Music Monday– Last Friday on Repeat

Hello from home!!! As much as I love that sleepy little Florida town, I am happy to be home.

My mom, dad and little brother picked me up from the airport and we stopped for comida on the way home. I wasn’t very hungry so I just went with a salad.IMG 0391 800x600 thumb Music Monday– Last Friday on Repeat

Then, I grabbed up Vegas and took him home. No, I didn’t miss him at all because I have a tiny black heart while I was gone my mom texted me every time he barfed. He’s a bad cat.IMG 0409 800x600 thumb Music Monday– Last Friday on Repeat

I was home by 5pm PST and hit up Costco for food – the fridge was completely empty…image thumb10 Music Monday– Last Friday on Repeat

and started washing clothes. Started, not finished obviously.IMG 0405 800x600 thumb Music Monday– Last Friday on Repeat

This morning it felt great to lace up a different pair of shoes (I only took 1 pair to FL and normally change it up) and run my favorite 6 mile route! Welcome Home Monican!IMG 0399 800x600 thumb Music Monday– Last Friday on Repeat

I also had to make an emergency trip to Target for kitty litter last night and picked up Emergen-C. B has been sick and I’m really trying to fight it off so I’m taking 2 of these an hour and peeing bright orange. IMG 0403 800x600 thumb Music Monday– Last Friday on Repeat

Yesterday on the plane I exchanged 6 pieces of dirty green paper to watch the Katy Perry movie. (My laptop battery only lasted 1.5 hours and I needed entertainment.) IMG 0389 800x600 thumb Music Monday– Last Friday on Repeat

So, even though I ran without music today I had “Last Friday Night” in my head THE ENTIRE TIME. For real B.

Now it’s in your head. You’re welcome wlEmoticon smile3 Music Monday– Last Friday on Repeat

PSA – Target had practically all clothes on Clearance yesterday. Go check it out.

Question: Katy Perry – Love her or not?

I love her. Firework is one of my faves.


  1. says

    Katy Perry is pretty cool. I like her music, but I’m not sure if I’d want to be her friend IRL {because, you KNOW she’d want to be MY friend}. ;-)

  2. Vernie says

    Hmmm…Katy Perry. She can sing and has some catchy tunes but if I never heard another song of hers again, I don’t know that I’d notice. I’ve always dabbled in pop music, but my heart belongs to alternative rock. :)

  3. says

    I love katy. Shhh don’t tell! I’m usually pride myself on being a “rock kind of girl” Oh and I took your advice Saturday after my long run. Food, and trash tv. Keeping Up With The Kardashians marathon was on all day! And I made a Quinoa Jambalaya.

  4. says

    I happen to enjoy most of her music, its usually catchy and upbeat. On the other hand, I have a parrot that HATES her. She will puff her feathers up and her eyes go crazy when I play anything of hers. We use it as punishment for when she’s being nippy! I think its hilarious!

  5. says

    I like Katy Perry too – I have been wanting to see that movie. Last year, we took the kids to Downtown Disney in Florida, and I somehow got entered into a Dance contest with the Fireworks song, so that song holds a special place in my heart :)

  6. says

    Was that Katy Perry movie good? I heard they showed the breakup or something?
    I don’t mind her at all, like her! Her music isn’t my fave, but “Wide Awake” is a great song!

    • says

      I feel like they showed a tiny bit of her reaction to the break up, but there is not much of RB in the movie at all. It was an okay movie, I actually would have liked more behind the scenes kinda stuff – it told her story from how she got started a bit, but I wanted it more in depth I think?

  7. says

    Oooooo I watched that on my flight from London to JFK…no idea why because I never liked KP, I assumed it would be like that TERRIBLE Britney / K Fed show but I ended up really enjoying it. The most surprising thing is that I now REALLY love her. I’m so easily swayed…oops.

  8. says

    Love her, and I loved the movie too! Even with all of the crazy stuff that she does, she seems weirdly down to earth. After seeing the movie I actually dressed up as her for Halloween. I’ve also been chugging Emergen-C to try and avoid getting sick, hate the taste!

  9. Stacey says

    LOVE HER!!! That movie was so good, I was so sad for her at some points though… sometimes we forget celebrities are human, this was a healthy reminder!

  10. says

    I am a pretty big fan of Katy. I don’t think I’d ever pay to see her in concert, but I love to listen to her tunes while working out. My favorite is Teenage Dream, but Hot N Cold is a close second.

  11. Mandy says

    I liked Katy Perry before I saw the movie and loved her after. I love spirit and the honest emotions she showed in the movie. I don’t think I would be brave enough to share all that. She’s definitely a good role model in my opinion.

  12. says

    i agree with some others… i liked her before…and i don’t know what inspired me to see the movie, especially since i don’t even go to the movies that often, but after i did i LOVED her!

  13. says

    My niece LOVES her so I took her to see her movie, but she…wasn’t impressed. She pretty much only liked the concert scenes so she could sing along. She’s determined to be a pop star and I think she didn’t like the behind-the-scenes drudgery of it all.

  14. Kelly says

    Love KP for a run. Sadly haven’t heard much lately. Went on my first run since just after Thanksgiving. Decided 36 was warm enough. Have never run with snow on the ground. Wasn’t great but I did it. I am very inspired by you and read your blog every day!

  15. says

    I watched the Katy Perry movie with my nephew and ended up liking it. I know they edit the movie to make you feel one way or another but I really enjoy her now. I am secretly a 12 year old in a grown up body.
    You have Chobani at your Costco? Lucky. I searched everywhere at mine and had no luck.

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