Coffee Ice Cubes for Iced Coffee

Just the Tip Tuesday

If you’re been reading RER for more than a day you may be aware that I love iced coffee a little bit…IMG_4635 (600x800)

And I like my iced coffee like I like my men – Big and Cold.

Wait. Never mind.

Here’s the tip… pour the rest of your coffee into ice trays to make coffee cubes. This keeps your iced coffee cold and strong. Yeah ice cubes

Bonus: Use the coffee ice cubes in a vanilla protein shake and make it like a Frappuccino! Double win.smoothie with coffee

Question: Got a food / exercise / dating / random tip to share?


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    OMG! I always thought that would be a good idea since I hate when the iced coffee gets super watery (and I hate to chug it). Don’t know why I haven’t tried it, but good to know it works well 😀

    • says

      I think coffee ice cubes is a brilliant idea and I love coconut, so this is a great mixture. I have tried drinking coffee black and just can’t do it so I’m wondering if blending coconut cubes with coffee may allow me to skip some or all of the cream and sugar.

  2. says

    I do this all the time when I make too much. Great idea with the frapp, though. Never thought of that! Do you think I could put them in a smoothie?

  3. says

    I saw this somewhere else & started doing it with my iced tea too. I hate when it gets watered down, but I also hate it when it gets too warm! This is a hue revelation people!

  4. Becky says

    You know why I love your blog? Because 9 times out of 10 I get at least one good laugh reading it. Thanks for posting so often and for keeping things light :)

  5. Janelle says

    I’ved tried freezing coffee to then try to blend (it’s one of the recipes I got with my Blendtec), but the consistency is so weird! Does it come out good for you? I’ve done it a couple of times, but it’s always the same. I do like the idea to use the cubes as the ice for iced coffee!

  6. says

    I definitely need some ice cube trays to do this! i am still busy reusing my K-cups over here in NY…I can’t believe it took me this many years to try it! I brew either 2 cups at the middle setting or 1 cup at the tallest setting mixed with 1 cup at the smallest setting. Makes for a nice big mug full of coffee and you would NEVER be able to taste that the K-cup was reused!

  7. says

    Dang – I don’t think I have any of my own tips to pass along so my tip is: don’t ever stop reading Run Eat Repeat. It’s amazing and full of great tips! :)

  8. Erin says

    Hi! Where in OC do you coach out of/ are you still coaching? I am in Seal Beach and need someone to chase me around with a stick.

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    My roommate makes coffee ice cubes and I remember the first time I saw them in the freezer I was like uhhhh what happened to the ice cubes…

  10. says

    I tried frozen coffee in my vanilla protein shake this morning. Oh my! I’m so glad you introduced me to this wonderful drink!

    I know you are following intuitive eating right now..but I found this awesome website on clean eating It is pretty awesome and just thought I would share it with someone else who is in to eating well and healthy. I’m sure margaritas are clean eating right?!

  11. says

    OH. MY. GOODNESS! I do this! It’s the best thing ever! Plus, if it melts it doesn’t get diluted! Makes me very happy and glad it does to you, too! :)

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