Monday Motivation For Working Out

Hello! I made it home around 2:30am last night, had a little snack and then hit the sack. Tell me you grab a snack after a long flight too so I feel better about eating at 3am. Anyway.

One little note though – I flew Spirit airlines for the time and it’s not great.

Spirit Airlines Review: Sucks.

They charged $50.00 for a carry-on bag, $45.00 for a checked bag and a fee to pick your seat. I thought I was getting a deal, but they totally get ya. Then, they delayed the flight because they needed to change the tire on the airplane. Boo.

So, I did what any frustrated girl would do… ate chocolate.

Airport dinner of champions = salad and chocolate

This morning I woke up feeling great so I did an easy 5 mile shake out run and now I’m talking to you nice people Smile

Motivation Monday!

ESPN #COLDLIST recently sent me these motivational images to share. It’s not too cold here, but it can be hard for anyone to get going in the morning, right?!


Love those!

In other news… Spreadshirt is offering free shipping with the code FREELOVE right now.

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Question: What do you tell yourself to get motivated to workout?

I need to add these to my Motivation Board on Pinterest! Share your faves.


  1. Krystina says

    With Spirit, you have to cheat the system. They charge for a carry on, but they do allow you 1 personal item for free. So, if you have a small bag/back pack/etc then it counts as a personal item but can be used as your carry on. My boyfriend and I went on a week long vacation only paid for 1 bag for the both of us (plus our free “carry ons” and it was more than enough.

  2. says

    That’s a lot of charges from the airline – That’s always a bummer. Just tell me all the prices beforehand please! :(
    I have noooo motivation for working out today. Reading active/running blogs can get me going a lot of the times though!

    • says

      Go for a walk, get some fresh air and talk to a friend on the phone. That usually makes me happy, then I can do some crunches and stuff when I get back home to feel like a did something. Tomorrow push it :)

  3. says

    Today is my rest day so I was just going to take my normal Monday Pilates….canceled! BOO! Guess it’s nothing for me today. Probably good because I am exhausted.

    I just always remind myself how much better I feel after my workout (and that when I get back to my desk I have an excuse to eat my meal within 3 minutes of arriving!) haha.

  4. says

    We were going to fly Spirit once too, and then we saw that they charge for everything so you’re not really saving any money. Dumb.
    My husband and I are doing a fitness challenge at our gym so that’s what motivates us to get to the gym. First prize is two 1-year memberships!

  5. Lauren says

    Dude, Spirit Airlines is THE WORST. just thinking about that airline makes my blood boil. My husband and I travel to Puerto Rico frequently, and Spirit flies there out of the airport 20min from our house, BUT we go 1.5hrs out of our way to a different airport to avoid flying Spirit. I hope that airline dies. For real.

  6. Shannon in Tustin says

    Oh girl, thank you for the link and the free ship code. I just bought the “Mexi-can” tshirt for my daughter! I am 1/2 Mexican and she just loves that — will tell anyone who’ll listen she is one proud Mexican. The shirt was awesome, she will LOVE it!

    Happy Monday.

    Are you ready to reveal how far you’re running on Sunday in HB? 😉

  7. Vernie says

    Bummer on all those extra charges! I just hate it when they pull that kind of stuff!

    What motivates me is the feeling I get after working out. Better mood, more energy and I am getting in shape and that ALWAYS feels good. When I don’t feel like working out, I think about all those things. :)

  8. says

    I wondered how Spirit airlines was. Their rates seemed too good to be true! And I would TOTALLY have a snack when I got home at 2:30 am.

  9. Tara says

    that stinks about the fees. I hate when you pay for something and think you are done paying, then get hit with ‘extras’ (we go to alot of concerts and I cannot stand all the FEES they charge for tickets!)

    I have my first half marathon in May, so that is keeping me motiviated! I am so, so worried I am going to do bad, that I am ensuring I stick to a strict workout/running plan for the next 4 months!
    And of course, reading your blog motivates me! I have NO.IDEA how you can run a half one day then get up and run a 5 miles ‘for the fun of it’, although I hope some day I WILL do that!

  10. says

    I tweeted this the second I woke up this morning: You’ll be happy when it’s over, you’ll be happy when it’s over, you’ll be happy when it’s over #MondayMotivation #morningworkout #earlyrun

    Sometimes it helps, other times the pillows win.

  11. says

    I hate Spirit with a passion.
    I fly JetBlue or Southwest whenever I can even if it costs a little more for the service alone. Sometimes JetBlue is even cheaper and they let me check a bag for free.
    FLL is a Spirit hub so a lot of times I do get really cheap (like $20 RT cheap) flights home from Orlando and take advantage of that but anywhere else it’s not worth it to me. They do tell you about all their fees when you’re booking though. I weigh the bag fee plus the flight plus the least amount of leg room against the cost of another airline before booking. Sometimes (to PR, NYC) it’s worth it but rarely.

  12. says

    I definitely eat at 3 am, always… (I can’t remember the last time I stayed up that late!). That looks like a pretty decent airport feast to me, how did it taste?

    Personally I just tell myself to do it, or words to a similar effect. Not exactly some wild motivation quote but hey-ho, it gets me started! What about you?

  13. Colleen says

    You never regret a workout. I teach aerobics at 4am and 4pm. The pm is tough. I chant that mantra a lot–both aloud to my members and in my head! :))

  14. says

    I absolutely LOVE those motivations – Re-Pinned :) and much needed
    here in the cold, cold, snowy weather of upstate New York.

    You had a fun half marathon – that’s what counts. Great job.

  15. Sarah says

    My favorite motivator is the “You never regret a workout” line. I alllllways regret skipping one so I have to remind myself of this frequently… ok, daily.

    • Sarah says

      I also wasn’t going to mention it because it’s personal, but it might motivate someone else too I suppose…

      I get bad aura migraines when I don’t take care of myself. The biggest migraine prevention I’ve found is working out regularly. It reduces my stress and helps balance my hormones <— biggest migraine triggers. It's a build-up thing, so if I slack off for one day it doesn't matter but 6 weeks and I'm in trouble. Hope that helps someone else! It's been transformative for me.

  16. kimberly says

    I almost always am hungry after a long flight, no matter if I ate dinner or snacks on the plane. There’s just something about travelling that makes meals unsatisfying.

  17. says

    I’m not a big nighttime snacker, but I’m definitely guilty of having a snack when I come home from a long flight. As in this week – I got back from a business trip at 1AM, was sooo incredibly tired and sick (boo), but some watermelon as a nighttime snack 😛 You’re not alone!

  18. says

    I tell myself one of two things. First, that you “never forget a workout” (I have that pinned on interest) and remind myself how good I will feel when its done.

    When Im really feeling unmotivated or pressed for time I have a 30 minute rule…just move for 30 minutes. It doesn’t matter what I do, but I have to walk, run, elliptical, swim, yoga, etc. for at least 30 minutes. Sometimes that is all I can do mentally or physically, or sometimes I end up working out for over an hour!

    Keep it up girl!

  19. says

    Oh that sucks, now at least I don’t feel too bad when my local budget carrier (Air Asia) charges for checked bags, meals on board and seat picking. The carry-on is free but is limited to 7kg which is strictly enforced – this works out OK for me for weekend getaways for races.

  20. Jamie K says

    I one up your post-travel snack with a midnight dinner of Chinese take-out (it was the only thing open, there was zero food in the house, and my husband and I were starving after snacking on only trail mix during our 5 hour flight). It was satisfying and gross at the same time!

    I suck at running but I keep getting back out there even after a break of several months. My motivation is my expanding bum and the need to get into what I call “fighting shape” for impending pregnancy doom. I also want to run a half marathon to raise money for a charity in honor of my mom’s dementia. I kinda want a RER shirt now… maybe it can be additional motivation!

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