Five Fun Friday Fings–Runners World Boston Marathon Cover

1. The July Runner’s World is dedicated to the Boston Marathon. Here’s a sneek peek at the cover and the process behind covering Boston.

runners world cover boston marathon

2. I always thought if I was an animal I’d be a tiger, but maybe I’m more like a wolf.

wolves like watermelon too

3. Last night I went out for Thai food and had Pad See Ew with Lamb. Maybe I really am a wolf. Do wolves eat lamb?

pad se ew with lamb

Also – I had fried bananas with homemade coconut ice cream. YES. YES!

fried banana and coconut ice cream (800x800)

4. RER Behind the Scenes – I had to film something for a new project and Skinny Runner agreed to be my camera crew / craft services / producer / only fren.


5. Today was my last run before RnR San Diego this Sunday. I just ran a half marathon on MONDAY hello, so my legs are not recovered enough from that to run a hard race. I’m going to focus on fueling and pacing. Also – it has taken me A LOT longer to recover from the 50k than to recover from a marathon. It was rough!

Question: What is one random thing going on with you?


  1. Sarah G. says

    I can’t wait to get that issue of RW!! Something random – my coworker and I accidentally dressed alike today. Oops!

  2. says

    I just subscribed to Runner’s World so the Boston July issue may, in fact, be my very first issue!
    I’m pretty sure I’m a wolf…or maybe a coyote :p

  3. says

    Wanna shot for a 1:50 on Sunday? That includes partying Saturday night in San Diego. I know you’re more ready for it than I am. It will be a test of intestinal fortitude, literally and figuratively. Plus, I have to shoot a video while we run. We’ll help pace each other. Our train picks you up from IRV at 12:17. Are you in, or in the way? BTW we are riding in 1st class.

  4. Gillian says

    Are you running half or full San Diego? Maybe Ill see you there! We are heading down tonight for fun weekend getaway which just happens to include a race for me 😉

  5. Andi M says

    Random, it seems that everything about my life is random. Went short shopping, this out of work substitute teacher hates the prices!

  6. Nicole says

    I’ve been looking up recipes for homemade larabars, and I’m trying to figure out which nuts/dried fruit to buy for the ingredients tomorrow… And if a food chopper will suffice. I think I need to add a food processor to the list :)

  7. Kelly M says

    Next Saturday, I’m going to run my first ever, half marathon. Had been training hard, and then….I got pneumonia. :'( Just now recovering and starting to run again, but no where near as strong as before. Starting to panic!

  8. Debbie says

    Randomly I am running my first marathon on Sunday. If I see you I will most likely just stare. Just to be more stalkerlike.

  9. says

    Good luck with the race this weekend! I live in SD but am heading north a little bit to run the Camp Pendleton Mud Run 10k. I’m pretty stoked. First mud run for me!

  10. says

    Thanks for the preview of the Runner’s World cover!
    I just finished reading coverage of the Boston Marathon in Boston magazine, which was put together in only 2 days because of a publishing deadline. It was very moving stuff.
    Hope you have a great race this weekend.

  11. says

    hmmm, I have a 5 and 7 year old so everything seems random. Looking to take a jump into using my love for fitness to a new level – personal trainer certification or something along those lines.

  12. says

    Who knew wolves liked watermelon?! 😛
    One random… I got in a crazy mood to change up my blog layout today… that’s pretty much what I did for half the day! lol 😉 #lazyday

  13. says

    hmm so many random things with me – how about I needed watermelon in a major way yesterday that my friend decided we should try going to the warehouse of a local supermarket (the warehouse is down the block from our community which is closer than the actual supermarket) and see if they have a retail shop/farm stand in the back (which they didn’t) but we spotted the truck unloaded the major shipments of watermelons and we hung there hoping to spot a worker who would want to give us a case of watermelon. Didn’t happen. I will try again lol.

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