Spatchcock Saturday

Started my day with 13.1 miles. It was rough! I wanted to stop at mile 8.image

I only ate half a banana and a bite of Ben’s pancake and sausage breakfast before leaving. Not sure if my body wanted my usual PB toast or what but I hit a wall and ended my run earlier than planned. At least I got 13 miles in – I have a half marathon next weekend and another half the weekend after that so I just wanted to make sure I’m up to the challenge!!

It’s weird, when I run 15 miles or more I’m not really hungry after (I think all the stress scares my body into thinking I’m being chased by a lion). But, after a 13 miler or less I usually build up an appetite and came back HUNGRY.

Breakfast fit for a queen runner – Toast, omelet stuffed with salsa topped with avocado, turkey sausage and a scoop of sunflower seed butter for dessert.IMG_9453 (533x800)

A little while later I was still hungry, but knew I just needed my food to settle. I finally asked Ben to peel the pomegranate for a snack. I talked him through the underwater de-seeding method and I think it changed his life Smile

underwater pomegranate methodunderwater pomegranate underwater pomegranate seeding pomegranate arilspomegranate arilsIMG_9467 (800x533)

Seriously. He LOVED the method and taking big handfuls of the arils. He said I should buy them all the time and he’d take care of opening them. Score!

Around 1pm my mom and dad dropped off my little brother so they could spend the day wine tasting. Matt and Ben hit up the movies while I went shopping.IMG_9476 (600x800)

I need to find a dress for Ben’s work Christmas party. I actually liked both of the dresses I tried on, but I didn’t love them so I passed. I kind of want something green or red for the holiday too. The search continues…IMG_9480 (600x800)

I also hit up Whole Foods for some hot bar action, but all the good stuff was gone. IMG_9481 (800x600)

We saw Max the Lab on the way home – apparently he has a Facebook page as advertised on the back of this truck!max the lab

It was after 4pm at this point and the boys hadn’t had lunch so we stopped and grabbed a $5 Little Caesar’s pizza. Yeah, it wasn’t very good. Get what you pay for. IMG_9486 (800x533)

pizza monster

Remember how I bought a whole turkey on Wednesday?!turkey head

Well, Ben heard on NPR that Julie Child would make it Spatchcock style – that is when you cut out the backbone and spread it out. He butchered the bird, I just stood there looking horrified and bossing <- my specialty. spatchcock turkey butcher

We had to cut it completely apart because we don’t have a pan big enough to spread it out. It’s in the over now – I’ll let you know how it goes!spatchcock turkey

Question: How’s it going with you?


  1. says

    What a great way to start off the day! I am never hungry the day of a 13miler..but the 2/3 days afterwards, I go crazy and feel like absolutely nothing will satisfy how hungry I get!

  2. Logan says

    I’ve been in marathon training mode and noticed the same thing about hunger. If I run more than 14, I’m not hungry or just don’t find anything appealing. Last weekend I ran a half marathon and couldn’t stop eating for the rest of the day. Thanks for the pomegranate tip too!

  3. says

    Only 13.1, ahhh maybe some day!!

    I bet that turkey will be great! We have a lot of pomegranates around here that people don’t even pick so we tend to help ourselves 😉 I just spied a full bush yesterday when I was out running. I use that underwater method too, although I just pick out what floats to the top and hold them down while I dump the water. Works great :)

  4. says

    It’s the first sunny morning here in the south of England for a few days so, little does my currently snoozing boyfriend know he’s soon going to be woken up and forced down to the seaside for a long walk. He he! Apart from that, Sunday jobs like ironing and hanging pictures to do.

  5. says

    I’m much further behind you in the 13.1+ mile runs than you, so I’m still figuring out how my body responds to said runs. So far, I’ve run in 3 half marathons, and therefore only really trained for that distance three times. I’ve learned how to properly fuel during the run, and that if I eat much of anything beforehand I get sick. Afterwards I’ve mostly been…thirsty! My first half was not so good and I got quite sick, so I couldn’t keep anything down for almost five hours afterwards. This past run was much better – I ate hotel lobby waffles and a bagel…a little protein in the form of PB.

  6. Daniel says

    Hey Monica

    love reading your blog and l love that u post everyday, got a question about your home job, i’m an enemployed engineer an i’m looking for that kind of job.

    love to hear from you


  7. Jennifer says

    There must be someone in the air…I wanted to do 14 or 15 miles this morning and ended up doing almost 13. My hands were so cold that I couldn’t move my fingers, so I stopped at a gas station and the kid inside was nice enough to let me use his cell phone to call my husband to come pick me up! I felt like a big loser but was so cold I didn’t even care at that point!

  8. says

    Ay girl I need to do more than 2 miles at a time. Love that you just did 13.1. :)
    Love reading your blog. I’m thankful that you & SR totally plug each other. I love that!!
    Have a great day!

  9. says

    Oooh, pretty new shoes! Which Brooks did you go for? I’ve been eyeing the Pure Flow 2’s and Pure Cadence 2’s (currently in the 1st Pure Flows) and can’t wait for them to hit the shelves here for me to try.

  10. says

    I just bought a POM deseeder at the store and it’s the best 2.50 I ever spent. It’s just a plastic ring, but it completely demolishes the pom and leaves you with all of the wonderful seeds, sans huge mess or danger of loosing a finger.

  11. Kara Navas says

    NOOOOOO!!!!! You lose so much juice and flavor by doing the under water pomegranate method!!

    Cut it in half. With the handle of a wooden spoon hit the outside of the fruit and the seeds will fall out into the bowl and all those wonderful juices remain.

  12. says

    That Turkey you showcase in your photo, those we also get here in South Africa since last year. Bought one last year and it was the best. Buying it again this year for Christmas :)

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