Our Global Kitchen at the Natural History Museum

Hello! Today was my last day in New York so I wanted to get my fill of running in Central Park this morning.

IMAG5418 (800x450)

I did 2 loops around the park for a total of 12 miles. Oh, and a reader on a bike spotted me at mile 11 when I felt like crap so I think my response was that of a sick cat. Sorry friend!

running loop in central park

Then, I went back to my room to get ready. The Sabra team didn’t have a breakfast planned and told us to order room service. Remember I just had my first room service experience with Silk last week!

But, they never came with the order – turns out they didn’t put it in?! #Fail

So, I ate my grapefruit in the car and tried not to cry. #ThisChampagneIsFlat

get over it grapefruit

new york city around central park

Now that I’m on my way home I want to share that I stayed at the Blakely hotel and (outside of the room service thing) it was amazing!

the blakely hotel

The rooms are very spacious – there was a living room area and bedroom. That’s crazy for NYC!It’s just a few blocks from Central Park, so the location was good too.

It’s just a few blocks from Central Park, so the location was good too. the blakely hotel

Okay… back to my travels…

I am flying out of Newark today and when I got to the airport I was starving. My terminal didn’t have too many options but I stopped by the Jamba Juice stand for a look. This Power Wrap caught my eye – it’s gluten free if you’re into that sorta thing.

It was delicious! Like, I almost went back to buy another one delicious. Disclaimer: I was HUNGRY so that might have impacted my thoughts a bit.

gluten free power wrap

gluten free power wrap

Then, I got an iced coffee because I remembered I ordered one with my MIA breakfast and never got my fill. I asked for extra ice for my knee. My IT band needs some serious love asap.

weird stuff people do at airports

Now I’m blogging from the exit row with no middle person! Travel SCORE!! See, this totally makes up for the room service debacle.

virgin america plane inside

I am in New York because I’m a Sabra Tastemaker. I have loved Sabra since I was a young warthog so I’m super honored to work with the company.

Side note: When I visit Florida we shop at Publix and they have a wide variety of Sabra’s hummus flavors. This last time I got Southwest, which I can’t find in SoCal. *The seasonal flavor Rosemary is a MUST buy too. southwest hummus sabra

The day started off at one of Sabra’s partner offices where we saw the new Sabra commercials and talked about their “Dip Life to the Fullest” campaign. There were delicious Sabra snacks of course….

dip life to the fullest sabra hummus

Then, we went to the Natural History museum. After the museum closed we had a private tour of their exhibit

natural history museum in new york

the natural history museum in new york

Our Global Kitchen

our global kitchen

What is food?

One of the first exhibits addressed this question – what is food?

What do you think it is?

what is food

what is food

But, it also said that food is more than nourishment. It helps to define us, as we share meals…

what is food our global kitchen

I finally got to see a square watermelon!! But, these were fake. Boo.

square watermelons in a museum

The exhibit was fascinating and I highly recommend it for anyone – not just foodies or eaties, if you will. Food and farming and health are topics that can be controversial. It’s interesting to look at it from a “science-y” point of view instead of a ‘Good vs Bad’ or ‘Health vs Unhealthy’ way.

I can’t go over all the information I learned but here are some points that stuck out to me…

  • 40 million children are overweight
  • 870 people were hungry in 2012

IMG_2317 (600x800)IMG_2318 (600x800)

  • Raising beef requires 20x more water per calorie than growing grains for cereal.
  • 35% of all crops go to animal feed

35 of all crops go to feeding animals

Grains are good! Grains are seen as the basis for modern world. Growing grains allowed farmers to feed a lot of people who could put their talents toward other uses. Plus, storing grain helped fight off famine.

grains are good

I’m skeptical of the caveman diet arguments because different cavemen would have eaten differently based on where they were, right?

If I was a Mexican cavewoman I would not have eaten chicken, wheat or beef. But I’d have turkey tacos on corn tortillas all day long Winking smile

mexican caveman diet

Michael Phelps breakfast. Luckee. michael phelps breakfast

We also did a taste test game and I found out I’m a ‘super taster’! No wonder I like food so much, I can taste all the goodness.

taste test with paper

From the museum we went to Max Brenner’s. I mentioned it last night but it deserves another standing ovation. Closer your eyes and imagine dipping a thick chewy warm chocolate chip cookie in dark chocolate fondue. That was the highlight.

 max brenner fondue in new york

If you are what you eat – what are you this week?

Disclaimer: I was invited on this trip as part of the Sabra Tastemaker’s program all opinions are my own. If you eat dessert with me all the chocolate chip cookies are my own too.


  1. says

    We can never go to Max Brenner together because I could not share the cookies with you. In fact, I don’t even share them with my son when we go, I quietly hide them when the plate arrives so that he does not see them…if I am what I eat, I am a jar of peanut butter.

  2. says

    I’ve never had Sabra hummus but I’m on a mission to find the rosemary flavored stuff – I love all things rosemary!!
    Sounds like a great trip – now I wish we were going to New York this summer!! (last time we were there we got to go to the National History Museum free – thanks to a military husband!!!)
    And, any flight with the Exit row seat is 10x better (especially if your random seat partner buys you a drink!!).

  3. zoe says

    hahaha welll i sure do know what you mean about breakfast. honestly, i am NOT a good person to be around without breakfast. i NEED FOOD and i will let others know. i love your tag about champagne- so accurate sometimes! of course i’m lucky that i can eat scrumptious breakfasts as much as i want.

  4. says

    Looks like a blast! NYC is on my bucket list for sure. If I am what I eat… This week I would be a carrot fry or dark chocolate (ate my weight of both this week!)

  5. Denise says

    This week I’ve had my daily Picky Bar and ironically, consumed hummus almost everyday. My 7 year old has found a live for it which means forcing (haha) me to eat it with her.

  6. Mia says

    The other day while at Whole Foods i picked up a container of pre-cut watermelon (which i ate half of as i walked through the store) and then saw a watermelon salad in the salad bar. Double watermelon lunch, yes please! As i was leaving, i saw someone outside with what appeared to be a half of a watermelon that had been scooped out and eaten. I was amazed because i had often thought about doing this, but have shied away because i figured i would look crazy eating a whole watermelon with a plastic spoon by myself. So this lady became my momentarily hero. Until i looked a little closer and realized it was a watermelon painted bike helmet being held upside down. A very convincing one obviously. I was a bit disappointed that someone wasn’t eating a half a watermelon by themselves, and then immediately thought of you. I don’t think you ride a bike, but maybe you should buy this helmet, and sport it as a life helmet.

  7. tara says

    I neeeed to find the EVerything sabra flavor! If we are what we eat….this week I was Asian quinia salad!

  8. says

    I think I’m jealous of everything about this post! I want to do the super taster test!
    And thanks for bringing up the caveman diet. I get the feeling that cavemen didn’t have coconut oil. Just something to chew on….

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