Wireless Headphones Review

Hello! First off let me make an announcement….

Run Eat Repeat is now an official registered trademark!!! I’m pretty excited about this. Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to do with this lil’ website…

blog trademark

I started my day off with a little run to the gym again. And this time I brought along a piece of running gear I’ve been playing with for the past few weeks – S11-FLEX HD wireless headphones. I got them before Florida and have tested them out on a few shorter runs to get a feel for them.

wireless headphones

I have an old ipod shuffle, so I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to use them. But – they work with my phone blue tooth style! Since I already had some music on my phone it was super easy to set up and get going!S11-FLEX HD wireless headphones

The fit is a little loose so I thought the wireless head phones would bounce around, but they stayed in place pretty well. (I just needed to adjust them in this picture.) There is a tiny button on one side to turn it on/off. They’re also sweat proof – all the bases hit! wireless headphones for running

I used them with my phone but they also work with an ipod or laptop! I also love that it comes in white – I love white electronics Smile It’s the little things, right?


My friends at Motorola are giving one RER reader a free wireless headset!

To Enter: Leave a comment with what exercise you did (or didn’t do) today.

Open to residents of the US and Canada. Closes 1/11/13 at 8am PST.

Please come say “Hi!” during my Twitter chat about Cold Weather Running today at 11:00am / 2:00pm EST Be sure to use the #INGClassof2013 hashtag to join the conversation.


  1. Julie says

    Hi monica!! I will be running today! Probably a 6 miler, I run in the afternoon ( i know, so weird!). Have a great day!

  2. Hannah says

    I have yet to exercise today, but yesterday ran two quick miles and did a bicep/back/shoulder lift. I can definitely feel it today!

  3. Mary R. says

    I loooove these headphones. I’m using super old ipod headphones that randomly like to electric shock my ears. I’m to cheap to buy new ones so I take the gamble, lol. Today I did Jillian Michael’s ripped in 30 & plan to do the elliptical during lunch at my work gym :)

  4. A. Lynn says

    Ran for 15 minutes straight for the first time in about 10 years, rounded that out with 45 min walk at highest incline at very brisk pace…a few sit ups for good measure as well as side and front planks… Love the headphones, have a great day!

  5. says

    I didn’t get any exercise done this morning like I planned. Since I have a belated holiday celebration dinner + my going away dinner for work tonight, I planned on running this morning. Snooze button trumped running this morning so I may need to do 2 Jillian michaels DVDs tonight

  6. says

    I did shoulders and legs today – way too many lunges in the preset workout for my taste, but I guess doing lunges are good for you, even if you hate them (because you have short legs)!
    I also took advantage of the sunshine and went for a short walk!

    Being able to hear my music would totally help me start running when it gets nice out (I’m a coldness wimp!).

  7. Karen says

    Lifted some weights, worked my abs, and did the glute exercises my PT has prescribed. I’m really good about the abs and glutes, but I’m terrible about half-assing it when I lift.

  8. Noel says

    Congratulations on the trademark! This morning’s workout – a 4 mile run in the (light) rain. My knees had been bothering me, so I had taken a few days off. It felt great to get out and run again!

    P.S. I am curious how you like your new Garmin…

  9. Abbie says

    After a day of rest, I ran 6 miles, completed weight training (including 50 push ups and 15 atomic man makers that were killer), and worked my abs. It was a great way to start the day!

  10. Caroline says

    Woah! I’d love to try those headphones! I went for a run outside, but it was so cold that the wires to my headphones stiffened up…seems like wireless is the way to go :)

  11. says

    I haven’t worked out yet today. I plan on doing a couple easy DVDs (maybe Jillian Michaels??) I can’t run for a little while because I am having foot pain and I can’t go to a gym and use cardio equipment because my little girl is sick and home from school today. Lazy day for us though, so I have plenty of time to do SOMETHING.

    Those headphones look cool! I hate that the wire on my headphones bounces in front of me while I run.

  12. Georgianna says

    I went to a basketball game after work (viewer, not participator) so I did Jillian Michaels’ 30 day shred at lunch. I would love some headphones as last week a piece popped of my current headphones and into the elliptical at the gym never to be seen again. :(

  13. Becca McKeen says

    I didn’t do my exercise yet but I’m planning on heading to a piloxing class tonight! I really enjoy group exercise. It motivates more when I’m exercising with others!

  14. Kellie says

    I am going to bodypump and then do some cardio. It is storming outside right now (well at least for socal) so I would rather stay in bed!

  15. Diana Carolina says

    Pick me! Pick me! I desperately need new headphones…I did Spin first thing this morning and I will be doing some yoga at home tonight after work.

  16. Sara Kolpek says

    I took my dog for a 25 minute walk this morning! I would love these headphones…I never listen to music when I walk because I’m always nervous about getting the cords tangled in the leash!

  17. Jess says

    I have 2 miles (on the treadmill, YUCK!) and a major strength session planned for tonight (since I went back to bed this morning).

  18. Tara says

    I DIDNT get to go for my run after works, as I was wat work until 7pm. Stinkin year-end finance stuff, booo!

  19. Katie B says

    Last night I skipped my Bodypump class to eat a bag of popcorn. Hoo-raw! But this morning I taught a spin class and all was right in the world.

  20. says

    I did body pump this morning at my Y…loved it!!

    Tonight I will be bringing my girls back to the Y to run a couple of slow miles…too.

    Very cool headset…I think my hubby would love them too! 😉

  21. Allison W. says

    Last night I ran 2 quick miles, then took a 30 min total body resistance class….which involved lots of burpees. Tonight I’m doing a cardio circuit class.

  22. Deb says

    Well, I haven’t exercised today – YET!
    So far this week, I’ve…
    Monday – Gym (weights and cardio)
    Tuesday – 3 mile run on the OC(MD) boardwalk
    Wednesday – 4 mile run on the OC(Md) boardwalk
    Today (Thursday) I plan on going to the gym after work.
    Those wireless ear buds would really be cool on my runs.
    Love your posts and a huge
    CONGRATULATIONS on RER becoming an official registered trademark!
    Total awesomeness!

  23. adria biasi says

    I would love to try wireless head phones!! I ran 8 miles this morning before my 730 am class and will do strength later on today.

  24. samantha says

    I walked for 2 hours today! I recently bought a Trek Desk (used form Craiglist) so I can work and walk at the same time. Its great!

  25. Krystina says

    I’ve ran or lifted the past 3 mornings, so today was a rest day for me…which I def need because I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy head. :/

  26. Ashley says

    No workout this morning. With continuous rain and flash flood warnings, I decided to spend some extra time in bed.

  27. Jessica says

    Nothing yet today but tonight I will run and do some weight training. I would love to try those headphones. The cord always drives me batty when I’m running. Especially on the treadmill when I put my phone in the holder. I hit the cord sometimes and my phone goes flying. Oops!

  28. Autumn Rae says

    Have not worked out yet today, but will take a Body Pump class after work, and maybe run a little beforehand if the weather cooperates.

  29. says

    I really want to win these!! I always pull the headphone out of my ear when I’m running and look like a dork…

    I am not doing a workout today… I’m still trying to get over this dang flu, so just getting out of bed feels like a huge accomplishment!!

  30. Bethany says

    Ran 3 miles this morning. I would love the wireless head phones. I use Yurbuds now and they are the best I have found for me.
    I also loved your idea of putting your watch OVER your sleeve in the cold weather, I never thought of that. Thanks.

  31. Rachel says

    My plans are couch to 5k and the eliiptical. Possibly Wii fit. Hopefully I can get up the energy/mental state to do it.

  32. Lisa says

    The only exercise i have time for is the walk to the bus stop both ways, and the walk to work from the subway! Hey, it counts. At the end of the day it equals 30 mins of walking:)

  33. Deniz says

    Hope to squeeze a run in at some point today. Crazy schedule – dr’s appt, volunteer at school, play date, swim lessons and then dance rehearsal! Whew!

  34. says

    congrats on your official document for RER! :) so exciting.

    i had a nice elliptical workout this morning while watching boy meets world in our basement!

  35. Gabrielle says

    Today I ran 3.6 miles in the melty snow and ice! Fabulous!! Not lol but whatever still felt great to be outside instead of stuck on a treadmill :) I wanna win those they are amazing!

  36. Sarah says

    I haven’t done any exercise yet today! But I plan on hitting the gym for some cardio after work… and I want wireless headphones SOOOO bad.

  37. says

    Those headphones look super cool. And I love white electronics too.

    As for my exercise, I did the Jillian 30 Minute Shred last night and will be doing it when I get home from the office tonight too.

    (BTW, your hair looks super red in that last pic :) )

  38. Collette Whitley says

    I am planning on running later today, but I tried the Helix machine at the gym last night. I have never used that before, it used muscles running doesn’t and I am feeling it

  39. Karen B says

    My workout was chopping the ice away from the bottom of my driveway! Took me just under three hours. . . .shoulders are tired!

  40. says

    I haven’t exercised yet today (I go during my lunch at work!) but my plan is to put in a couple easy miles with some upper body strength exercises in prep for my upcoming half in Houston on Sunday!

  41. Zoe L says

    I was running late for a Very Important Meeting and I could see the bus coming in the central station. I exited the train, pushed my way through a throng of people and ran up two flights of stairs screaming “NooooOO! PleaaASE!”. Whom I was begging to, I do not really know. I reached ground level and put on a burst of speed for the bus and slammed into the doors as they were closing. I got on the bus.

    All those and wearing pumps and carrying a 4 kg bag, including laptop.

    And that, Monica, was the extent of my exercise for today. That was enough.

  42. Marcia says

    I had a rest day today because my spouse and I drove cross country to return home. Although unpacking our car with a month worth of items up a flight of stairs was great cardio!

  43. Deb says

    Haven’t worked out yet, but on today’s schedule is quads & HIIT… sumo squats, split squats, leg extensions, reverse lunges, KB swings, burpees, mt. climbers, and jump squats. It’s going to be a good one!

  44. says

    I plan to go for a run after work. However I am still recovering from a nasty cold. So it may end up being a really long walk which is what happend monday night at the gym.

  45. Alicia Wynn says

    Well, I had a 4-mile trail run planned with my moms’ running group, but we woke up to snow! So it will be the treadmill later on during kids’ nap time! These headphones will work great with my MotoActv!

  46. Ashley says

    I have a stress fracture in my sacrum so running is out of the question for the next 4 weeks (2 weeks already down). I did a 45 min Spin class and then stayed a little longer to spin on my own to keep up my endurance. Winning these babies would be amazing while riding to my own music AND when I get back on the road:)

  47. Holly B says

    I do a 1-hr power walk at work during lunch. I try to get at least 3 miles in. I just got an iPad for Xmas but I’m scared to use it on the treadmill thinking that my earphones will inevitable drag it down. These wireless headphones would be great!

  48. Kayla says

    Teaching spin class and some strength training! Woohoo! I have been wanting to try these headphone things out…they look awesome!

  49. says

    This morning I hopped on the elliptical for 20 minutes while watching an episode of 30 Rock on my phone and then did two rounds of a core circuit from a magazine.

  50. Jenny says

    This morning I did 20 mins on the stairmaster and 15 mins incline walk on the treadmill. Followed up with some ab work!

  51. Audrey says

    I’m NOT doing my 4.5 mile run today, because my baby nephew, sister in law and my mom are coming to town this afternoon for dinner!

  52. says

    no workout for me today.. I’ve had a sinus infection/bronchitis for 3 weeks now and I finally was able to workout the last 2 days, but i’m coughing a lot today so im gonna rest! bummer :-(

  53. says

    Pulled hamstring + evil cold = no workout today. But trust me when my hamstring and head/throat/nose is back in working order I would love to bring those head phones with me on my runs.

  54. Kadye says

    I got my exercise bike turned on and positioned so I could watch Community and went for it for 2 episodes. My legs are super tired, but it’s worth it!

  55. ina says

    My first track workout EVER! i did 6 x 400s. Not sure why I have been intimidated by sprint/recovery runs but I did nailed it! Woo hoo!
    All the wireless lingo goes over my head so thanks for the review and would be so handy for my runs!

  56. Diana says

    I did some ab work this morning, and I’m about to walk 2 miles to campus from my apartment and back (if you count that as exercise…I do, I have to carry a heavy backpack the whole way there and back!).

  57. Theresa says

    Just got back from BodyPump! I find it so blah compared to Zumba and BodyCombat, but I’m always glad when I’ve done it!

  58. Steve says

    6 miles this morning (including unplanned speed work trying to chase down the guy who passed me). And our weekly dance lesson (with wife) this evening.

  59. Alison says

    I walked about a mile to work this mornings and will have the same walk home later today! That being said at 6.5 months pregnant I think it’s pretty cool that I am still walking to work in the snow and ice we have up here….

    But I miss running and can’t wait to get back once I have delivered my little one…. These head phone would be great for my walks and post baby run :)

  60. susan says

    I am supposed to run 3 today, training for the Florida Zooma Half on the 19th, but am still experiencing foot pain from my 10 miler…teaching spin class yesterday made the pain worse today, so may take another day off…blech…
    I use my iphone for all my running and hate that wire for the headphones! i’m always tugging it out or around me! Wireless headphones would be awesome!

    BTW, embarrassed to say, but did you happen to see Snooki’s new line of headphones? They look like pretty headbands with bows and flowers! Kind of cute, but probably not for a sweaty run!

  61. Vernie says

    Hello and congrats on the TM! I am planning on doing a 3 mile run on the treadmill after work today. I’m a newbie to running so I’m working on training for my 1st 5k! :)

  62. Rebecca says

    I’m going to the gym for an arm workout and a little cardio this afternoon. There, I posted it on the internet so I can’t back out now, right??

  63. Sandy says

    Hi! I have been reading your blog for a while and just lurking. I think you are awesome and courageous by letting it all hang out. I am still recovering from surgery, so I am walking about 2 miles today.

  64. Jean says

    I need a pair of those in a bad way. I need music on my run but I hate when the headphone cords are bouncing around. Those would be perfect on my run later today. (Also I need a pair for my boyfriend who is famous for getting the cords all knotted up, no I won’t have to untangle any wires for him anymore)

  65. Kristen says

    I went to a 6 am spin class this morning and did some heavy squats and deadlifts with some abs sprinkled in. I’d LOVE to try those headphones!

  66. Kate says

    I ran 6 miles on the treadmill this morning! Dark, cold, Chicago mornings are not the most fun for outdoor running.

  67. Jessica says

    I went to the gym 20 minutes cardio, 20 minutes strength training. I feel a lot better than the rest of the week.

  68. Sara Kruse says

    I was supposed to do a upper body workout, but I didn’t. I did do some butt/core exercises my PT has me doing to help with some chronic overuse injuries I’ve been dealing with for the last couple of months.

  69. Amy says

    I’m recovering from being sick AND a knee injury, so no work out today, but I plan on starting a brand new training cycle next week. HUZZAH!!

    (Would love a pair of these babies for my birthday!)

  70. Robin says

    I did a class called Organized Chaos which is similar to a boot class-strength, cardio, tabata, abs etc. kicked my booty at 6 am!

  71. Jodi says

    I headed to the gym this morning at 4:45am to get my workout in before work. I did 7km on the treadmill and then hit up the weight machines for a little leg workout.

  72. Lauren says

    Oh my goodness, these would be amazing!! I’m always getting tangled in my head phone cords, whether I’m at the gym or running outside. I have an insanity workout coming up tonight!!

  73. april says

    woohoo, congrats on the RER registered trademark! =)

    i’m going to the gym soon for cardio and strength training.

  74. kiki marie says

    while waiting for the insurance lady to come to my house (have to have bloodwork and urinanalsis done to qualify for my policy) i started my work out early… hiding totes filled with christmas decorations, vaccuming up after our white shepherd that sheds another dog a day, and washing the rugs in the bathrooms. sounds oh so very exciting… only to head to the gym after and knock out 20 mins on the elliptical and a 30 min circuit on the weight machines… i am back home, tired, and trying to decide what to make for lunch… busy day already and it is only 1150am (where i am) whew!

  75. Annie says

    I made my friend, who is also a personal trainer and kills me in boot camp once a week, get up at 5am to run…payback! :-)

  76. Suzanne says

    I am hoping to get to the bootcamp class at my gym today. I’ll have to sneak out of work a little early because it starts at 5:30 and i usually don’t get into the gym until 5:45. They start with different intervals on the treadmills then have 8 different stations around the gym where you do two different exercises, one minute each, with a partner.
    It’s probably going to be packed because it’s that time of year. My backup plan is just weights and the elliptical, like usual, though I want to switch it up!

  77. Kristin says

    No run/walk for me today…I have a sick little girl at home today. But hoping to fit something in tomorrow! Headphones look awesome!

  78. abby r says

    i will be heading to the gym later tonight to complete day 4 of my half marathon training schedule- 35 min slow. i am in the market for new headphones- these would be amazing!

  79. says

    I took a strength class this morning at my gym. And then hit the elliptical machine for some cardio! That made me ready to conquer the day!

  80. says

    I did ALOT yesterday; went on a run and then was hit by a freak and short rain shower (=soaked), then did strength and core training followed by LOTS of stretching! Today is a rest day, meaning dog walk and lots of stretching!

  81. Julie K. says

    Big fan of the site!! Thanks for all the great posts – gets my day going :-) Today I did a 9 miler with some killer hills (I live in San Francisco and they cannot be avoided)

  82. says

    Yay on your trademark! Now you can walk around saying, “I don’t know if you know this, but, I’m kind of a big deal. People…. know me.”
    Today is a rest day from running, but I might do a little bike ride later :)

  83. Sharly says

    Oh man! Hubby and I have been lusting over wireless headphones for ages!

    This morning, I did a warm-up on the treadmill, and did a 20 minute weight routine! Does anyone else cry when doing weight training? I always bawl like it’s the end of the world! Guess it’s cathartic. I’m a fairly happy girl!

    Monica, you are always so inspiring! When you coming to Alabama??? :)

  84. Marina Chekhovskiy says

    I’m going to boot camp tonight after work! already SO sore not sure how i’m going to get through it :/

  85. Katie says

    I did some physical therapy stuff for my shoulder, ankle, and knee (I’m a mess), does that count as exercise? I’m also going to go watch my indoor soccer team in their playoff game (work out by proxy?).
    I really like those headphones! How’s the new Garmin working?

  86. Nicole says

    Havent been working out for a few days because of the flu :( Tried to run and I shut the garmin off I was so frustrated with my performance… :( Made my throat ache and my nose feel chaffed ….

  87. sharon says

    I didn’t do anything today. I have a sinus infection so today is a day of rest! But hopefully by tomorrow or Saturday I will be back at it!!

  88. Mercy says

    I’m supposed to do a 3-4 mile run today….but…CA has been hit with a cold spell (for CA anyway), and I don’t know if I can muster the motivation to actually out and run (cold weather sparks my asthma something fierce).

  89. Kate says

    I’ll be hitting the bike for a spin session later this afternoon! I love the idea of wireless headphones…mine inevitably get tangled in something!

  90. Monica says

    I did not walk on the treadmill for 7 mins, followed by 23 minutes fast walking at a super steep incline, then 20 minutes on the rower, then 10 cool down fast walk to normal walk on treadmill. I did not do this but if I did I’d be smokin’!

  91. Donald Sorah says

    Today I did some weight training for 45 minutes, practiced trumpet for an hour (that is exercise, right?), then did am easy spin for 75 minutes. A little more weight training and a healthy dinner after my faculty meeting. Wow! I could use those headphones to listen to rehearsal recordings while exercising in preparation for my next rehearsal. 😉

  92. says

    I have not but WILL run at least 1 mile as part of my runstreak and I will do pushups as part of a January challenge I am doing. :) Stupid work and school having to come first LOL

  93. Gina says

    I am itching to get out there and run. I had a little pre-cancerous chunk taken out of my arm Tuesday and it feels like the stitches are pulling (PSA, wear SUNSCREEN! I thought it was a freckle!) Anyways, jealous about the cold run, my fave to run in :) Have fun! (while I’m crying in the corner)

  94. Monica says

    I won’t be working out today…unless you count waitressing at a pizza shop/Italian Restaurant/Pub as exercise. I sort of do, because I’m running around when we get busy delivering food and drinks to a bunch of tables!! I go straight to the Pub after I get off from my full time job.

    If I could work out today, most likely I would be running on the treadmill after warlking my dog. I’m “training” for the Krispy Kreme Challenge in February and after that I’ll do a couple 5K’s in March and a 10 miler in April.


  95. Lesley says

    I am hoping to run a few miles later this evening when my hubby gets home from work! And I would love to try that wireless headset – I always get tangled up in the wires of my ear phones when I run!

  96. Karoline says

    If I can get off the Internet and stop reading blogs, my plan is to run a very hilly 5km and do leg and ab exercises after:) oh and some stretching. My official marathon training starts on the 21st!

  97. Shannon B. says

    I have nagging cough, so I walked 2 miles at lunch at 4.0 and 4% incline and it felt great, so after work I’m going to repeat with another 2 miles.

  98. Jessica says

    I did a 25 minute Jillian Michaels weight circuit and walked 2 miles on the treadmill. My easy day! Would love love those headphones.

  99. Patty T says

    I was supposed to run but it was mid 30’s here in No. CA and since I have been fighting off a cold I decided to wait another day.

  100. Jill says

    I worked out this morning to Bob Harpers Inside/Out Strength DVD. I would love these headphones for walking. thank you.

  101. says

    I did day 31 of Insanity this morning and rowed on the seated row machine for 4000m in the evening.

    I have been wanting to get some bluetooth headphones for a while now. I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger on the right pair. When I get back from deployment I want to buy the motoactv and pair with a nice wireless headsets.

    I enjoyed the article, I am new subscriber

  102. Camara says

    Well, I didn’t make it to the gym this morning. So the only exercise I’ve had today was moving boxes around at work and doing laundry. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

  103. Beth says

    Today was a rest day, although I was super tempted to run. Got some new shoes last night. Can’t wait to try them out!

  104. Valerie says

    Today is shoulders. The shoulder machine and I have a love-hate relationship. I tell it every time, “You will not defeat me!” So far, I’m winning. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. He (the machine clearly must be male because it’s so difficult…) doesn’t answer back (again why I believe it is a He.). :)

  105. Bree ltc says

    I DIDN’T work out today. This is very rare, but becoming much more common as I progress through this pregnancy thing. And I’m okay with that for sure. 10 hours of sleep instead and I feel great! Would love this headset. My earbuds are on the brink of death.

  106. says

    Monica, I’ll get on my soapbox. You probably know I am anti-headphones. I know people think they need headphones but why? Runners that love to run, learn to love running by zoning in rather than zoning out with music. Single focus. Also, headphones aren’t the safest way to run (I can list some of the bad things that have happened to people that could hear what was happening around them if you need me too). Each song has a different tempo which messes with your cadence. Learn to check out the noises around you, what your breath sounds like. What noise your feet are making. You may learn to enjoy it even more. Learn to be in the moment.

    Now, if wearing headphones is the only thing will get you out the door, well ok, get out the door. I’d rather you run than not run. But, if you love running, learn to run without headphones. And if you want to run faster try a metronome.

    BTW – I am a musician and love music more than most things in life. I totally get why people like to run with music but there is something magical about running for me. Sometimes being forced to zone in by not having music takes me places that make me stronger on race day. Also if you can do a long run with a friend and have a nice conversation.

    I’m off my soapbox now and off to the Goofy Challenge at Disney World.

    Have fun and train focused.

  107. TrinaH says

    I ran a super hilly 3 miles with the ‘run club, at work. We are flying to Phoenix to run the Half next weekend together, should be a blast!

  108. Christine says

    I did a 30 minute killer abs class and rowing at the gym. These wireless headphones would have come in handy since I always get tangled in mine!

  109. says

    I haven’t done anything yet but running on the treadmill and watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is in my immediate future!!

  110. Johnna says

    well, normally I’d be 45 minutes in to my Crossfit WOD; however, duty called and I had to work late. So today, NOTHING. However, I’ve gone every day this week and I have a competition on Saturday so I’ve definitely had/will have a full week of working out. I did do some extra ab work last night and some squats tonight. (does that count?)

  111. Carlee Kannenberg says

    Today I did some upper body work followed by an afternoon TurboKick class at the rec! Perfect after a long class!

  112. Blair says

    35 minutes on the stationary bike and then lifted with the legs. Recovering from a stress fracture, so it will be another month before I’m running again :(

  113. says

    i did a speed work(4 mi) on the treadmill, which felt great! then i went to a yoga class at my gym that i had high hopes for, but it turned out to be a bust

  114. Janet says

    I did not run today. Battling a nasty cold and coughing terribly whenever I exert myself. Winning those headphones would sure make me feel better 😉

  115. Teresa 5kgirl says

    I am a teacher and I walked around my high school probably two miles today :). Seriously, I walk / jogged on the treadmill for 20 minutes and then took a core class for 30 minutes at my YMCA in Palatine. I love my Y!

  116. Kristi says

    Today I ran 3k, and came to the realization that when you are starting at my level, long slow runs, short runs, and fartleks are really all rolled into this one attempt to get a little further down the road.

  117. says

    I started with the intention of running 5 miles today. Decided to run indoors on the dreadmill on my lunch hour. Lasted about 1.7 miles then called it quits. I just wasn’t feeling it. Should have went outside instead. After that I jumped on the spin cycle for 35 minutes and finished with some core work.

  118. Caity says

    I should’ve run, or done some other productive form of exercise or even just exercised good judgment. Instead, I exercised my pie hole and downed some margs with chips & spinach dip. Oops. :)

  119. Allyson says

    I DIDN’T go to the gym today! Bad Ally! Gearing up to start running again in the spring and would loooooooooove no wires on my headphones!

  120. Rose C. says

    Had a long day at work, soon heading off to a 3 hour night class. But I still got in a 2 mile speedwork workout!

  121. Ashley says

    Just finished day 4 of circuit training in my 12 week fitness program. First time I’ve ever burned 700 calories in a workout!

  122. Kelsey Y. says

    I headed out to the beach at my mom’s place in VA, and accomplished a 3.58 mile walk. And bonus! Two of the workouts from Jillian Michaels’ kick box fast fix DVD, and yoga abs with Bob Harper on his yoga for the warrior DVD. Quite an accomplished exercise day!

  123. Celeste says

    Today I ran 50 minutes in the morning going to work and then a shorter 40 minute loop on the way home. Even 9 miles.

  124. Trish says

    I did a blend of cardio- run, elliptical and the stair climber–> kicks my butt every time! I wrap my headphones cord around my wrist and hold my iPad making things a little difficult. These headphones would be glorious :)

  125. Laura says

    I sadly did not exercise today. We have had family visiting since the day after Christmas and the last of them left yesterday. Been feeling pretty burnt out so after work I went to Trader Joes and then came home and took the most glorious nap ever. Very much needed!!

  126. Aubree Cruz says

    I ran 6 miles at a blistering 6:30 pace…in my mind as i sat through 8 hours of work, followed by 4 hours of class. Darn job and college interfering with my running!

  127. Veronica says

    Did not go swimming like I had planned to because I am starting to feel sick. Opps, sorry, but I don’t feel bad.

  128. Cortney says

    Today’s a rest day for me, but tomorrow I have a running date with my 3-year old in the jogging stroller. I would LOVE to win these cool headphones!

  129. Alise says

    I ran this morning with my mom! She’s training for her first 10K so we try and run together a couple of times a week.

  130. Karin says

    It was my cross training day so I went back to an oldie but goodie, Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Workout 1. Great workout for 20 minutes!

  131. Amy says

    ran 5.5 miles on the treadmill-soooo boring (though I did get to watch HGTV without feeling guilty, so that was a plus!)

  132. Amy says

    Two mile run with a one mile walk. :(Everyone in my running group is still recovering from sicknesses. We are starting back slow.

  133. Natalie N. says

    I haven’t gotten to it to it, but I plan on doing a circuit work out and maybe add some cardio in the form of an elliptical

  134. Tina says

    I did my fastest 3 miler for 2013! 23:55.. and I just purchased a new set of crappy headphones. Why don’t these things stay in my ears? What happened to the good ole wrap around without blowing out an ear drum? I don’t know a soul that can move and groove to today’s under $20 headphones.

  135. Heather H. says

    I haven’t done anything yet, but I plan on completing another day of my plank and pull up challenge later this afternoon. Have great day!

  136. Miko A. says

    Today I haven’t done anything just yet since its still a bit early. Yesterday though I did manage to get a nice run in even through some “woman issues” that were plaguing me. (TMI? haha) Today I’m hoping to get in another run in the rain and maybe some easy yoga.

  137. says

    I haven’t exercised yet today but later I’m going for an interval run with sprints before a CrossFit Wod. My mom and sister both got wireless headphones for Christmas because they both have iPhones and I don’t (still stuck with the crackberry) but I’m always looking for better ones as none ever stay in my ears when I start sweating.

  138. Megan says

    I’m traveling today so I haven’t worked out – looking forward to my LR tomorrow though! Wireless headphones would we awesome, I’m always getting tangled up in my cord.

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