Target Gift Card Giveaway – C9 for Champion


Exercise Gear Gift Card Giveaway But while I’m busy – I have a great giveaway for you… Apparently someone at Target heard my running capris broke and contacted me to get some running clothes from their line. As you may know from my Summer Running Gear post – I’m already a fan of the C9 for Champion gear so I was all about it. Target has gotten the hint that women want cute … [Read more...]

Walk with Runners – SkinnyRunner and HungryRunnerGirl to be exact


Hello! How’s your week going? This morning I attempted to do some 800 repeats. I haven’t done speed work in forever, but I know I should get back at it. I don’t do speed work often for 2 very important reasons: A.) I am bad at it and B.) don’t like it. So there’s that. It was not a really fast session (I was faster a few weeks ago!) but I’m proud of myself for doing it. I am … [Read more...]