How To Lose 10 Pounds

I have been getting a lot of comments asking how I lost weight. I haven’t answered because:

A.) I haven’t weighed myself in a while so I can’t really confirm if it’s one pound or ten pounds.


B.) What I’ve been doing is kind of embarrassing and gimmicky.

how to lose 10 pounds fast

Since writing a diet blog is kinda my job I’ve done a ton of research on diet tips that actually work. Whenever I come across a new weight loss trick I am skeptical – I know there are a lot of dumb diet tricks out there not based in any science.

But I have known for years that chili powder helps increase your metabolism. So, when I heard that eating a tablespoon of Sriracha before you eat can help you lose weight I figured it was worth a try.

So after a ton of comments and emails I am finally ready to share

How to Lose 10 Pounds

1. Before every meal and snack I eat a heaping tablespoon of Sriracha.   how to lose 10 pounds fast diet tip

2. Hold it on your tongue for 15 seconds before swallowing.    how to lose 10 pounds fast diet tip

3. Eat your meal like normal.

how to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks

4. Watch the scale go down! The chili increases your metabolism and holding the Sriracha on your tongue helps you slow down while eating.

Because it hurts. Just like love.

But, no pain no gain, right?

Please consult your doctor before trying a new diet or exercise program. I just know that this works for me. Like with any diet this won’t work for everyone – especially people allergic to Sriracha. diet ecard

Question: Have you ever tried a fad diet?

I did the cabbage soup diet in college. It was unpleasant.

***Updated to add: This was an April Fool’s Day Joke.***


      • Emily says

        OMG! I was so excited because I have a big bottle and love srichara, and would love to lost 10 lbs… damn

    • cg says

      very witty! i have been running more and eating healthily. slow but steady and i feel much more energized and positive. thanks for being such a positive role model for healthy living. as a woman, i used to look for the quick fix, often accompanied by a lack of self respect and shame plus judgment. now being strong and healthy although not exactly as thin as what some cultural standards might promote for women…i am much happier, healthier and productive. thanks for a great blog.

  1. says

    What…lol. I agree, I am hoping this is a joke. I like spicy food but I could NEVER eat a whole teaspoon of sriracha at once!

    The only diet I’ve done is south beach diet, which worked – but isn’t something you can maintain! Healthy eating as much as you can and working out regularly is the way to go!

  2. D says

    I used to be an avid reader and supporter of your blog – we’ve exchanged comments back and forth mnay times and I’ve been reading for YEARS. I, like many other readers, have read along and supported you as you’ve struggled with various issues. Binge eating, emotional eating, after-dinner snacking, intuitive eating, challenges, etc. While I haven’t commented as much in recent times, I know that other readers have responded with advice, support and kind words when you’ve needed it. You have shared when you’ve failed at certain things, and let your readers rally around you and try and pick you up again.

    But now? You’ve achieved weight loss and great running PRs after years of struggling, and you not only dismiss all reader questions, but you mock people by turning it into an April Fools joke. Every post is full of sarcasm, sponsored stuff, and just sheer avoidance.

    I hope that your reason for secrecy is worth insulting and ignoring everyone who has followed you and supported you for years.

    • says

      Hey D, Thanks for reading – I didn’t mean for this post to get people so upset!

      I have not dismissed reader questions but said very openly said that I’m still figuring out what is working and what isn’t. If I write a post and say “Eating oatmeal for breakfast has helped me lose 10 pounds.” Then, have a smoothie for 2 days people will jump all over me – I’ve chosen not to set myself for the meanies until I am fairly set in my new habits.

      But, I 100% plan on doing a post on the changes I’ve made to my diet and exercise soon. I am not trying to be secretive, promise. I need everyone to be a little patient as I figure out what is working for me before I post it and potentially have thousands of people question/follow/criticize me.

      – Love, Monica

  3. Marie says

    I know you’re joking, but this isn’t really cool. I mean, your readers have been legitimately asking, and you’ve been straight up blowing it off and now you make a joke about it.

    I know the standard answer is “I can do what I want; it’s my blog,” but it is a health and fitness blog so you do kind of owe it to your readers to discuss.

    Personally, I think it’s childish. I’m not trying to offend you, or tell you how to run your business, but I don’t think this joke is all that funny.

      • says

        Me four! I used to really like Monica–she was the first blogger I found who seemed real. Now it’s all sponsored posts, vague blogging, and jabs at longtime readers who are interested in her story (see: this post).

        Although I have to say, I sort of love that the internet now contains a blog purportedly about weight loss (ahem: “I am Monica and I am using running and healthy eating to lose weight and stop dieting!”) wherein the author refuses to discuss her weigh loss. So meta! or something.

    • chloe says

      sorry your panties are in a wad. but i hope this is real so you feel silly for writing this..
      if it was an april fools joke.. shed probably put it at the end. not let it go on all day.

      you can also google this and see it does in fact have many articles and writings on increasing your metabolism.

      • JB says

        Well as you can see it is NOT real and anyone that would think it was is ridiculous. And eating hot sauce is not going to make you skinny because it raises metabolism.. Gah, people will do anything for a quick fix.

        • Lisa says

          Um i totally believed it!! I was already thinking about the large bottle of siracha i have at home. I have heard that eating spicy things speeds your metabolism, and also that you tend to eat less when food is spicy. So, really this isnt too ridiculous?

  4. says

    The last time I ate copious amounts of anything spicy, I gave birth. Granted, I was pregnant at the time, but still. It’s not for weenies. 😉

  5. Natalie says

    Ha, don’t tell me we have to go all pc and ban April fools day from the calendar now because some people can’t take a joke.

    If you can’t play a prank on this day of all days …

    I found it funny.

  6. says

    YES! I KNEW sriracha sauce was the answer to everything. Wait… I’ve been putting it in everything though, and haven’t lost a single pound! I guess the secret is to put it on your TONGUE, not your FOOD. Duh!

  7. says

    Oh my goodness! I had heard that Spicey foods a helps to speed up metabolism–but letting siracha sauce sit on your tongue is like torture! I think I would be afraid to eat–or I would quickly eat anything and everything to get the spicyness off my tongue. I may need to try this, especially on foods that I can really indulge on (like pizza from the bestest pizza place ever). You should do an impromptu voluntary health study and see if this really works. With your reader base, I’m sure that you’ll get a ton of takers!

  8. Whitney says

    Thank goodness this is a joke. I was starting to worry that some readers would actually do this. People will try anything to lose weight! I don’t see why people are hounding you about how you lost weight. It all comes back to diet and exercise. It’s really that simple. There is no magic pill! :)

  9. says

    Hysterical! Happy April Fool’s Day- although I am a firm believer in doing what works for you so hey, if you do this and it works, more power to you lol…I never actually did a Fad diet but I have plenty of friends that have, and my grandmother always spoke of the grapefruit diet. She swore by eating a ton of grapefruits…again, whatever works for ya!

  10. J says

    I guess the issue (not that I am allowed to have one) with this whole post is 1. You never mentioned how Mexican you are, I mean every Mexican loves hot sauce right? 2. It’s tacky to have a sponsored blog and be completely evasive in all of you’re attempts at a real post.

    In the blogging world you actively select to live you’re life very publicly, you get paid to review items, run races, and other activities that you are not qualified for and or have some smart ass remark about.

    As someone stated above you have so many readers who follow you for ADVICE (and unless they want to learn how to binge on watermelon you are barking up the wrong tree) running related items that actually include some sort of substance that others could find useful, and for a common bond when it comes to struggling with both.

    I come here looking to see if you’re asshattery and full on mockery of most of you’re loyal readers will ever stop.

    We get, you lost weight, you look great even when you still insist on posting a photo of yourself with your hand on you’re hip.

    Talk to some people out there who have actually struggled in life would you? I have lost nearly 200#s and nobody pays me to run or sponsors me to try multiple items. Know what? I still run and still try to PR at every race even if there isn’t a paycheck at the finish line. I have cancer, run through chemo and am a mother. I guess you could say a real person. When someone comes to your blog looking for another real person (when you actually were one) they are sorely disappointed.

    Jump on her bandwagon girls. I am sure you will. Poor Mon can’t even tell a joke without someone hating. Whatever.

  11. says

    I found this to be funny. I feel that those who didn’t might take life a little too seriously! It’s April Fools Day. Breath and laugh! As someone who has lost over 100lbs I definitely understand Monica not wanting (on a more “normal” lol day) to just throw out some crazy nonsense of how she’s been really losing weight. I’m sure in time she will reveal her secrets. Calm down. It’s a joke that I’m sure she didn’t mean to offend anyone!

  12. Jen says

    Sorry, people are giving you a hard time! It did make me do a double take, but then I remembered what day it was. I love sriracha so if only this was true!

  13. says

    secret’s out! when are you going to spill the beans about the private label brand of sriracha you are endorsing and the infomercial you filmed last month?

  14. says

    First thought when reading this is “this chick has finally lost it”. Then I looked at the calendar and couldn’t stop laughing. Very funny. Love it.

  15. says

    Sriracha is the answer to everything!!! This post made me smile :)

    (And some people thought you were being serious??? THAT concerns me…hahaha)

  16. says

    Now you are definitely going to have to do a weight loss post 😉 I know less Bacon more salad and running is working for me!

    And to answer your question! I have! Fad diets suck! I have found that low carb eating helps me lose weight and I can maintain it without going crazy, but I know some people can’t.


  17. leahk says

    Ha! I love how offended people are by this!! If you are offended and can’t take a joke… STOP READING THE BLOG. Or is that just common sense?

  18. says

    I am personally offended as a lover of sriracha, the fact that you would use it’s spicy goodness in a joking manner.
    April Fools.

  19. Leah R. says

    I think it’s funny that you posted this as a joke when like 2 months ago you did a post on markers you sniff as a potential weight loss tool. I have a lot more faith in the power of sriracha than I do in those markers.

  20. says

    Whew! You seriously almost had me there! I wad like “wait…what?!” and was about to ask if it would work with other hot sauces, lol. Then I realized there wad no way that was a full tablespoon on your tongue! Lol. I think it’s hilarious and that haters are always going to hate. You’re one of my favorites, Monica, so keep it up!

  21. Sally Kate says

    Throw in a few choice words, but my original thought from this post was shut up.
    You are rediculous- in the best way possible.
    And the haters gonna hate :) I’m going to hold my tongue but know I got yo’ back gurrl :)

  22. Ida says

    I think it was pretty obvious that this was an april fool’s post. i’m impressed that you went so far as to put siracha on your tongue! I am excited to read about the actual changes you’ve been making. you look great, and your PR’s are like whoa

  23. Meg says

    Monica, you totally had me for a second! Then I quickly felt like an idiot for even considering it! Too funny.

    I think the only thing funnier than a good April Fools Joke is people who get really upset by them. Keep being your silly self!

  24. Katelin says


    Love your blog! Ignore the ugly comments and keep being you because I look forward to it everyday!

  25. says

    Funny!!! I kind of believed it at first since I put hot sauce on everything and I have a fast metabolism haha. I’m glad I didn’t try this, though :).

  26. Janice says

    In the first pic the dogs looks like he is hoping you’ll drop the cake! She/he is too funny just sitting there waiting!

  27. Adrian says

    Re the neg comments it could be worse; check out Mark Remy’s post in RW today. Actually you can’t now because he removed it but it looks like he also took a beating.

    They’re just jokes people!!

  28. Amy says

    Hi Monica! First time commenter here and I just wanted to share my thoughts – that some of your readers clearly have no sense of humor. If the readers out there who are saying “you write a health and fitness blog wah wah wah” are legit being pissy because you supposedly won’t answer their questions is truly mindblowing. Hey to RER’s Readers — try a certified personal trainer and nutritionist for your weight loss goals and let Monica keep on doing her own thang.

  29. Lori says

    I am super gullible so I completely fell for it until I saw your comment afterward. Well played, Monica! I have noticed from your pictures of meals you’ve posted that your portion sizes seem to be smaller than before. Could that be one of the reasons you’re looking so fit and thin? Whatever your reasons, keep on keepin’ on! I find you and Tina from Carrots ‘n Cake to be my two favorites due to your realness and authenticity in your daily blogs.

  30. Mary says

    Honestly? The funniest thing is the comments. I cannot get over the balls that the invisibility of the internet gives people. I have read many blogs that don’t interest me or maybe even bother me in some way…so I Stop Reading Them. The fact that you get commenters who like to bash you (how dare you show up to run the NYC marathon? How dare you make a joke about losing weight with hot sauce?) is hilarious. I feel really sorry for people who think that they have made some all-important contribution by bashing someone whose behavior they don’t approve of. Seriously, people, step away from the computer and go find a more productive way to spend your time and leave Monica to those of us who enjoy her.

  31. Mia says

    Hahaha. I agree that while i found your post funny, i found peoples angry/offended comments to be even funnier. A sarcastic joke, kind of poking fun of yourself on your blog, well how dare you 😉 April fools day is no day to making jokes clearly…. But i what i really loved was the follow up SrirGOTCHA in your next post. Totally worth all of it just so you could use the word srircgotcha. Brilliant!

  32. Isabel says

    Loved this post! And as a fairly new reader to your blog, I don’t need to know your “secret” — I read about it in your posts everyday. Run, Eat, Repeat! You run a lot, you’re running faster which happens when you run a lot and do things like tempo runs, you cross train, and you don’t deprive yourself. And you have a BLAST doing it. I love it!

  33. says

    I tried drinking a glass of ice water with apple cider vinegar in it first thing in the morning. It took a while to get used to it and I did, eventually, but i think just drinking a plain glass of ice water would do the same thing. I’ve heard of spicy things increasing metabolism as well as grapefruit. Maybe I’ll try one of these.

  34. says

    Some people’s children. Monica, keep blogging. Please. You’re (ahem, the correct use of the word) funny, kind, down to earth, and you make inappropriate comments at the most brilliant times.

    There’s no secret to losing weight and for those of you lazies (yes, I said it) who are holding Monica personally responsible for your fatness… be ashamed of yourselves. Seriously.

    Hugs and Kisses!

  35. says

    This joke was too funny. I believed it at first but was soooo glad I saw that it was a joke. It just shows how many diet tips are out there and we should not believe everything we read…but to remember to do research; especially when it comes to your health.

  36. Shannon in Tustin says

    No likey all the haters…you’re killing it on marathons, half-marathons and PR-ing yourself into next Tuesday. There you go: eat less, burn more…

    Jeez, get lives people!

    Monica, keep on keeping on; we’ll be here!

    Happy Wednesday. 😀

  37. Jean says

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with some of the readers above. I don’t even need to know your secret to weight loss, but it is weird that you have a health/fitness blog but you aren’t sharing about it, but you’ll share about everything else. Makes me think maybe you haven’t been using a healthy approach and that it is why you aren’t sharing? And the real problem isn’t that you pulled an April Fool’s joke on your readers or the weight loss thing really. I used to love your blog because you are funny and I DO have a good sense of humor, but lately I find myself visiting your blog less and less because there does seem to be an overall sarcastic dismissal of your readers. You can’t expect them to be here for you and you not be here for them. Remember, without them your blog wouldn’t be successful!

  38. says

    OMGosh! LOL I am catching up on some blog posts after being out of town and I read this post with this look of confusion and if I’m being honest, irritation. I was thinking, “What the he**?!” And then I got to the April Fools comment. 😀 I didn’t even realize this was posted on April 1st, so haha! You got me! Thanks for the laugh. :)

  39. says

    WOW, not even remotely funny since we have all been asking for months about how you lost the weight and are achieving PR’s. I respect the fact that you don’t want to divulge your secrets just yet but tricking people with this just isn’t funny. I hope you redeem yourself by actually sharing what has led to your recent weight loss in the VERY near future.

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