15 miles with my thoughts

I didn’t mean to go out for 15 miles this morning, but I got lost in my brain movies. My head needed it, my knees notsomuch. image

Now I am off to Disneyland for the day!!!

And I have a surprise.

No, I won’t actually go dressed up like a character (although I am a little jealous of all the adorable little girls in their dresses)…IMG_5333 (600x800)

But I will go to the MOST AWESOME PLACE IN DISNEYLAND!!! Disney fans – you know what I’m talking about. Yes, that place. For real.


  1. april says

    club 33? no way! i’ve heard so many cool things about that place! hope you’re allowed to take (or sneak? ;)) pictures. have fun!

  2. says

    I have about zero Disney knowledge – hope you had fun at the best place there!!
    Great job on the long run – nice when you start running and do more than planned!

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