Giveaway: Borelli Active Scarf

I made it home!

It was a long day, but I finally got home around 11pm last night. I ended up grabbing a bar and drink from the airport in Dallas, but still felt a little hungry (probably just tired) when I got home and had a few handfuls of trail mix before calling it a night. I do not get a gold star on my “No Nighttime Eating” calendar for yesterday. IMG_8429 (800x600)

When I got to the airport in Richmond I changed into sneakers and leggings for comfort. And since planes tend to be cold, I put on this new scarf the nice people at Borelli sent me. Borelli Active Scarf

It’s actually an “active” scarf that:

  • Has SPF 20
  • Wicks away sweat
  • Anti-stink
  • Made in America!Borelli Active Scarf Giveaway

I ended up wrapping myself up with it on the second leg of my journey when I started falling asleep.Borelli Active Scarf Giveaway

They’re kinda a big deal because Kerri Walsh wore them at the London Olympics this summer! image

This morning I woke up, stole a bite of Ben’s bagel and then attempted some speed repeats. They weren’t the best, but I get an “E” for effort.

Then I got a B for breakfast…breakfast


Borelli is giving one Active Scarf in Ruby to an RER reader. (Ruby is the color below and the one I’m wearing. It’s more of a pink than a red and I like it.)image

To Enter answer the question:

Is it scarf weather where you are?

Open to residents of the US. Contest closes 10/17/2012 at 8am PST. All opinions are my own.


  1. Kristen says

    It’s certainly scarf weather here in Western New York! And I only own two “fall” scarves…mostly wintery ones!

  2. Dynamics says

    Not scarf weather yet but I am sure it will be here soon. Can you believe this year is coming to an end so quickly.

  3. Lisa says

    I NEED this scarf! In NYC where I live it tends to be VERY windy on the water during the winter. I was just saying yesterday that they should make a sweat absorbing scarf that wont make me sweat my butt off!!

  4. TJ says

    It’s always scarf weather for me! It really has nothing to do with weather, has more to do with how lazy I am about putting an outfit together…

  5. Sarah F says

    It’s always scarf weather in my building – no matter what the temperature is outside!!! :):) But here in IN it’s definitely scarf-time.

  6. Pam Moulton says

    Here in Utah it is definitely scarf weather!

    Your trip to Sabra is a dream trip IMO! I’m so very jealous.

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

  7. says

    It is scarf weather. It is so much scarf weather that after my last long run Saturday, I was so cold that I spend a half hour under a steaming hot shower. And today? I forgot my scarf. In wonderful scarf weather. In NYC. Sigh.

  8. Kaitlin says

    Maryland weather is so up and down, so there have definitely been some scarf days!! After this weekend it should definitely be scarf weather and I’m pumped :)

  9. says

    We’re so close to scarf weather I can almost taste it! : ) Getting more and more excited the further the temps drop. However check with me in January to see if I am still excited.

  10. tracy manley says

    So, I live in Las Vegas were it is not quite scarf weather yet… I am always hopeful that it gets here soooonnnn….

  11. Rebecca says

    I’m in San Diego so it’s not scarf weather yet. It was last week and then it disappeared. But i have faith it will come 😉

  12. Des says

    NC weather is weird. It’s scarf weather one day and not the next… although I think we’re getting into the cooler temperatures more consistently now… finally!

  13. Rachel C. says

    Some days have been chilly enough for a scarf here but I don’t like the cold so anything below 75 is chilly to me!

  14. Samantha says

    It is not scarf weather where I’m at, to me that is! I’m in Texas and we have a cool front coming in this week… 80 degrees is the high that is! You would be suprised how many people wear scarfs here when its that ‘cool’ :)

  15. says

    In northern Minnesota, it is practically ALWAYS scarf weather! But now especially because winter coats haven’t come out yet, but the days are certainly getting chillier and you need a little extra something.

  16. Carol Landry says

    Sadly, no it’s not scarf weather. I live south Louisiana and we get about 2 months of cold weather a year. I’d love that scarf for January and February, though!

  17. Jenny says

    Here in Tulsa, we’re not quite there yet (at least not consistently; it made it into the 40s for my very first 5k last weekend, but has warmed up since then).

  18. says

    YES! i am in VA and it is definitely scarf weather! This is my first time dealing with cold weather with no hair! I had no idea how warm it keeps you. I need a new jacket, gloves, hat and a scarf.

    I even need cold weather running hats. I was a big fan of the ear warmers but I can’t use mine anymore:-(

  19. Lindsey A. says

    I wish it was scarf weather in OK already, but no, still in the 80’s. There’s hope for next week, though! I love the color of this scarf, so pretty!

  20. says

    It’s definitely NOT scarf weather in Texas! I moved here a couple of months ago from Alabama and cannot wait until it’s cool enough for scarves!

  21. Alison says

    Sadly it’s been scarf weather for a while already. I really could have used this scarf on Oct. 6th for a race I ran in St. Paul, MN… it was 28 degrees!! I did learn that cold weather =running faster to keep warm!

  22. Jessica says

    It is most *definitely* scarf weather here in sunny New Jersey! I love throwing on a different scarf every day this time of year to go with whatever outfit I’m wearing at work. I also just got my first tattoo on the back of my neck last week, and scarves are so much easier on the sensitive skin back there than my heavy coat, so a new fun scarf would be great! :)

  23. Melissa says

    It was definately scarf weather this past weekend in MA. I ran my 2nd marathon in Hartford and the start was 30 degrees!! Although, right now its gusty in the low 60’s but I would still wear the scarf!

  24. Ashley says

    Its scarf weather in the morning here-around 45, but in the afternoons its in the high 70s so the scarf has got to go!

  25. Sarah G. says

    It is scarf weather here in Philadelphia! Love it! I love the idea of an active scarf, I’ve never heard of that before! :)

  26. MarloF says

    It’s not quite scarf weather, since it’s been a bit crazy. 80s in the day and cool at night … I love scarves though! I wear them inside work, which I call the cave at the end of a wind tunnel.

  27. Lisa says

    It is scarf weather here in Rochester, NY! And I love it, scarf weather is my very favorite time if the year for working out, playing with my kids (and dogs), for EVERYTHING!!!

  28. Erin says

    it’s totally turning into scarf weather! But considering I live in Wisconsin and it gets WAAAAY colder than this, I’m trying to hold off a little longer!

  29. Bethany says

    Most of my scarves are Summer scarves, so I wear them all year. And I live in Texas, so that is saying a lot! So… Yes! It does happen to be scarf weather!

  30. TiffanyS says

    I live in Minnesota, so it is definitely that time of year here. I ‘ve been wearing one with my coat and hat for walks for a couple weeks. I wore one with my work outfit yesterday too. That color is so pretty!

  31. says

    I’m personally a fan of scarf wearing year round. But ESPECIALLY now when the weather is getting chilly. Pull that scarf up, hide your fingers in your cable knit sweater, cross your legging-encased legs……..I LOVE FALL!!

  32. Katie says

    Def scarf weather here in NYC. Since I only seem to wear black from Oct-March this pink scarf would be a nice change.

  33. Liz says

    I’m in Buffalo, NY…Saturday it was 26 degrees when I left my house at 7:20 am for my long run! So yes, it IS scarf weather here. *although the forecast for tomorrow is 72 degrees. Furnace on one day, windows open the next!

  34. Denise P. says

    It was looking like it was going to be scarf weather but its back up in the upper 90’s for the rest of the week.

    The Borrelli looks great for traveling and even hanging out in the car before a race on a chilly morning.

  35. Katelyn A says

    Since I live in Florida, it’s technically NOT scarf weather…but I love scarves, I’m considering moving to somewhere colder just to get more use out of my winter wardrobe :)

  36. Charliss says

    This is awesome! It’s definitely getting to scarf weather. I’m not looking forward to it, but what can you do.

  37. Zana says

    Still hot and humid outside, not really scarf where here, but is sure cold is in my office building. I have a space heater on, but rather have the Borelli Active Scarf on instead ;)!

  38. lauren says

    Anytime after October 1 is scarf weather as far as I’m concerned! As a Texan you wear them whenever you can, whether its actually cold or not!

  39. Autumn Rae says

    Yes, it is most definitely scarf weather here in Pittsburgh PA. It is starting to get very very chilly at night :/

  40. Sonia says

    YES!! It is scarf weather in MY opinion… I live in Kansas City… I’ve seen a few other ppl wearing scarves… but i’m just really sensitive to coldness… AND I just look for any excuse to wear scarves just because I think they’re soooo fun!! :)

  41. Sameera says

    OMG that scarf is great! I’m a Muslim and it will serve as a great Hijab [head covering] ( specially if it wicks away sweat!) Love the color too! Only minus= Im in Canada :(

  42. marie says

    I’m in the New Orleans area. It was scarf weather when I left the house at 5:15 this morning, but it’s warmed up since then.

  43. Kristina m says

    I’m in southern Cali and right now and its somewhere in the high 80’s I really wish it was colder weather for a scarf and boots I can’t wait for winter!

  44. april says

    it is definitely not scarf weather here yet (90 something degrees today in pasadena!), but i’m excited for scarf weather…whenever that will be =)

  45. says

    It depends on the day. Today is hell hot for santa barbara but this weekend its supposed to be scarf weather. So I pretty much need it, you know, for the weekend.

  46. Samantha says

    That scarf sounds awesome!

    And yes, it is scarf season where I am! I apparently have even started leaving my scarves places already… I can’t keep track of anything!

  47. Sara W says

    It is DEFINITELY scarf weather here in Cleveland, OH! The weather here has been so weird…it’s 50 today and is supposed to be 70 tomorrow! Then back to 50 on Thursday! I have a rotation of heavy, light, fashionable scarves that I wear on any given day. :) I would love to add this one!

  48. April says

    Yes ma’am! I live in good ol’ East TN and it is perfect fall weather here. Would be snazzy to have the scarf to keep me warm after a long cold run in the woods!

  49. says

    As a fellow Southern Californian, nope, it is NOT scarf weather! But as a native, all it needs to do is dip below 70 degrees and I’ll be ready to bundle up! :)

  50. Kaylie says

    Definitely scarf weather in Indianapolis, IN! :-)

    Peak “leaf-color” weekend is this weekend too, perfect for my half-marathon in a state park on Saturday!

  51. Maggie says

    Cute scarf! Today in Minneapolis its 70 degrees! but thats for sure an exception, its been pretty chilly already this October.

  52. says

    It is absolutely scarf weather over here in DC! I have scarves in all sorts of different colors, but not like this one! I’ve also never owned an “athletic” scarf, so I would be curious to see the difference.

  53. Candice says

    I just moved from the OC to Chicago and it is definitely scarf weather. I love the Fall here. Leggings, boots and scarves are the “uniform” here for women and it is so easy and cute!

  54. Ashley G says

    It’s not winter scarf weather in Chandler, Arizona, but I guarantee it’s active scarf weather. Particularly in the mornings after my runs!

  55. maggie says

    It is definitely scarf weather here in misssouri. Even though it is 78 today, by friday it is only suppose to be a high of 50. Plus you can rock a scarf in any weather :)

  56. Tricia says

    I’m in MD. It’s fashion scarf weather, since it’s not too cold yet, but I will be wearing mine to stay warm soon enough!

  57. Meghan says

    Why yes it is scarf weather here in Massachusetts. I happen to be wearing a nice comfy green one as we speak because it get so cold in my office I always have one by my side.

  58. says

    It’s definitely scarf weather here. (Connecticut)
    Actually turned my heat on last week a couple of days. But it’s too early to have it on all the time. And it’s supposed to be a bad winter for us. So that means expensive for heating oil.

  59. Kelly C says

    It’s always scarf weather in NYC!

    I’m a new reader and absolutely love your blog. I will be cheering you on at the NYCM aroudn mile 20 right after you enter Manhattan from the Bronx! :)

  60. Courtney says

    I live in Arizona so technically it’s not scarf weather. I have been wearing lightweight ones though for fashion purposes, much to the dismay of my boyfriend who doesn’t “get” scarfs! :)

  61. Rachel lan says

    I hope it’ll be scarf weather soon – and stay that way for a few months!! We need it after a hot Texas summer:-)

  62. Rachael Ann says

    Definitely scarf weather here. No snow in WI yet but we’ve had good hard frost a few times and walking to class in the early morning is getting downright cold!

  63. says

    Yes, total scarf weather in Kansas… Last week was CHILLY and sniffly. But this week is sunny, warmer and windy.

    We have really lame-oh weather.

    I want a pink (red) scarf!!!!!!!

  64. Samantha says

    I live in central Florida, so only a few days of the year actually need a scarf, but the A/C that’s always on (and set to freezing!) warrant the use of a scarf indoors.

  65. Caitlin says

    It’s almost scarf weather in Denver! It definitely is in the mornings, I can’t wait until it’s all day weather =)

  66. Marija says

    it’s not scarf weather today, but yesterday it sure was! the midwest is extremely bi-polar right now..can’t complain, it’s 70 today!

  67. Stephanie says

    Scar weather in New England! It was warmer yesterday, but I just took a walk and it would have been perfect with a scarf and no coat.

  68. Andrea S says

    It is scarf weather in the morning here, but has been warming up in the afternoons. Although, last Saturday was a scarf day all day :)

  69. Emily says

    I live in Michigan and it’s definitely scarf weather here and has been for about 3 weeks. Oddly enough, it’s supposed to be 70 tomorrow.

  70. says

    Not quite scarf weather here in Texas yet but we’ve had a few chilly days! I am looking fwd to running in the cooler weather and wearing more scarves and boots!

  71. Colleen says

    I love scarves, but hate scarf weather (the cold!). I’m still sporting shirts, tanks, and sandals (deep south). “Winter” will be here soon, though. Read:50 degree weather!

  72. erin says

    YES, it is already scarf weather where I live. l like in northern NY and it has gotten into the 20’s at night. Brr! I have a half this weekend and I’m trying to decide tights or shorts?

  73. says

    YES! it is always scarf weather :) I have winter and summer scarves and I wear one a few times a week. Love them!

    ps the sweater you wore in your sabra post is adorbs. and all that hummus totally made me salivate haha :) yum!

  74. says

    Definitely fall weather here just north of Boston! I’ve come to the realization that my entire wardrobe is muted solids except for my scarves… makes accessorizing easy! I have to say, though, I don’t have a pretty pink scarf like this one.

    I would break my solid-wardrobe routine for your sweater, though! SO cute!

  75. Suzanne says

    It is definitely scarf weather around here, especially at night! Unfortunately, it’s always scarf weather in my office. I could use a ruby one to brighten me up on chilly days!
    The color makes me think of ruby red grapefruits, not actual rubies. One of my favorite things about winter…grapefruit (and oranges too) is in season!!

  76. Cara says

    I live in Virginia and am currently wearing a scarf as I type this! Loving scarf weather as it is not yet cool enough to wear a jacket.. perfect to wrap up in!

  77. says

    YES! I’ve already worn a scarf, this weekend to hit put an orchard for apple picking I threw on an awesome circle scarf I picked up on clearance at the end of last winter.

  78. Denesse says

    i live in, but i think its scarf and /or light cardigan weather all year long. especially at night time.

  79. Alison says

    Although it is not quite cool enough in South Carolina for scarves yet, I am hoping lower temps will head our way soon! Cute scarf and love the concept!

  80. Linzay Logan says

    I’ve been dying to get on of these scarves! It’s 85 today so def not scarf weather, but since my office is as cold as the arctic I wear a scarf almost every day.

  81. Jen F. says

    Yes! Chicago is quite chilly these days…that scarf would be great for Fall and Winter runs. I can’t believe it has SPF…so cool!!

  82. Simone Slater says

    It’s definitely scarf weather where I am in Columbus, Ohio!! The changing leaves are beautiful but I’d much rather be enjoying my native socal weather… Brrrrr

  83. says

    Nope. Apparently the sprinkle of rain at the end of last week was fall. All of it. Summer is back and we’re hitting the 90’s again over the next couple of days.
    The A/C, however, is cranked up like no other in my office, so I could totally rock a scarf inside. Then strangle myself with it when I get back outside. :)

  84. Louise E. says

    I am not really wearing a scarf because it is cold weather,
    but wearing one more to spruce up my outfit and look a
    little better! Thanks for the contest.

  85. Jen B says

    It sounds like you had a great trip.
    It’s definitely scarf weather in my office – they can’t seem to get us to a decent temp! :) It has been nice and cool in the mornings here in middle TN and I look forward to more chilly days and nights. I love it! Hooray for scarf weather.

  86. Kellie says

    It is not scarf weather here in Orange county right now, but I am hoping that it will start to cool off soon so I can at least wear jeans and boots.

  87. Keeley says

    I live in San Francisco where is it almost ALWAYS scarf weather. They have become the constant accessory in my wardrobe :)

  88. says

    You can get away with wearing a scarf in NJ at all times. This scarf will also double as a disguise to cover my face in shame of some NJ reality shows.

  89. says

    It is scarf weather in the morning and evening. Still gets warm in the afternoon here in Kansas, but that doesn’t stop me from scarfing it.

  90. Jodi says

    I’m in Denver and it’s not scarf weather today, but that could change in 3 seconds. It has already been scarf weather, too. Last week we had temps in the 40s and today it is pushing 80.

  91. emily b says

    I’m in southcentral PA and it’s not scarf weather yet. Currently in the low 60s during the day–perfect running weather!

  92. Tammi says

    I am currently wearing a scarf…it was certainly scarf weather this morning when I left the house (somewhere around 53 degrees) but currently it’s like a summer heat wave @ a sweltering 61 degrees…perfect temp for an afternoon run…gotta love the North Coast!

  93. Makenna says

    I just moved from Ohio to NC, so I don’t feel like it’s quiet scarf weather here yet–soon though. I’m just so used to it being so much colder in Ohio this time of year!

  94. Katrina says

    The weather down here changes daily, sometimes I step out in the AM and it’s scarf weather and the very next day it will be shorts weather!

  95. Amanda says

    It’s scarf weather every other day in Minnesota! Today is 70 and by Thursday, they are saying 40’s! I will definitely need a new scarf for this weather 😉

  96. Ashley C says

    I moved from Ohio to Florida last year and it is sadly not scarf weather yet :( It will get there, but it’s still in the 80s during the day


  97. Ashley says

    In a state where you have to defrost and brush frost off your windshield in the morning and run the A/C in the afternoon, Wisconsin definitely has scarf weather! The moisture wicking feature would be especially nice for this kind of weather : )

  98. says

    It is NOT scarf weather where I am! I live in Florida, and the highs are in the 80s still. It definitely will be when I run my first half marathon in February, so that scarf would come in handy (and match my running shoes perfectly!)

  99. Jenn says

    Yes! It’s totally scarf weather and I hate wearing my nice scarves to go running in or home from the gym because I don’t want to get them smelly and sweaty. This is perfect! Pick me!

  100. Kate says

    Yes! Unfortunately there is too much scarf weather in Chicago. But that’s alright when you have a very cute, active scarf!

  101. Kelly Kokoska says

    It is beginning to scarf weather quickly here in Maine. That one would keep me very warm. Love the color too!

  102. Jennifer says

    Yes, it’s scarf weather here in Maryland! My house is so cold, though, that it is always scarf weather from October to April for me!

  103. Cara U says

    Yes, it’s definitely scarf weather in Indy. I saw a woman running this morning wearing a scarf. Cute, but seemed strange. Maybe it was an active scarf?

  104. Eunice says

    It’s freezing every morning when I drive to work in Columbia, MD! I’ve been rocking scarves since late September. People tend to look at me weirdly, but oh well!

  105. says

    It is always scarf weather! Seriously, I always have one in my bag because I feel the cold terribly. In winter it’s obviously a necessity, but in summer I get cold in air-con so I always need a scarf. Actually wearing one right now when it’s 88 degrees outside, but I’m inside! So I’d love a new scarf!

  106. Janell says

    Is sure is! Though some would say it’s always scarf weather in Connecticut as long as it’s made of the right material….

  107. says

    Yes! It is absolutely scarf weather here. Pretty soon I can expect to do my pre-dawn runs at 25-30 degrees F. Brr! Besides, I live in scarves. Thanks for the opportunity!

  108. Katie says

    Today is an aberration, too warm for a scarf- but in general it’s definitely cool enough! And when I ran the Chicago marathon last weekend I actually wore a scarf when running for the first time – but something like this sounds perfect!

  109. Abby says

    I live in Savannah, GA so the coolness comes and goes but I travel frequently for work?.this scarf would be perfect for my travels!

  110. Marin says

    It’s not quite scarf weather yet here in Texas…but that hasn’t stopped me from using the flimsiest of excuses (uh, weather below 70 degrees?) to rock a scarf anyways!

  111. Rachael says

    Yes it is! We have already had some snow here in Michigan! I love scarves and have many, but I don’t have any “active ” scarves. Would love to have one!

  112. says

    “If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait a minute and it’ll change.” — Will Rogers
    It was scarf weather this weekend! But now we have high 80s. Boo!

  113. Heather says

    Definitely scarf weather here in Wisconsin! Not only do I wear scarves outside, I tend to wear them inside until the spring since it’s so darn cold in the office. Yay, Midwest.

  114. Jordan says

    It’s bordering on scarf weather in RI. Some days it’s too warm, other days it’s freezing…typical New England weather. But I love scarves so I wear at least 3 days a week regardless of the weather, just because it’s October hahah

  115. Val says

    No scarf weather here yet, I live in Tampa, FL. We only get about a month or so of scarf weather. But I could def use this scarf for my trip to Chicago in a few weeks!

  116. Alexandra says

    Unfortunately no it’s not scarf weather in Florida but I still want to win because this is super cute!! Haha and I’m hoping for cooler temps soon!

  117. sara barn says

    I don’t think it ever will be scarf weather here in Florida :/I back home definitely has scarf weather though!

  118. Tracey S says

    Um, I live in Illinois…where the possibility of scarf weather changes daily. Today, almost 80, the weekend…scarf weather for sure!

  119. Joanna says

    It is so not scarf weather here. But I live in Irvine so you know all about it. I’m ready for some cooler weather!

  120. says

    I’m in Florida and it’s not scarf weather yet. I anxiously wish I was somewhere cold right now to enjoy wearing warm clothes. A trip to DC might just do the trick!

  121. Beverly Aragon says

    I’m in Eastern New Mexico and in the mornings, yes it is cold enough for a scarf. However by noon, it’s nice and toasty!

  122. Tiffany says

    Getting to be scarf season in Portland. We had a our first “real” rainy day yesterday. Luckily it’s not that cold yet!

  123. Amy says

    In Massachusetts, it can’t decide-it was 70 on Monday, and 50 today! I could start the day with a scarf, and finish in shorts!

  124. Ashley says

    Scarf weather? What is that? :) It doesnt matter the weather here in Kansas! I love to wear scarves no matter what!! Truly the best accessory no matter what the outfit!!

  125. Stacey says

    YES, it is scarf weather in Mammoth Lakes, CA! We have only seen snow once so far this fall, but the evenings and early mornings are in the high 30s/low 40s. Nice afternoons and beautiful fall colors to run through though!

  126. says

    No it is not but I wish it was. It was starting to cool down last week and then it shot back up into the 90’s this week! I can’t wait for this heat to go away!

  127. Amanda says

    No it is not scarf weather thank goodness! I live in SoCal and we are having a heat wave AGAIN! I love all this hot weather.

  128. Jenn says

    It’s definitely scarf weather in the Windy City. In fact, I wore one this morning, but it wasn’t nearly as adorable as yours. Love, love, love!

  129. Sarah says

    scarf weather…CHECK! I even YOUTUBED how to wear a scarf in order to not look like I have a huge tube sock tied around my neck this season! You can teach yourself to do anything online these days! I would love to win!!!!

  130. says

    yes, it’s scarf weather here in NYC, and I love scarves so much! I wear one everyday. can’t wait to come out cheer at the marathon in a couple of weeks!

  131. says

    It is slowly slowly creeping towards scarf weather. Although the ac has been so low at work lately the scarves have been making an appearance!

  132. says

    Unfortunately it’s not! I moved to Florida at the end of the summer for an internship and I am going home to NY to pursue a career in health and fitness NEXT WEEK and boy am I in for a weather shock. Scarf season here I come!

  133. AnnaGrace Strange says

    Sadly, it is not at all scarf weather where I am. Good ol’ Texas – bringing the heat in the middle of October! ha!

  134. JenS says

    Unfortunately is has been scarf weather here in MN already! I am missing summer already and we still have a long winter ahead.

  135. JoLyn says

    I like scarves all the time, but the weather in the Pacific Northwest has changed so we need to be wearing scarves.

  136. Paige says

    Yes! I live in Washington DC, and it’s definitely been cool enough the last few days to break out a scarf and boots!

  137. Tara says

    heck yes it is! In Boston, I have seen girls wearing winter coats, gloves (and of course Uggs all year long)…crazy!

  138. hillary says

    if you asked that question last week i would have said yes, but these last few days have been a little on the warm side. I am so ready for fall to be here!!

  139. Beth says

    Oh gosh how I wish it was! Here in Lower Alabama on the coast, we are still swimming and wearing shorts and sandals. Maybe by the middle of November I will be able to wear my boots without serious leg sweat…although who knows, we have had pool parties for Christmas before..:(

  140. Stephanie says

    Definitely not close to scarf weather. In St. Petersburg, FL its still mid-upper 80’s during the day. Hoping we finally get some 70’s soon- that will feel cool to me!

  141. Lori says

    It is getting close to scarf weather where I am (Tennessee). I am ready for cooler weather to stay around for a while!

  142. Katherine says

    Yes, it is definitely scarf weather for me in New York. You can find me wearing a scarf from now until about early May. I’m wearing one as I type this!

  143. Becca says

    It has been scarf weather since this past weekend, when the rain finally returned to Seattle after 70 days of straight sunshine!

  144. Hillary says

    It’s always scarf weather! I love scarves and have no issues wearing one MOST of the year (dead heat of summer might be a bit much); technically, though, it’s perfect now to throw one on with a sweater or light jacket.

  145. Kate says

    some people would probably think its cold enough to wear a scarf in MD now, but i like it to be freezing and i sweat like a beast so i would prefer it to be a little chillier!

  146. Meghann says

    Definately scarf weather here in lower Michigan. This is the best time of the year to run too! Not too hot, not too cold :)

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