Strength Training After a Marathon

Hello! This morning I woke up at 5:30am ready to start the day. I’m digging my early wake ups since the time change Smile I’m a morning person.

Just the Tip Tuesday: Here are two Trader Joe’s products you can skip – and shockingly they are pumpkin! Blasphemy!!

trader joes pumpkin

I tried the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Greek Yogurt this weekend with Ben. He is a fan, I am not. It’s a little too tart and there are not enough spices in it for my taste. Sure, I can add more but why don’t I just make my own then?

trader joes pumpkin yogurt

Also, I’m not impressed with the Pumpkin Spice Rooibos tea.

Side note: My third Halloween costume idea was to be McKayla Maroney not impressed and just cross my arms and make that face all day.

Since I ran a Marathon on Saturday I am forcing myself to take 3 full days off from running after that. I wanted to run today, but had a very stern talk with myself and said, “No Monica! Get it together! Go to the gym for a strength session unless you want to get injured and die!! Is that what you want?!!”

Is that how you talk to yourself too?

Anyway, I got to the gym before 6am and made up this strength session before I was awake. My main goal was to work the areas that I need to help me run, but don’t get worked while I run – follow?

I just wanted to work my core and back and this is what a sleepy Monican came up with:

Runners workout

In case you want a tutorial for proper form here are some resources:

Bent-over Row

Back extensions on Ball

Side Bend with Dumbbell

After a Marathon or difficult Half Marathon I follow Hal Higdon’s Zero Week Plan. When I hurt my IT band after the Disney World Marathon part of that came from the runs after the race, so I try to take my Rest Week fairly serious without making myself feel too much like a caged animal Smile

Question: Any products you’ve tried lately that we should skip?


  1. says

    Thanks for the pumpkin food reviews! Food shopping disappointments are such a bummer aren’t they? I still think homemade pumpkin recipes taste the best… unless you buy one that is made with a ton of butter and fat:/

  2. says

    Girl, my IT band has been killing me lately and I’m working up to my half not recovering. I’ve been walking more and trying to add in the strength training I know I need to do–but for both I’d rather just run and be done. ugghhh.

  3. says

    After my marathon this weekend, and a long training season this year, I’m taking this week off. Like, off OFF. Maybe a walk or some yoga if I get restless, but no run/bike/swim/crosstrain/weights/etc until Monday. After upwards of 12-13 hours of training some weeks, I think I deserve it! :)

    Sadly, can’t think of anything to skip, but I found some new hummus called Grandma’s, and I pretty much want to take a bath in it, it’s so amazing!

  4. says

    I bought the Jello “Pumpkin style” pie (WTF?!?). It shall be known as Vague Pie from here on out…..freaking weird. It tasted vaguely like pumpkin pie spices and nothing. Also, I tried the Krusteaz Gingerbread Cake mix… didn’t even make my kitchen smell good while baking! Then it just tasted like a very mild gingerbread. Nope. Not worth the calories.

  5. Susan says

    I can’t think of any products that I’ve tried recently but your Halloween idea reminded me of a sign I saw at one of my recent half marathons (maybe in Michigan or Iowa). Anyway, they had a huge picture of her and next to it was written, “Keep running. MaKayla is not impressed.” It made me chuckle…and of course I kept running!

  6. says

    I love that yogurt! But my tea obsession is the candy cane green tea. I’m ellipticaling after my Sunday marathon but may try some strength training on Thursday. Not going to push it though

  7. says

    My inner dialogue usually goes “Rebecca Kathryn, suck it up!”

    I can’t think of any recent disappointments, but I can rave about Teavana’s Precious White Peach tea which is amazing- especially iced! I drank a gallon over the weekend of that stuff.

  8. says

    OMG! I said the same thing to myself this morning! I mean strength train and injured. So it was a back/lats and bicep workout. Am glad I did it.

  9. says

    You talk so much about your running on your blog that I was under the impression that you only do that and no other alternative training. Interesting to see your strength training here.

  10. kate says

    I was going to buy the TJs pumpkin tea today. Now I won’t.
    Question: What did you not like about it?

    I freakin’ l o v e Celestial Seasonings Thai Coconut Chai whatever.
    Yummers! And the Bengal Spice is always a winner for me.

    Good day.

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