Run Eat Repeat in New York

Hello from NYC! How was your day?

Mine was the BEST!

IMAG5322 (800x450)

But, I’m fading fast so here is my Run and Eats from today. I’ll fill you in tomorrow Smile

Run: Central Park. 6 miles.

IMAG5324 (450x800)

This place is starting to feel familiar in the best, warm snuggly way.

run in central park

run in central park

run in central park lake

run in central park lake

IMG_20130620_074812 (800x800)

run in central park lake miles

Dunkin Donuts iced coffee because I know you’d be disappointed if I didn’t…

love in new york

A little continental breakfast from the hotel

continental breakfast

and some from the Sabra conference…

IMAG5340 (450x800)

Lunch from Beyond Sushi. It’s all vegan and delicious!

beyond sushi in new york

Afternoon fun:

Before:IMAG5360 (800x450)


IMAG5363 (450x800)

Museum! We had a private tour of the food exhibit – so interesting. I’ll tell ya soon.

IMG_20130620_163642 (800x800)

Dinner at Max Brenner’s

max brenner menu

Cocoa and Chili dusted waffle fries to start.

Cocoa and Chili dusted waffle fries


That would be tempura bananas and a warm waffle with ice cream on the plate…

max brenner fondue

max brenner fondue 1

max brenner fondue 2

We over ordered for the table and had A LOT! It was heaven. The chocolate chip cookies had melty chocolate chips and were over and inch thick. Life.Changing.

max brenner fondue chocolate

Question: When was the last time you had fondue?

(If it’s been longer than a week you should go ASAP. Life is short. You don’t want to regret that on your death bed…)


  1. says

    Last time I had fondue was probably 5 years ago. These days, I’ll just buy things that already come chocolate-covered. Looks like you’re having a great time in NY!

    • says

      Same here! It’s been too long! Gotta find a dessert choc fountain this weekend and get my fix after seeing all these pics!

  2. says

    That watermelon bowl is amazing! I love it!
    We went to NY for NY and it was my first time seeing Central Park. It looks so completely different in your photos at the opposite end of the year. Absolutely beautiful in a different way.

  3. Aleks says

    I had fondue 2 weeks ago, but it was nothing like yours ;). My bf is Swiss so we had traditional ‘fondue chinoise’, which is basically like a hot pot where you cook your own meat in broth. Nice, but still prefer cheese fondue (must be with Gruyère!). There is a trail in the Swiss Alps we went which has a cheese fondue place at the end, but unfortunately it was not yet open for the summer.

    Loving the NYC pics!

  4. says

    Last fondue night I had was a little less fancy than this one – sitting on a crappy college apartment floor, watching Les Mis and drinking wine out of tervis tumblers. Classy, yes?

    I want to hear about that food exhibit! Sounds like an amazing trip!

  5. says

    I love Max Brenner! I think those chocolate chunk cookies are probably at the top of my cookie list. (Not sure if they beat Disney World)…Love the fondue there as well, which might be the last place I had fondue. Did you have the chocolate syringe? So yum.

  6. says

    I spend so much time training in central park and running NYRR events that I take it for granted. I’ve run through downpours, snow storms, and hot humid days. The park is ALWAYS breathtaking. My capri chub rub wardrobe malfunction happened pretty much right where you’re standing in that 3rd shot. LOL.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip. The watermelon bowl….priceless=)

  7. Sarah G. says

    You know, I have heard so many people talk about running in Central Park but never saw pictures of it! I haven’t been there myself so it was really cool to see what it’s like! I also didn’t know they had the same LOVE sculpture in NYC that they have here in Philly! I am sad to admit that I have NEVER had fondue… I need to change that ASAP.

    Have a great weekend!!

  8. says

    That bowl is so cute! Perfect for you and your watermelon! I love NY! When my family and I were visiting there last spring we went on a bike ride around the park a few time and had so ich fun, it’s such a beautiful pace!

  9. says

    You would paint that bowl like a watermelon 😉 You can eat watermelon out of a watermelon!

    The last time I had fondue was… about 2 years ago. I went to the Melting Pot for the first time to celebrate something, and we just went for dessert. The salted caramel was so good!

  10. says

    I’m so jealous about your run around Central Park! It’s gorgeous!

    And fondue- I haven’t had it in about a year (**GASP**). I miss it! Although we DID get a fondue set for the wedding… so maybe I need to break that out this weekend! :)

  11. Charline says

    had a good chuckle at this typo…

    “40 million children are overweight
    870 people were hungry in 2013”

  12. Lorin says

    when I went to max brenner’s a few years ago we got the chocolate pizza. I saw it on Best Thing I Ever Ate on the Food Network. It was soo good!!! I will definitely go back to Max Brenner’s next time I’m in NYC.

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