ING New York Marathon Fuel Right to PR

Helloooo! Today was a busy day for me. Taking a day off of work is always nice, but then you have twice as many things to do when you get back!

While I was gone I got a very excited package in the mail… I finally broke down and ordered a new watch because I wanted to make sure and figure out how to use it before New York.IMG_8454 (800x600)

Speaking of the ING New York City Marathon

The race is only 18 days away now and many runners did their final long run this weekend. If you’re done with the peak of training, you should have figured out how to fuel yourself for optimum performance by now.

I really do credit my fueling for helping me PR in the marathon weekend before last and NOT hit the wall. I think eating earlier, saltier options and more in general really did help me run a sub-four hour marathon – even though I wasn’t training to PR and hadn’t tapered!

When I went to NY to film the videos for the ING Class of 2012 this one was the video I mentioned involved me running behind a pedi-cab in Central Park as people gathered around. Ha!


Check out the other videos and tips from my ING Class of 2012 friends on the ING New York Marathon Facebook page

I’m going to be doing a twitter chat soon to talk about Food and Fueling – stay tuned Smile

Question: Gels, Chews or Bars? Favorite flavor??

I think my new favorite is the margarita flavor chomps!


  1. Leslie says

    Glad you got a new Garmin. I thought you were going to say that they sent you one gratis. I know you were pleased with your old one. It seemed that you liked it better than that other brand you reviewed. Your review of the other brand(can’t remember the name of that one) convinced me that I wanted a Garmin based on the fact that it was more accurate, etc.When you ran with the broken Garmin over the newer “other brand” I was sold on Garmin. I hope to get myself one soon. Please tell us about this new model.

  2. says

    i’m a fan of almond butter stuffed dates… the chews get stuck in my teeth and irritate me, the gels make me gag… i’m so high maintenance haha

  3. says

    There are so many races in the next 2 weeks! I have a half marathon this weekend in Grand Rapids, MI. I will be fueling with Rehydrate Gel and fluid. They are made by a company called Advocare. I love the’s lemon flavor and very subtle. The rehydrate drink it good too and I just stick with those. For a full I would add in a SLAM energy drink and coconut water and maybe some chews ( any kind…I am not picky). :)

  4. says

    Ohhhh, a new baby….how exciting. At least I feel like its as special as a new baby when I get a cool package in the mail….Handle it with care (when not spilling watermelon juice on it…ha!)

    I too like the Peanut butter GU…my daughter likes the beans before some CC races…just b/c they are like real jelly beans with a boost.

  5. says

    What salty foods did you eat before you’re marathon? I never eat salty foods before or after I train. Hell, I don’t even cook with salt or have any in my house. I sweat a TON though so lately I’ve been thinking I may need to do something a bit differently…..

  6. says

    Congrats on the new watch! Warning – the bezel thing can be very confusing/annoying or maybe its just me….

    I like gels mostly and have recently tried the chomps or beans and they worked better than I thought. It’s kinda hard for me to chew and run so don’t like actual food like bars or sandwiches unless its more of a trail/ultra type run and you sit and hang at an aid station for a few minutes. Those aid stations are like a buffet table.

    You are going to have so much fun in NY – jealous!!

  7. Lucy says

    Hi Monica,

    Long time reader here, first time commenter.

    I just wanted to say, without being rude, that as a reader, I’m a little over the infomercial aspect of your blog nowadays. Not one of your post doesn’t sell something or promote something or link to a company site.

    I really miss the days where your blog was about YOU and not about products.

    Anyway, that was just my opinion.

    • says

      Hi Lucy,
      Thanks for the feedback. I paid for the Garmin with my own money and didn’t mean for it to come across as a promotion at all, I’m just a fan. I do kinda appreciate that you like when my blog is about me, sometimes I hear the opposite and the squeaky wheel gets the oil.


      • Lucy says

        I wasn’t really refering to the Garmin, but in the last couple of days: the scarf, Sabra, Brooks …

        Just look at your blog (the side bars).

        Anyway, thanks for answering and not just deleting my comment. Of course I’d rather read about you. Isn’t it the point of your blog?

  8. says

    In rock philly i grabbed a vanilla bean gu at the expo and loved it! you def need to wash that stuff down with water! i liked sport beans too. easy and quick without having to stop is what i look for in a runningrefuel

  9. says

    I like Cliff Blocks lately (strawberry and tropical are my faves). Gels never sit well with my tummy. I wish the blocks were more portable though, I have two pouches that fit gels, but not blocks, so it’s either stick em in my bra or bring the camelback with!

  10. says

    I love Sport Beans because they basically ARE candy. The grape and strawberry flavors are my favorite, but I like them all.

    I’ve tried the chomps at race expos and love the flavor, but haven’t tried them on a run because I didn’t want anything to get mushy or sticky in my SPIbelt during a hot weather run.

  11. Jen says

    Love getting new gear – always fun!! Thanks for the info on salt; definitely going to add that into my next race.

    During training I like Black Cherry ShotBloks – they are super yummy and I like to open them and let them firm up a bit, too. During a race, though, I find the chewing really distracting and I’m just too uncoordinated to breathe, chew, swallow, and run all at the same time, so I use Vanilla Bean gu.

  12. says

    I just ran my first half-marathon and didn’t intake any food at all. I am wondering if I had, if would have enhanced my performance? I did take Gatorade and water at each aid station though, but since I didn’t train with food I didn’t want to risk it. I’m dabbeling with the idea of running a marathon so I know I’ll have to intake food for that…Not sure what I will like, I guess I’ll just have to try them all!

  13. says

    Love your blog! I’m training for my first full marathon (SBI next month) and have been tortured with cramping on my long runs after mile 15 or so. After reading your Long Beach recap I decided to try saltier gels/chews and they have made a HUGE difference! Did 20 miles last weekend – no cramping!! Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for posting that :)

  14. says

    Beasted the last long run, ready for the taper, chocolate and power bar gels consumed over training = 8 million (I feel like I want to take out stock in the company.
    I get scared of choking on the chewy things while running.

  15. lb says

    Margarita chomps?! I’ve never heard of that flavor, but I would LOVE to try them. I love the Peach Tea chomps (hello, double caffeine) and for gels, the chocolate and double latte PowerGels.

    See you in New York! My first!

  16. says

    I have such a hard time with my stomach after long/tough runs. I have been doing half a hammer gel every 45 min and taking a bit of gatorade at each water station during my marathons. It’s probably not enough, but it seems my stomach can’t handle any more. It’s a tradeoff: spend the rest of the day after the race doubled over with stomach cramps or risk bonking? Maybe one of these days I’ll figure out a good mix. I did like the idea of saltier chews, though. I passed that along to my running partner, who is always cramping.

    I have been running with a Garmin 410 for a few weeks now and love it. My only beef is that I find the accuracy kind of hit and miss with mileage. I’ll be interested in your thoughts on it. I haven’t found the bezel to be a problem, though it can be a little touchy when you’re setting up menus/screens, etc.

    Also, one more thing (longest comment ever?): the ING video was awesome!

  17. says

    It’s so cool you did that video! Awesome job. My boyfriend is running the NYC Marathon (his first) and I’ve been thinking about surprising him with a Garmin. Better get it soon so he can test it out a few times before the big day!

  18. says

    How cute are you in the video! I cracked up at the parts they ‘dumped/threw’ bunches of bars & GUs in your hands, must have been hard not to laugh at the sheer volume of food being tossed at you!

    Good luck with your marathon!

  19. Andrea says

    I have a question…I’m running my first half marathon in 10 days. I’ve never taken shot blocks or gels while training and was able to complete my long runs pretty easily without them. I do have the ability to dig into my husband’s (recently replenished) stash of bloks, gels and/or electrolyte powder to add to my handheld water bottle during the race and was wondering what is the correct way to use them during the race – when and how often? I’ve heard every 40 minutes/4 miles or should it be when I think I need it? And would it be a good idea to test one out during my 10k this weekend or just wait until race day? Anyways, just looking for another opinion. Sorry to hijack your comments page with my question :) So excited to read your recap in a couple of weeks :)

  20. Andrea says

    Oh, and my computer doesn’t have sound, so if you answered my question in your above video, just tell me to watch it later :)

  21. says

    Your article reminds of the days that I used to run at least once a week during Saturdays!

    I have not done it for more than 2 years since I got busy with family life. Little did I know that it has taken a toll of my fitness that when I tried running again lately, I could not even make two rounds on the block without breathing heavily, something I don’t experience before even with ten rounds around a block in our village.

    I shall be running more and more again to try to be fit and more healthy again. Make it a lifestyle choice just like you do!

    More power to your site Monica!

  22. says

    HI! So I would love to know more about the Forerunner 410 from someone who is actually using it. I am ready for a watch to help me keep my pace and use with my speed workouts. I have a Nike iPod Nano with Nike+ for my long runs, easy runs, whatever runs. The pace is fine at the end when I finish the workout but is absolutely no help while I am out running. It seems like a good price, but want to make sure its advanced enough to help with speed work but not so fancy schmancy I am not even using half the tools on it, you know? OK…anyway, would love a review post maybe?!

    And don’t take offense to the comment about the “sponsored ads” honestly I am seeing these kinds of comments all over the place lately. PB got some nasty ones the other day, yikes! I am from the place of “don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” at least they spoke to you nicely. PB…not so much! OK to much coffee this morning, just don’t like seeing fellow blog girls get beat up. I know how much I love my blog, imagine you feel the same about yours!

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