Farmer’s Market Friday

Hello! How was your fourth of July?

I spent the day at my mom’s eating a vat of guacamole. The trees gave us 3 tons of avocados and we gave a ton away and still have another two tons to eat. Luckily, I’m willing to do my part…

homemade guacamole

I made a salad with TJ’s Honey Roasted almonds and Champagne Pear Vinaigrette.

TJ’s Honey Roasted almonds and Champagne Pear Vinaigrette

TJ’s Honey Roasted almonds and Champagne Pear Vinaigrette

Then we hit up the pool…

IMAG6039 (450x800)

IMAG6046 (800x450)

This morning I did a short run that included a ‘run by’ the Farmer’s Market. I wanted to grab a few things and walk back. Unfortunately, I was too early and am going to have to hit it up later.

Farmer's market sign

Speaking of delicious produce…

July is National Watermelon month!

I got the bowl I painted in New York in the mail this week. I think you know what I’ll be filling it up with…

watermelon bowl

(RunEatRepeat on Instagram)

And I have to share this Minion Watermelon carving. Too cute

minion watermelon carving(image source)

Check out more watermelon carvings here.

Updated to add: Enter the Watermelon Carving Contest from the National Watermelon Board here!

The categories are super fun:

  • Most Elegant Carving
  • Best Fruit Basket Carving
  • Funniest Carving
  • Best Animal Carving
  • Best Watermelophant

Flashback Friday – My super old school How to Cut a Watermelon video

Question: What are you doing this weekend?


  1. jodea @ says

    I’m just about to hit up a pop up Champagne bar in a castle by the sea with my friend. Tomorrow night drinks and dancing and Sunday with my boy. Oh, and a haircut tomorrow. Perfect weekend!

  2. says

    That dressing sounds good! Your watermellon bowl is so cute and looks like it will be perfect to fill with lots of fresh melon. I went to the farmers market this past weekend and and got a bunch of fresh vegetables, watermelon and peaches.

  3. says

    I love that bowl! So cute! And so fitting for the watermelon fanatic. I think I have to make one… There is a ceramics painting place near my house, so I will have to check it out!!

  4. says

    Granted my current illness goes away, I’ll be reupholstering furniture, baking for a potluck, and going for a super long run on Sunday.

    Great job with the bowl – anytime I go to one of the paint your own pottery places I end up with a mug that looks like an untalented 8 yr old took a stab at it.

  5. says

    We bbqed at my moms house yesterday and she asked if I knew how to cut a watermelon. I immediately thought of Run Eat Repeat.
    I wish we could grow avocados here in Missouri. I just spend a ton on some for this weekend.
    I have a 16 mile run tomorrow morning so you better believe I’m going to be eating a lot of guac after!

  6. says

    We had a nice, quiet 4th since we have a kid recovering from hernia surgery. Our Farmer’s Market is also held on Thursdays except for yesterday bc of the holiday :( I’ll have to wait until next week for my weekly produce. I’m trying to freeze berries of all kinds and fruit for smoothies as well as can tomatoes for sauces, soups etc. this year. Love it!

  7. says

    I saw the cutest watermelon tote the other day and contemplated buying it. If only I had known that July was National Watermelon Month…!

  8. says

    This weekend, I’m going to be playing in a kickball tournament with a bunch of other churches. And I’m going to eat a butt-load of watermelon. :) Have a great weekend!

  9. says

    I can’t wait til tomorrow morning and I can go by our farmer’s market, and then yoga Sunday. Other than that I’m relaxing at home. It seems like forever since I’ve been able to do that.

  10. says

    I should have watched your video before I BUTCHERED a watermelon on Thursday. I really did number on it and not in a good way. Luckily, it all tastes the same going down, right?

  11. says

    I’m not a big watermelon eater unless its watermelon salsa or water infused with watermelon. My husband on the other hand is named “Watermelon” lol.

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