Search Me Sunday Fun

Hello from my mom’s house! I’m hanging here with my dogs because Ben is working on his car with my brother. We walked the perros

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and said “Hola!” to my pumpkin.

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I had a little snack before the walk because I’ve been craving cereal (as always), but have been trying not to keep it in the house. (Working from home + cereal addiction x a box of cereal = 0 cereals left)

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Bailey, ever the ham, tried to push Roxy out of the picture…

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After the walk we took a survey for dinner and decided to hit up the tienda for some prepared food.

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We didn’t get chicarrones, I just like that word.

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The place was popping – always a good sign!

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This reminded me that Dia De Los Muertos is coming soon! Remember when I made dead bread? I might opt for one of these this year.

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Dinner – I topped a bed of lettuce, onions and tomatoes with chicken, beans, rice, guacamole and a piece of bodillo. The bowl is a beast of deliciousness.

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My mom has banana split ice cream and pumpkin. She knows how to live! I  had a small scoop of each for dessert.

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Search Me Sunday – these are the Google searches that have brought unsuspecting visitors to RER this week:

drink 100 ounces and urinate 12 timesI drink about 200 ounces and pee about 24.

can you eat a candy bar before running a half marathon – Yes. But try it during training first.

girls with big butts and swag – I’m going to take this as a compliment?

where can i weigh myself – Preferably in the dark. Or on the moon.

fish and cottage cheese – No. Please no.

paleo crock pot recipes – Ooooh! I bet the pot roast I make Ben qualifies. Share your recipe in the comments for this person!

what does papas and beer meanIt means you’re going to get drunk.

cereal killer costume HalloweenSee here.

rachael ray is mean – I like her, but I did joke that she was a liar one time.

can you eat week old Chinese foodI would, but you really shouldn’t take advice from someone who eats dirty grapes with spiders in them.

using froyo to lose weight – I wish. No seriously, I wish this every 30 now gimme that candy Search Me Sunday Fun

Question: Which one of these searches is your favorite?

What are you going to be for Halloween?


  1. Monica says

    Try these (Paleo CrockPot):

    Also this book:

    I just got a crock pot so I’ve only made one recipe, but I found all those when I was doing research/waiting for my CP to arrive. They’re not all healthy.

  2. says

    Love the one about the weigh in. Not sure if there’s a Halloween party around here – it’s not that huge a celeb but we’ll see.

  3. says

    I think the comment about Rachel Ray being mean is so funny. I still don’t have my costume for the Halloween parties we are going to go to next weekend but I am thinking Sandy from Grease.

  4. says

    I love the ‘uses froyo to loose weight’… I think we’ve all hoped and preyed that that day would come :)
    I’m still not sure what to be for halloween, i’m hoping some inspiration comes soon!

  5. says

    You get the funniest search terms. I got one the other day that was “really yummy dinner” and I feel bad for whatever it was that they found! Ha.

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