Motivation Monday–Live with Fire

Hello from SoCal! I made it back home and flew into Long Beach. Summer time in the LBC is coming soon. I’m excited.

long beach airport

Yesterday after the race I enjoyed cupcakes and beverages with my peeps. It was pretty fun. We got them from American Cupcakes and they were just okay. The popcorn was banging though!

gimme all your cupcakes and no one gets hurt

Then bright and early this morning I woke up to catch my flight home. I’m always sad to leave San Francisco. I kinda want to move there after such a fun, beautiful weekend!

IMAG1111 (800x451)

Luckily I scored a free iced coffee at the airport so that distracted me from the pain of saying goodbye and I was over it. Someone’s flighty Winking smile

free iced coffee is best

Motivation Monday

Alicia Keyes’ Girl on Fire is on my ipod right now and I LOVE the remix with  Nicki Minaj. Well, someone sent me this video last week where she talked about how she #LiveWithFire and struggles sometimes with working out. It’s short and her very real, relatable struggle with getting out of bed to exercise.

I live with fire, but that’s mostly because I have a flame tattoo on my hip. And if I want to be able to show it to anyone I better get outta bed and run, right?!

flame tattoo on hip

More motivation – over 8,000 people ran the half marathon on Sunday. If they can do it – YOU CAN DO IT. Whether that ‘it’ is running or lifting xx or trying a new dance class. You can do it.

IMAG1063 (800x451)

Question: Are you motivated this Monday?

YES! Just say Yes.


  1. says

    I am motivated! I ran 8 in the park today after a long run this weekend. I’m coming to SoCA (well, LA) tomorrow and can’t wait to keep my running up during a busy conference week (I say that with a big ‘hope’ instead of the “can’t wait”).

  2. says

    I need to be (but instead I’m reading your blog!). Just got home from work and WILL exercise here pretty soon. Really I want to hit the fridge pretty hard–last day on The Military Diet and I’m ready to get back to counting points with Weight Watchers.

    • says

      Seriously? Nothing. I just always wanted it since I was in high school. Only after did I find out about the phrase some people use to refer to red heads that involves that region of someone’s body. Swear. Fun fact: I can touch super hot things and eat HOT HOT HOT temperature food. I think there’s something wrong with me, but it all kinda ties in (or so I tell myself).

  3. says

    Slept in this morning, but having a nice long easy swim this evening at the gym… so… sorta! :)

    I took a crazy epic spin class that used that song during it, so now all I can think of is the instructor saying “you’re pedaling through the desert, it’s 119 degrees, there’s sand up to your ankles…” (fun times).

  4. says

    Oh yea, motivated for sure! Had my trainer kick my boo-tay this morning & looking forward to some stretching this evening! Headed to San Fran on Wednesday, looking forward to seeing some of your same sights!

  5. Becky says

    yes! Ran my very first 1/2 on Saturday (so I guess its a PR, right? 2:14…Ill take it!)

    Now to switch it up a bit – adding more strength and ab work…..

    thanks for the motivation!

  6. Gavi says

    Absolutely! Congratulations on the half yesterday! I was out busting a PDR–15 miles!–through the hills of San Francisco while you were cruising through the half. I hope you had a great time in SF! My run yesterday made me feel super motivated for the upcoming SF Marathon.

  7. says

    You are too cute! I never would have guessed that you have a freaking flame tattoo. Haha! Wait… is this another april fool’s joke? Seriously, though, I love it.

    Motivation… I just finished a tempo run. Now Im motivated (and justified) for chillin’ on my couch for a little bit!

  8. Casey says

    Dang, I rarely have nice things to say, but judging from that tattoo photo, gluten free is all kinds of amazing for your body and lifestyle. Congrats!

  9. Cortney says

    I totally agree with you about American Cupcakes. I live in the SF Bay Area and we made a special to to American Cupcakes last year for my birthday and I wished I hadn’t wasted the calories on them. Next time try Kara’s Cupcakes, WAY better! And it looks like you had a ton of fun on your race :)

  10. says

    For sure coz I had a pretty relaxed weekend tracking my friends running the MWM ( – so so so happy for all of them.

  11. Jennifer says

    That is not your hip. That is your vagina bone. How much did that hurt?!?

    I was motivated until I got caught up in homework and didn’t make it out for my run. I did 8.5 this weekend though, so I didn’t feel too bad about missing it!

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