! :)

  8. says

    Hi! You are sooo lucky! I love hummus! During the fall semester of last year, lived off carrots and hummus (it was the best!). Mother’s Market has a Cilantro Jalapeno hummus that tastes AMAZING! I literally have purchased 1/2 lb of it and it is gone by the next day. Soooo good!

  9. says

    I loved the new Asian Fusion and Rosemary flavors too. I hope we get the Asian Fusion in our local stores soon – if not, at least I know where I can go find some. :)

    So great to see you and catch up lady!!

    Pumpkin Pie hummus would be amazing!!!

  10. Sarah says

    numero uno–You in the yellow sweater is way too cute :)
    numero dos–I think we would be friends in real life…

    that is all.

  11. Nicole says

    I went to the farmers market in Hillcrest this past weekend and the hummus/pasta/sauce table had pumpkin hummus. The consistency and flavor was just like pumpkin pie. I eat mine on veggies so it wierded me out a little, but I seriously think youd love it :)

  12. says

    I really like Sabras spicy flavor! Super delish. How funny is it that you were causing problems on the way out and the way in the airport with your food!?

  13. says

    We only get the plain/original variety in the supermarts here; I guess it’s too small a market for them to bring in more varieties.

    BTW, if 14% buys Sabra, what about the rest of the population? What other brand names are there?

  14. says

    I am the 14% too! Love that stuff, we get the singles at Costco. At one point they switched and used another brand for their singles packs, but they are back to Sabra now and we are happy.

  15. Candice says

    I really like hummus and after seeing you mention a while back that Sabra was the “best” I started paying attention to the different brands I like. Sprouts Artichoke is my all time fav but you can only get it locally in OC. As far as national brands you’re right! Sabra is the best and now the only one I buy!!

  16. says

    What a cool opportunity! I’m surprised at the 14%…I love Sabra! I recently blog about a Hummus+Arugula Tortilla wrap recipe I’ve been eating almost daily. I never get sick of hummus!

    PS. Where did you get that star top?? So cute.

  17. Suzanne says

    I love Sabra and the Supremely Spicy is my favorite! I have never seen the Rosemary flavor around here but I LOVE rosemary so I really want some!!

  18. April says

    Pumpkin Hummus?!?! Oh YES, Please and Thank you! Pumpkin is Heaven’s spice I’m sure of it! I am on a pumpkin eating frenzy! I have been on the look out for some pumpkin yogurt and have yet to discover it..Rumor has it TJ’s is the place to be for this! I have eaten pumpkin oatmeal, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin swirl bread, drank pumpkin lattes, pumpkin coffee creamer…I even put pumpkin creamer in my green smoothie (made with spinach) and it ROCKED! I am a firm believer that pumpkin only adds deliciousness to anything! Why this is only around part of the year I will never understand! So go ahead Sabra, Rock it out with the pumpkin! :)

  19. says

    I love Sabra, pinenut hummus is my favorite! I had no idea they have guacamole or veggie dip, awesome! I will have to look for that in the stores next time I am out!

  20. says

    Fun! Favorite is roasted pine nut Sabra. I’m eating veggies and Sabra right now.
    That Spanish eggplant product looks really good – was it a dip or a topper?

  21. says

    I love Sabra hummus, and all the flavors make sure I don’t get bored. I find hummus and some sort of cracker a perfect afternoon snack. Looks like your trip was fun and informative. Kewl. Have a great day. ^_^

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