Thankful Not So Thankful Thursday

Today has been… interesting.

I woke up in a great mood and ran 8 miles with music. I kept an easy pace and just enjoyed it SmileIMG_7886 (600x800) (2)

Then, I came home, took a quick shower and logged onto work while making breakfast.

Well, as soon as I logged on my co-worker who’s been on vacation instant messaged me about a project that is due by end of day TODAY. What?! I didn’t even know about it!

It wasn’t anyone’s fault just slipped through the cracks because he is my admin and was off for the last week and a half. While he was gone I just got put on this new project and didn’t realize this due date even existed! Needless to say we were both scrambling to get on it!!

Before long I smelled smoke and ran to the kitchen… I forgot I was toasting a bagel thin and a flatout wrap to go with my eggs for breakfast. (Yes, both.)

The toaster oven was completely smoking and as I opened the door the wrap burst into flames!!! I frantically put it out with the spatula (now melted) and just prayed that the fire alarm didn’t go off (I cannot reach it even on a chair!). burnt flatout

I ripped open the windows and doors and once I realized the fire alarm wasn’t going to scream at me, I made a wrap and ate Smileegg wrap

Vegas gave me dirty looks all morning though. Don’t judge me cat.mean cat

burnt toast

So, given that I almost died from a Black Widow Spider scare yesterday and almost burnt the house down today – I’d say I have a lot to be thankful for today.

For example…

I’m thankful that this 3 lb. bag of onions was 50% off at the store (I cannot cut onions without crying for 3 hours after). IMG_8481 (600x800)

(I’m sure Ben is not so thankful that I’m eating so many onions, but that’s neither here nor there.)

I’m thankful I got 8 pounds of chocolate delivered to my door the same week I have a little TOM visitor. IMG_8484 (800x600)(I’m sure you’re not so thankful I went there.)

What are you thankful for today?


  1. says

    ha! i hate to laugh but your last 2 days have been pretty comical :-) thankful that you were okay after that fire, though! jeeez! great timing with that chocolate for sure. i am thankful that even though i have been lax with running and overly lax about eating whatever i want the last couple weeks, a pair of pants from weeks ago that were way too tight actually fit now!

  2. says

    I was just thinking about how thankful I am that I have never accidentally bought see-through clothes like so many celebrity women seem to do (re: Kim K.’s big ole booty showing through her skirt)….hope tomorrow is less stressful and life threatening!

  3. says

    Bummer about your work assignment and the bagel. That wrap looks so good though.

    I’m having a GIVEAWAY today…a book by Janet the lady who spoke at Fitbloggin’ she’s the runner/mom who was in a car accident and suffered major injuries to her legs.

  4. says

    Some days start out with a droplet of rain and then mother nature lets loose and it’s a full out monsoon. I hate those days, but they sure help me appreciate the sunny ones :)

  5. says

    Yikes- that mini fire could have been seriously bad!
    I’m thankful that although my dog is sick, he didn’t throw-up all over the carpet when we were at work! I’m also thankful it’s Thursday, which means tomorrow is FRIDAY!

  6. says

    I’m thankful for running and for blogs like yours to inspire me to keep at it!

    BTW, I read gills onions as gall stones at first glance. I was like, she has a bag of gall stones?? Lol

  7. Tammi says

    I’m thankful that my running will be done in the Bahamas next week and hopefully it will cancel out all the rum that happens! (Yeah, probably not

  8. says

    I have not read your other comments, but you can freeze the chopped onions, just put them in a baggie. I am glad you didn’t burn down the house. That would have been bad. I would suggest having Ben check the battery, I am worried it needs to be replaced.

  9. Gloria says

    Yikes, I’m glad you are okay! I thought I would share a story from my childhood: one morning my sister and I were getting ready for school and our toaster caught on fire while my mom was trying to make us toast. Without hesitation, my mom ran out of the bathroom (the smoke alarm had gone off), picked up the toaster and ran outside and threw it on the ground to extinguish the flame. Only after putting the fire out did she realize that she was standing on our busy street in morning traffic in her bra and underwear :-) She was mortified and we thought it was the most exciting morning ever.

  10. says

    Onions are banned from our house. Hubs smells ridiculously bad if he eats onions or garlic, so we don’t do any cooking with those ingredients. FYI a large majority of recipes call for onions/garlic.

    I am grateful for and upcoming peaceful weekend.

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