Beach Rays Bathing Suit Giveaway

Hello from Florida! We made it here super late last night, so this morning’s wake up call was rough… but self inflicted. I wanted to try and beat the heat for a few miles.

marco island vacation

This is an annual trip Ben’s fam takes every year but I didn’t go last year because I was at Blogher Food in Seattle. It’s funny how familiar the sidewalk was after being away for 2 years Smile

Ahhhh! I’m on vacation. Wish you were here!

IMAG4629 (800x450)

But even though I can’t take you all to the beach with me I will give you a consolation prize…

Beach Rays sent me this super cute bikini by WET. And they’re giving one RER reader a suit too! wet bikini giveaway

The site has tons of one and two piece bathing suits and they let me pick my favorite. I admit, I spent way too long going through their trying to decide. I went with the Jessica bikini. Love it. And love that you can order different sizes for the top and bottom!

wet bikini giveaway

And the company is letting one RER reader pick the suit of their choice on Beach

beach rays bikinis

To Enter: Leave a comment with which you would choose –

One Piece or Two Piece Swim Suit?

Open to residents of the US only. Closes 6/10/13 at 10am EST


  1. Angie says

    After having a baby in September I would definitely pick a one piece! Those look cute and stylish without making someone feel old.

  2. Linds says

    Two piece! Just finished training for an ultra, and I’m ready for the pool an a good book (and cute bikini)!

  3. Juliene says

    You look great! Even though I should say 1 piece since I just delivered my second baby, how do people pee when their suit is wet? Gotta go with 2 piece for that reason!

  4. says

    I. Wish. I. Were. There.

    Two piece! Oddly, in a bathing suit is one of the ways I’m the least self-conscious…? I think I just feel so out of control happy to be at the beach I don’t have room for any other feelings.

  5. Jenny says

    I would get a new two piece for my upcoming trip to Disney World!

    ps. I have always thought you were super pretty but you look smokin’ in that beach pic! rock on, girl!

  6. Sarah says

    I would choose a two piece. I’ve worn a tankini since I had my first child and I’ve been working my butt off to feel good in a bikini this summer!

  7. says

    2 piece – even though some might think I’m too old!!!
    Thanks for sharing the site – I love the suits especially the guys for my husband!!!

  8. Gillian says

    2 piece for sure. I think it’s more flattering. And I like being able to have the bikini top on and use a skirt or wrap on bottom if I need to cover up a little (ie hide my pasty white butt/thighs!)

  9. Megan says

    I think I’m going to go with a tankini this yr. I feel like I *can* wear a bikini but I get kind of self conscious and want to just enjoy myself this summer and not have doubts!

  10. Natasha McCarson says

    Since I’ve busted by crazy a$$ running I and finally got rid of that baby weight I think I can officially say TWO PIECE. WOOT! :)

  11. says

    Two piece! Forces me to make sure I’m in shape to show off the stomach. And I find that one pieces accentuate the fact that I’m very flat chested

  12. Katie says

    I’d choose the “Taylor” two piece and try to have it inspire me to get a bit more “beach body” ready!!

  13. Jordan says

    I wish I could pull off a one-piece, but it would look ridiculous. I’d stick with a two piece. Some of these bathing suits are soooo cute.

  14. Cindy says

    After seeing how fabulous you look, I would choose a 2-piece and use the mental image of you as motivation to continue running/training to reach my personal goals. Thanks for the inspiration and opportunity to win a cute suit.

  15. Karen f says

    I would like a two piece but as a public service I think I would order a one piece. I have had three kids. Nobody needs to be all up in that business.

  16. Monica says

    I think one pieces can be super classy, especially for those of us who are closer to 30 than 20.

  17. Kristina m says

    Being a mom to a toddler our summers are filled with playgroups to the beach or splash pads. I think a one piece would work better for me this year with all the running around.

  18. Kate says

    A two piece! I don’t like having a tan face/arms/chest/upper back/legs and a pasty midsection. It bothers me, I don’t know why (read: I know why… vanity). I’m either all pasty, all fake tan or all real, slightly less pasty…

  19. Kris says

    I love the suits on this site! I always struggle with finding the “perfect” swimsuit, and i would love to try one of these. They are so cute!
    That said, I would love to try a 2 piece, definitely a lot to choose from!

  20. Katie M says

    Beach Rays has some pretty sweet one piece suits. I love all of the cut outs that make it fun like a bikini, but provide a little more coverage :)

  21. Laura says

    Two piece for sure! I need a new one anyways…I totally ruined my bikini top in the dryer last year! You look amazing BTW! :)

  22. tara says

    I’d go with a 2 piece….but not a super skimpy string thingy – I actually like to walk and swim in my suits without suddenly flashing someone!

  23. Anastasia says

    I would pick the Lucy! The 60s print is fab and the cut would look great on my mother runner body 😉

  24. says

    I really should pick a one piece but would probably get a two piece. I have the same issue with my food choices ie the need for a one piece.

  25. says

    Ooooh- you’re in Marco, aren’t you? I think I would recognize that beach anywhere. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it there. I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite beach in the U.S. Oh- and I’d take the two piece.

  26. Jessi says

    Two piece – to show off the drastic color difference between my tan arms and legs and super white belly =)

  27. Sara says

    2 piece! I hit my original goal weight on schedule and my present was going to be a bikini. I now would like to lose another 10lbs so I am waiting for a bit.

  28. Genevieve says

    I have been working my booty off but this momma of 3 is still sticking with a one piece! One pieces can be sexy too!! :)

  29. Annie says

    two piece for me! I’m hoping you share more of your weight loss journey. You look SOOOO amazing!!!!

  30. heatherfeather says

    2 piece!!!! I do love the straps on the one you picked out – so cute. have fun in Florida

  31. tiffany says

    um, first of all you look great! and second of all, two-piece…my mid-section needs to see some sunlight!

  32. Andrea Johnson says

    A two piece to use as inspiration as I train for my 1st half marathon and continue on my weight loss journey!

  33. says

    Two piece! I promised myself a long time ago that if I lost 60 pounds, I’d wear a bikini and own it. I’ve been rocking a two piece for four years!!! :)

  34. Kayla @ blondes have more run says

    2 piece! I haven’t been working this hard in the gym to cover it all up! Hahaha :)

  35. Avanna says

    You look so good Monica!! I would choose a 2 piece!! Love the one you have. It’s so cute!! Have fun on vacation!!

  36. Shari says

    Definitely a 1 piece suit. I’m mid-40’s, had 2 kids, currently in my last year of law school and have NEVER had a flat tummy. I think I might someday when all of the stress of law school, the impending CA bar exam, kids, etc are all in the appropriate place. I workout super hard every day and generally run by the mantra: I’m in great shape, but my shape isn’t all that great.

  37. laura cleveland says

    2 piece!!! After gaining 70 pounds with my daughter and losing it all plus a few i’m showing it off!!

  38. says

    I’m almost done with triathlon training and wearing my one piece all the time so from now on it’d be PERFECT to have a two piece!

  39. Rebecca says

    Two piece! A place that sells the top and bottom separate is the only way I can get a two piece that fits.

  40. Carissa says

    Love that picture—afternoon siesta? I would say a two-piece for sure (to answer your question).

  41. jess says

    i’d go with the 2 piece. probably the same one as you. since this jessica would love a jessica bikini! enjoy FL!

  42. zoe kimberly says

    I’ve been looking for a classic one piece for this summer – this site has so many that would be perfect. The one piece comeback!!

  43. says

    As much as my brain tells me to pick a one piece, my inner sliver of self-confidence telling me ‘girl, you worked HARD for that body, it may not be perfect, but you can OWN THAT SHIZ,’ tells me to go for the two piece. :)

  44. Emily says

    One piece…I have really fair skin that is prone to burning within minutes of sun exposure, so I try to cover up the best that I can!

  45. Rochelle says

    That bathing suit is cute…but you make it look FANTASTIC! I would so pick a 2 piece…off to check out that site now.

  46. says

    Ok first, you look AMAZING!
    Second, enjoy vacay, I remember when you didn’t get to go last year.
    And third, a two-piece, definitely!

  47. Tabitha says

    I think two piece. But, I have not owned/ wore a bathing suit since fifth grade; 8 years ago! Taking your advice I read on the blog and not putting life on hold because your body is not exactly as you want it. Definitely buying a suit this year!

  48. Noelle says

    Normally I’d say a 1-piece, but they have so many adorable bikinis that I might have to take the plunge on a 2-piece!

  49. kim says

    Definitely a two piece, but I’m glad th ey offer different sizes for the top and bottom. You look fabulous woman!

  50. Kasey says

    2 piece- and it’s about time more companies start selling separate tops and bottoms. Now, maybe I can wear something that didn’t come from tar-jay (don’t get me wrong, they’re great, but I’d love something a little fancier!!!).

  51. Jessica J. says

    OOoh, I live in (grey) Seattle and would love to have a new ‘suit for Vegas in July. Two piece for sure. :)

  52. Sheila says

    One piece, because even though I might be able to wear a two piece … No one wants to see me in it!! :)

  53. Pattie says

    Two piece. Haven’t bought a new suit in 4 years since kids were born and could really use one.

  54. Sarah BETH says

    Rockin a two piece baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Work hard for the body, gots to show it off! I would love this. I always have a hard time because I need bigger bottoms.

  55. Shannon says

    If I looked as half as good as you do I would have choosen a two-piece but I dont so it is a one-piece for sure!

  56. Andrea Brixey says

    I would totally pick the two piece.

    Last year, my husband and I were in Latvia. All of the babushkas (grandmas) still wear their bikinis to the beach. Enmasse, strapped into briefs and underwires, when they hit the water their faces light up like little girls. Cool waves on hot skin always feels good.

    Doesn’t matter how old you are, what you look like: I will now, officially, never stop wearing a two-piece.

    Love your blog. <3

  57. Shannon says

    For sure looking for a two piece-I get so frustrated having to completely strip out of a one piece just to pee! Lol

  58. Ruthy says

    Dos! Not because I am rocking a bod like yours but the diff size top/bottom is a requirement…too much boot going on…

  59. maegan says

    Two piece! I actually want the one you picked. Also, my family vacations to the same spot as y’all (I think, I recognize some of the background!) in Florida every year for the past 26 years! So fun!

  60. Tiffany K says

    Two Piece! Oddly enough I think one pieces always made me look fat. Those suits are too cute, and of course you look fab.

  61. says

    One piece because I’m a bit overweight right now and also, I’m probably more modest than I should be. :) Plus I find I’m a bit sporty when it comes to the pool so I’d end up swimming for fitness. One pieces work best for that. :) Have fun on your vacation!

  62. Ashlee says

    Whoa…. hot tamale…
    I’d choose the Wet Ruth bottoms and the Wet Pheobe top. Those are super, super cute. I’m due with my first kid in just a few weeks, and that suit would be great motivation to get back into shape for next summer!!

  63. Becky says

    I would pick a two piece as extra motivation for my goal to use lifting to get the strong body I want!!

  64. Tiffany says

    I am all about the two piece, but these are all so cute!! I don’t know if I’d be able to choose just one!!

  65. Danielle M. says

    I would definitely choose a cute two-piece for my upcoming destination wedding in Florida in October!

  66. Shan